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  1. Having been around these forums since about 2012, it doesn’t seem like the quality of this year’s game is any better or worse than any other, tbh. Every year, many people are perfectly happy with it, while others (and inevitably the ones who feel the most inclined to post) are incandescent about all the issues they’re seeing. I doubt much will change under EA, but we’ll see next year I guess.
  2. Then you're still encouraging their behaviour... Codemasters don't care when you buy it or for how much, they just see any sale as validation of their approach to the franchise.
  3. I don't know what exciting things people are expecting to see in a gameplay video anyway. Like all franchise titles, it basically looks the same every year, with different car and menu graphics. You're not going to be able to to see whether the critical parts (e.g. handling, multiplayer) have been improved in a gameplay video.
  4. I’ve never known an acquisition (including ones I’ve been part of myself) where the parent company doesn’t say “it’s fine, they’ll still be allowed to do whatever they want”. Never happens.
  5. It's a street circuit, and thus by definition, ****.
  6. Yes, or so they've said in the past. If they want to license anything other than the current season's assets, they have to negotiate that licence separately.
  7. Because they can't license nearly enough old tracks and vehicles to do that, otherwise I'm sure they would.
  8. Looks rubbish like all street circuits, and they shouldn't be going anywhere near that country anyway.
  9. Because then, by definition, it wouldn't be the strict option.
  10. scottishwildcat


    It's also one of the classic tracks in F1 2013, albeit not with quite the same layout as they used last year iirc.
  11. Which is appropriate, because football presentation graphics are designed for the people watching the game on TV. However, the F1 presentation graphics are not designed for the people driving the cars.
  12. Flags are political a minefield - as someone who used to work on software that tried to keep everyone happy with flags, I'd almost rather they removed them all. (I'm not saying that's an issue for any of the flags being discussed in this thread, but "adding all the flags in the world" into software that's sold all around the world certainly isn't the simple task you might expect.)
  13. "No VR support in 2020 is 100% unacceptable." To you, of course, and you're absolutely entitled to that view. But to probably 90% of Codies' target market (and that's probably a conservative estimate given the number of Steam users with VR headsets, for example), it makes no difference whatsoever I'm afraid.
  14. Their fastest times should be identical. Favouring people who can afford expensive hardware is literally "pay to win", and that always sucks.
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