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  1. Well, it was a rather short section of the stage, nothing too serious. Game still looks great IMO.
  2. I found these stretched textures in Ascenso Bosque Montverd
  3. Sound bug: During a stage all the sound turned off except for some very faint pebble sound against the car. All the rest, engine, co-pilot, ambient, etc. disappeared. I managed to finish the stage and the music still worked during replay. Plus, each time I moved through the menus a tapping-on-a-mic kind of sound could be heard. I continued to the next stage and the issue persisted. Only when I quit to the main menu things went back to normal. Btw, really enjoying the game!
  4. Quiace

    Remove Always Online for the Career!

    Please, remove it. If such a "feature" is in the game at least the servers should be bullet proof from day one.
  5. Quiace

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - V1 - found a bug? Post it here!

    Same here. Last night worked fine and now Racenet is down and I got the sync issue message. All this just to play single player...
  6. Quiace

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Me. F*** this S***, I leave early today
  7. Quiace

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    I should have left the computer on  to get the update ready when I get back from work, damn it!