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  1. @Faya Podium Advanced Paddle Modules - Top paddles not recognized. Will we get an update for this?
  2. transfix

    MotorworldHype Lee Mather Question Thread

    Yeah saw that yesterday. Quite disappointing that they are not supporting the Official F1 wheels.
  3. transfix

    MotorworldHype Lee Mather Question Thread

    Already asked. Sorry
  4. This is the limitations of the Xbox protocol which essentially mimics the Xbox controller. Anything beyond are either duplicated or disabled.
  5. Would be great to get confirmation on whether or not the Fanatec F1 Wheels will have MPS and Rotary support on consoles, Holding off on which platform to buy based on this.
  6. transfix

    F1 2019 - Microtransactions...

    I'm trying to understand why F1 2019 Legends edition on Xbox One is $102CAD and on Steam $79CAD ?
  7. transfix


    Awesome !!! Please bring full support for the new Fanatec Formula wheels and Keyboard/Button box support on Console. 🙏
  8. transfix

    Small Attachment for Console Player

    Agree 100% would be great to have this across both F1 and Dirt. UDP is currently supported on F1 2018. Keyboard support would be amazing.
  9. This would be great for all Fanatec wheels with Multi Position Switches on both consoles.
  10. Most play with a controller.
  11. transfix

    F1 2019 wishlist

    1. Button box / Keyboard support on console. ( need the ability to map mfd and other assignments) 2. Support for Fanatec Multi Position Switches 3. Jump to garage in multiplayer.
  12. transfix

    No Force feedback Dirt Rally 2.0

    Same Fanatec CSW no road feel except for the odd metal tracks at junctions. Please fix. Some details about the settings options would be helpful.