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  1. scottishwildcat

    Codemasters being sold to Take Two

  2. scottishwildcat

    F1 2021 TRACKS

    But not with any of the 4k assets that will be required for a next-gen game.
  3. scottishwildcat

    Still playing grid autosport

    I'm still playing Grid Autosport, but mostly on Switch now. I fire up the 360 version occasionally, though. (And the Mac version.)
  4. scottishwildcat


    Wreckfest is not a Codemasters game.
  5. scottishwildcat

    Learn the lesson people !!

    In-game chat is never going to make it into a console-first title like GRID, or any other Codemasters series, I'm afraid. They want the same codebase on all platforms as far as possible, and nobody's going to use it on Xbox or PlayStation.
  6. scottishwildcat

    Reporting other players

    Each platform has its own standard way to block and report players, just use those.
  7. scottishwildcat

    Dad settings

    In F1 2019, I'm not sure there's a lot you can do other than turn on all the assists, and turn the AI level down to its lowest setting. (Which I think is what the "Beginner" setting does anyway.) But if you can tell us more about why you think you're crashing, maybe we can suggest which assists to turn off again -- especially with a wheel and pedals, it's possible some of them (e.g. auto braking) are actually hindering you more than helping. Also experiment with different camera views -- T-cam is generally the easiest for most people, so if you're not using that, give it a try. The exterior cameras are usually best avoided with a wheel, but you never know.... they might just work for you. There are a few guides around for beginners that might help, e.g.: https://realsport101.com/racing/f1/f1-2019-beginners-guide-how-to-assists-career-mode-overtaking-ers-drs-sertup/ In F1 2020, they added a new "casual mode" that's probably exactly what you're looking for, so if you're really struggling you might want to give up on 2019 and see if you can find a cheap copy of 2020...
  8. scottishwildcat

    Gearboxes and tyres

    Whatever works best for you. But yes, swapping in older parts for practise sessions is pretty common.
  9. scottishwildcat

    Custom calenders

    The short answer is that they finished developing the game months ago... it would have been pretty much dev complete before the global pandemic took hold.
  10. scottishwildcat

    Fanatec wheel support

    I wouldn't hold your breath. Either means Sony and Microsoft have to write drivers for every different wheel out there to ship as part of the console OSes, or Codemasters (and every other games company) have to write their own to ship with every game, neither of which is likely worth their time and effort for the small percentage of users who would benefit.
  11. scottishwildcat

    A question regarding driver nationality flags in the F1 games

    Flags are political a minefield - as someone who used to work on software that tried to keep everyone happy with flags, I'd almost rather they removed them all. (I'm not saying that's an issue for any of the flags being discussed in this thread, but "adding all the flags in the world" into software that's sold all around the world certainly isn't the simple task you might expect.)
  12. scottishwildcat

    Multiplayer F1 2020 car numbers

    Probably intended to avoid people racing with the same number.
  13. scottishwildcat

    Wheel vs Pad

    Based on what? Codemasters know precisely how many people play with pads, we have no idea outside of our biased forum and streamer bubbles. I'd be amazed if the game isn't still played by at least 80% pad users, though.
  14. scottishwildcat

    F1 2020 costant crash

    a) This is the F1 2019 forum, b) even if it was the F1 2020 forum it's not the technical support sub-forum, c) you haven't filled out the bug report template. You do your bit, and maybe they'll do theirs.
  15. scottishwildcat

    Day one patch?

    Yep. Most of us learned not to buy on day one many years ago.