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  1. Quiace

    DR2.0 G29 + handbrake on keyboard

    Weird. I have a G920 and the handbrake as the number pad ENTER and they both work at the same time. No need to do anything special apart from setting the keyboard input and then the wheel input. 🤔
  2. Well, it was a rather short section of the stage, nothing too serious. Game still looks great IMO.
  3. I found these stretched textures in Ascenso Bosque Montverd
  4. Sound bug: During a stage all the sound turned off except for some very faint pebble sound against the car. All the rest, engine, co-pilot, ambient, etc. disappeared. I managed to finish the stage and the music still worked during replay. Plus, each time I moved through the menus a tapping-on-a-mic kind of sound could be heard. I continued to the next stage and the issue persisted. Only when I quit to the main menu things went back to normal. Btw, really enjoying the game!
  5. Quiace

    Remove Always Online for the Career!

    Please, remove it. If such a "feature" is in the game at least the servers should be bullet proof from day one.
  6. Same here. Last night worked fine and now Racenet is down and I got the sync issue message. All this just to play single player...