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  1. scottishwildcat

    Did codemasters make any +2A games

    Not as far as I remember. The last Codemasters game for the Spectrum was released in 1993, and even that still worked on the 48K Spectrum, even though you could only buy 128K Spectrums by then. There may have been 128K-enhanced versions of some titles (i.e. with better sound), but I can't think of any.
  2. scottishwildcat

    F1 stadia?

    Unlikely... F1 2019 is on Microsoft's xCloud service instead, and there appears to be an exclusivity clause for now as there aren't any games on both streaming platforms.
  3. scottishwildcat

    Discussion Thread for Patch Notes for 1.18

    Have we? I don't recall them making any promises to fix it. Since it's been like this at least the past couple of years, seems fairly likely that it's not fixable without another rewrite, and that's not going to happen in a patch.
  4. scottishwildcat

    Burn Outs On Formation Lap

    There is no "requirement" for any driver to do burnouts. During the hybrid era, I'd say drivers typically only do one at the end of the lap, as they approach the grid.
  5. scottishwildcat

    PAD is too faster than Wheel ! WHY ?

    Their fastest times should be identical. Favouring people who can afford expensive hardware is literally "pay to win", and that always sucks.
  6. scottishwildcat


    P.S. Don't forget there are also quite a lot of us who don't want them, and are quite happy with the current graphics. People who are happy with the status quo just don't tend to bother responding to polls.
  7. scottishwildcat

    New Developer Liaison

    Please report bugs in their own thread in the Technical Assistance sub-forum, or add information to an existing thread if there is one.
  8. scottishwildcat

    Aarava's spoken

    I gave up listening to Aarava speaking a long time ago, to be honest.
  9. scottishwildcat

    Safety car

    As always, I don't buy the "don't care enough" argument. I don't know any games developers who don't care a ridiculous amount about the games they make. And as for the notion that any company's business plan includes refusing to fix an issue in order to annoy its paying customers, that's plainly just ludicrous. I do believe there is some fundamental reason they can't make the safety car work, though. And whatever that reason is, it's clearly significant enough that it's not going to be magically fixed in a late-cycle patch. And possibly not until the next complete re-write.
  10. scottishwildcat

    POLL | Race Driver: Grid - Remastered

    I still have and play Racedriver Grid, so I have no reason to buy another version.
  11. scottishwildcat

    This is the worst GRID so far.

    "Storied" just means "celebrated" or "legendary".
  12. Please stop bumping this topic, it's against the forum rules to do so.
  13. scottishwildcat

    Xbox - Patch 1.15

    That's really not how it works, though. Codemasters have no control over when the patch gets "added into the game". They could submit the Xbox patch to Microsoft a few days earlier because they know it always takes longer than the others, but that's about it.
  14. scottishwildcat

    F1 2019 A disaster.

  15. scottishwildcat

    Formula One as one BIG game

    It's not really up to Codies; their licence has always been to make one game every year. If they want to renegotiate that, they'll likely have to wait until it's next up for renewal. However, as a relatively small developer, it would be a big gamble to lose the guaranteed annual income from their most lucrative franchise.