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  1. Hi there, A detailed description of the issue: I've noticed a way to get around the penalties when ordering/fitting new components in the car. This way the player won't get a penalty Platform? PS5 Game-mode? Driver Career Mode What troubleshooting have you tried? Tried in different GP's and also with many new components at the same time too. How do you make the problem happen? Steps to reproduce: Drivers Career Mode. Before starting a GP weekend. As example (and this was when I noticed for the first time). I was just about to start Janapese GP weekend
  2. Hello guys, I need your help to confirm if this is a problem or if it's working as it should. I'm playing drivers career. Before Japanese GP weekend I've order a new component for me engine. I've got the warning saying I'd get a penalty when the car leaves the garage etc. At the start of the weekend I've used the new component during the practice sessions (all done via quick practice). Then I confirmed that the new got some wear etc. Then I changed back to an old component before Quali. Did Quali and the race with that old component. At the next go weekend (USA) I decided t
  3. Good to hear guys. Probably it's just me. I've been playing GT Sport for a while and maybe I need to adapt again. I just feel the AI gains a lot exiting the corners 😁 Thanks
  4. Same here. From 95-98 I had to decrease to 85-88. Struggling with traction this year Regards
  5. Hello guys, Just asking a question. I'm not a pro nor a good player. I consider myself average. This year I'm playing with AI 85-90. My question is: is it normal to struggle with traction? Since 2010 I've never had TC turned on, but in this year's game I'm struggling a lot with traction. AI seems super quick out of corners. Is it me or you guys feel it too? Cheers
  6. Last year I was playing between 95 and 98. This year I'm using this https://www.f1laps.com/ai-difficulty-calculator/ Basically I go to TT, do 4 laps and put my best time in there. Then I take the difficulty suggested and I increase by 4. It varies a bit track by track but not by much. TT lap must be done with the Merc or enable equal performance. This site basically is a life-saver. Cheers
  7. Does someone know if general car speed was tweaked? There were rumours saying they will make cars slower since they are way faster than IRL. Regards!
  8. Hello everyone, A detailed description of the issue: The spray when following someone in the rain looks really weird/low quality. This is more noticeable during movement. We can see a "jagged texture" which looks weird. I've tried to record a video ans also got a screenshot. In the video is more noticeable towards the end Platform? PS5 Game-mode? Any (Rain) Any screenshots or video of the issue? Please check below How do you make the problem happen? Please list everything you tried. Single Player Career Race (Rain) and also GP Mode (Rain as well) Video (to
  9. Hi there, I've just posted now. Probably the same issue then. Thanks for replying Cheers
  10. Hi there, A detailed description of the issue: I was playing Single Player Career Mode (Driver Career - not My Team) and it was the second time I've noticed the grid order was wrong. If you look at the grid order it doesn't match the same order Crofty says. No driver had any penalty at this point in the season. The only thing unusual that happened was I crashed in Q1 and took the opportunity to order new PU components (all of them). I've got 60s time penalty and started at the back of the grid. Maybe it's not related. Then, after formation lap, as you can see in the second video, the G
  11. Agreed. AI drivers don't try anything but are too fast IMO. Cheers
  12. There are many people saying the same. I also feel the same. In the wet seems unbalanced. Too hard.
  13. Happened to me. Me and Perez we crashed and had to pit. We ended up at the back of the field. Perez pulled away but when he found Russell and Schumacher he became stuck. I was catching them all and at the end I overtook all of them. Unrealistic Imo. Regards
  14. I agree. I'm not that that good as you but I play against 90 AI. If it rains I'm dead. I had to turn TC Medium (which I never did in 10y playing F1 games). Even so it's still unbalanced compared to dry (IMO). I think at least I think AI should be -5 in the wet. Regards
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