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  1. scottishwildcat

    Day one patch?

    Yep. Most of us learned not to buy on day one many years ago.
  2. scottishwildcat

    Any improvement to the ai this year?

    Trouble is, people seem to say this almost every year... F1 2019: "Ive had a few. Biggest one i had was hamilton and bottas got in to each other in to turn 1 at suzuka. Hamilton clipped bottas' left rear, Bottas spun, hamilton knocked his wing off and finished outside the points, and it ended up pretty much securing seb the championship. Ive seen cars run wide from time to time as well." F1 2017: "With the AI being more aggressive, they also make mistakes." etc.
  3. They've never really included this kind of thing, no.
  4. Partly the curse of the annual franchise too, of course... they kind of need to exaggerate how differently every car handles every year, otherwise people would just say "what's the point?" and wheel out even more of their "copy and paste job" complaints than usual.
  5. scottishwildcat

    Going from auto gearbox to manual

    You're much more in control with manual gears for sure, though definitely an easier transition to make with a wheel than with a controller.
  6. scottishwildcat

    Got The Game Early can i release a video on it?

    If you bought the game legally and you're not under NDA, then then yes, there is absolutely nothing stopping you from releasing a video. Codemasters could ask you nicely to take it down, but that's about it.
  7. scottishwildcat

    F1 2020 on Google Stadia

    Even if they had been, they wouldn't be allowed to talk about it here I'm afraid.
  8. scottishwildcat

    F1 on the XBox 360

    I still play F1 2013 on the 360. I'd say it has the best variety of game modes; the classic tracks and cars give it a whole different dimension to the other F1 games of that generation. Plus it's the only one with Murray Walker and The Chain 😉
  9. scottishwildcat

    F1 2020, no VR support on PC in 2020 = no buy.

    "No VR support in 2020 is 100% unacceptable." To you, of course, and you're absolutely entitled to that view. But to probably 90% of Codies' target market (and that's probably a conservative estimate given the number of Steam users with VR headsets, for example), it makes no difference whatsoever I'm afraid.
  10. scottishwildcat


    The real drivers don't get to hear Martin Brundle or David Croft during a race, so I'm not sure how this would make it more "authentic".
  11. scottishwildcat

    Worth getting F1 2019 now?

    On the other hand, there's no reason to suspect F1 2020 will have any fewer bugs, but it will cost a lot more.
  12. Loads of them. Gilles Villeneuve, Didier Peroni, Gerhard Berger, Ronnie Petersen, Jacky Ickx, to name but a few. (Much as I love DC, he never really struck me as world champion material...)
  13. scottishwildcat

    F1 2020 beta

    Additional users have been added at least once before, so you might be lucky. (However, I'm not in this year's beta so I have no idea what they're doing this time.)
  14. scottishwildcat

    TT suggestion

    They'd really need to implement the much-requested "save race replay" feature to do this properly, so I'm not holding my breath.
  15. scottishwildcat

    New Hanoi circuit gameplay

    Looks like all the most tedious bits of Sochi and Azerbaijan rolled into one.