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  1. Kakkela

    2020 FIA World Rally Championship

    Are you **** kidding me? Are you and him lovers? You must be reading a completely different comment to me, because nowhere in my comment was there any harsh criticisms, given the context. I clearly posed my comment as a quest to gain knowledge on that particular incident.  Seriously, wind your neck in and stop being on the defensive. I was just wanting to have a discussion about it.  Not that I need to justify it to you, but I really like JML, and would have him win titles over any other driver in the WRC due to how much he's deserved it, and the bad luck he's had over the years. So just settle down and see the comment for what it was.  Not to say @gheeD 's comment was OK, but only thing you really wondered in your message was if their recce skills are good enough... It was mechanical failure and that it, no reason to speculate more.
  2. Pendulum is probably more familiar thing for many people that aren't that into rallying YET.
  3. Kakkela

    DiRTy Gossip

    How do they compare visually @gheeD ?  I tried RBR again recently but couldn't get my head around the graphics and audio at all Mostly same assets. Lighting and shadows are batter which makes it feel visually much better.
  4. Avoid popular youtubers since most of them can't drive properly & you won't learn anything to improve your skill. They're mostly for related news. The best place to find proper youtubers is directly from the community which are mostly run which can give you a better idea how to properly play DiRT Rally.(choose whatever fit your choice) http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/6210/show-off-your-replays On a side note: The basic how to tackle the corners when you don't know the stage at all. How to corner on slippery stage. You have to be aggressive on the first turn in with the steering(don't turn, rotate the car) If it's not enough you pull the handbrake for more rotation. It's slower, but I'll explain the detail below. The point of doing it is to gain speed for consecutive corners is by placing the car in the right position & angle for every ones of them. On gravel or snow the car is always understeering & by simply turn normally with it, it will do it too slow. In Initial D(Japanese anime) takumi "the 4 wheel drift". It start at 9:03 https://youtu.be/TW0Lmv6erZU?t=9m3s Basically the front tire always understeer even while drifting. If you force to rotation to the other direction it won't understeer. Snapping the car while in drift motion to the other direction is the faster way, than simply turn on a slippery surface Yes, the car should be sideway even before you hit the apex. Obviously, the apex is where you have to rotate to the other direction since the front tires will stop to understeer for a short moment by switching direction while being sideway. When you play in high degree rotation, you tend to make the car simply turn. Quick steering is crucial in DiRT Rally. Forgot to say when you first used that Initial-D video, but it's not avaliable in every country.