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  1. Well here's hoping someone from Codemasters reads this thread and can get the Devs to invert this. This should function with Assists off otherwise it defeats the purpose. When assists are on the pedals shouldn't detect wheel slip or lock up since with TC/ABS on there essentially is none.
  2. This is how it should function, without the assists on so I find it odd they would do this intentionally.
  3. I actually got both Throttle and Brake vibrations to work. On PC at least so maybe try it out on PS4. I always run in game Assists off and so last night while doing a race in the rain I decided to turn TC on Medium and now throttle vibration works. So I figured I’d turn ABS assist on and now it works. Seems to be inverted since Throttle Vibration on CSP V3 should be informing you on tire slip. Any other game works perfect with assist off so it seems weird.
  4. transfix

    Fanatec V2 functions on PS4

    Some of these do not work on PC as well. Codemasters need to update to the new SDK and add supported wheel features. Would be nice to also have Throttle/Brake vibration for CSPV3.
  5. transfix

    Fanatec Clubsport V3 vibration motors not working

    I could have sworn when I played the game on Legends release day the throttle and brake vibration worked. Now they both do not work. Lack of support for this and MPS is unfortunate especially with the partnership between Codemasters and Fanatec.
  6. @Faya Podium Advanced Paddle Modules - Top paddles not recognized. Will we get an update for this?
  7. transfix

    MotorworldHype Lee Mather Question Thread

    Yeah saw that yesterday. Quite disappointing that they are not supporting the Official F1 wheels.
  8. transfix

    MotorworldHype Lee Mather Question Thread

    Already asked. Sorry
  9. This is the limitations of the Xbox protocol which essentially mimics the Xbox controller. Anything beyond are either duplicated or disabled.
  10. Would be great to get confirmation on whether or not the Fanatec F1 Wheels will have MPS and Rotary support on consoles, Holding off on which platform to buy based on this.
  11. transfix

    F1 2019 - Microtransactions...

    I'm trying to understand why F1 2019 Legends edition on Xbox One is $102CAD and on Steam $79CAD ?
  12. transfix


    Awesome !!! Please bring full support for the new Fanatec Formula wheels and Keyboard/Button box support on Console. 🙏
  13. transfix

    F1 2019 wishlist

    1. Button box / Keyboard support on console. ( need the ability to map mfd and other assignments) 2. Support for Fanatec Multi Position Switches 3. Jump to garage in multiplayer.
  14. transfix

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Dirt Rally Official site down for anyone else? p.S So damn excited it's coming to X1 (if true)