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  1. From the PlayStation store page: "This product entitles you to download both the digital PS4™ version and the digital PS5™ version of this game." I don't know why it's not showing on your PS4 (I don't have one), but it sounds like you've ordered the right thing. Maybe it will show up on PS4 nearer release date?
  2. Then you're still encouraging their behaviour... Codemasters don't care when you buy it or for how much, they just see any sale as validation of their approach to the franchise.
  3. I don't know what exciting things people are expecting to see in a gameplay video anyway. Like all franchise titles, it basically looks the same every year, with different car and menu graphics. You're not going to be able to to see whether the critical parts (e.g. handling, multiplayer) have been improved in a gameplay video.
  4. I’ve never known an acquisition (including ones I’ve been part of myself) where the parent company doesn’t say “it’s fine, they’ll still be allowed to do whatever they want”. Never happens.
  5. It's a street circuit, and thus by definition, ****.
  6. You'll find out at the same time as everyone else, I'm sure.
  7. Yes, or so they've said in the past. If they want to license anything other than the current season's assets, they have to negotiate that licence separately.
  8. Because they can't license nearly enough old tracks and vehicles to do that, otherwise I'm sure they would.
  9. Looks rubbish like all street circuits, and they shouldn't be going anywhere near that country anyway.
  10. Because then, by definition, it wouldn't be the strict option.
  11. Your assumption is correct. Telemetry apps require the game to be running on the same LAN.
  12. scottishwildcat


    It's also one of the classic tracks in F1 2013, albeit not with quite the same layout as they used last year iirc.
  13. You were wrong, I’m afraid. Never been available, and they said early on there were no plans to add them.
  14. Wrong forum -- this is for Grid games, not F1 games. Maybe a mod can move it?
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