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    pneu de chuva

    You can select any tyre on the multi-function display, including wet tyres, which will be used for your next pitstop. Or if it's supported in Portuguese, you can use a voice command like "set full wets". https://www.yekbot.com/f1-2018-list-of-voice-commands/
  2. scottishwildcat

    F1 2019 Split screen

    Not necessarily. They could get away with running split screen at 60fps, VR needs to go a lot faster than that.
  3. scottishwildcat

    F1 2019 Split screen

    No chance.
  4. scottishwildcat

    F1 2019 Beta Testing Information/Sign-Up

    Unlikely, sadly.
  5. scottishwildcat

    Safety rating just doesn't work.

    I would, but I've still never found one that runs at times that remotely suit me.
  6. Anyone who can guarantee any software will actually work is unlikely to be working at a games company...
  7. scottishwildcat

    Charlie Whiting passed away, aged 66

    A fine man and a big loss, but probably belongs in the World of Motorsport forum.
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    People don't post bugs in the right place as it is, when they have a 50:50 chance of getting it right. God help us if they have to choose between more options...
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    real voice commands to engineer?

    (Deleted by author)
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    Quite. It's vile.
  11. scottishwildcat

    Terminal damage slowmo sequence and collisions

    Burnout crash mode anyone?
  12. scottishwildcat

    F1 2019 and VR...lets speculate

  13. scottishwildcat

    Missed opportunity

    It was pretty widely publicised by and anticipated in the racing community, given it was the first game to be produced for Codemasters by the Evolution Studios team. Then the developer livestreams happened, and everyone who'd just wanted Driveclub 2 or a new Motorstorm game lost interest. So it bombed in retail, and they laid off most of the team again. I doubt you'll see many more updates of any kind now.
  14. scottishwildcat

    My master wish for F1 2019

    The same way Geoff Crammond's games managed it 25 years ago would be good enough for a start. Doesn't iRacing also do something similar?
  15. scottishwildcat

    My master wish for F1 2019

    They've always allowed you to do that. It's YouTube's auto-flagging of copyrighted material that's not smart enough to differentiate between broadcast footage and game footage.
  16. They already allow you to do that. YouTube's auto-detection algorithms just aren't clever enough to differentiate between game footage and real (illegally uploaded) broadcasts.
  17. Then it sounds like you're in the wrong forum... this is for the F1 20XX PC/console games (though the forum name and description doesn't really make that clear). You probably want the F1 Mobile Racing forum...
  18. scottishwildcat

    sub forums

    Hardly seems worth it, for the few players who still play the older titles. People post in the wrong forum often enough as it is without giving them even more choices 😉
  19. scottishwildcat

    Why Codemasters shouldn't even release F1 2019

    This is an urban legend. It's not an urban legend, it's what they've told us themselves. You may not believe them, but that is a different matter.
  20. scottishwildcat

    Why does Codemasters leave the games unfinished?

    "Software is never finished; it is only abandoned."
  21. scottishwildcat

    so many unanswered technical questions

    To allow people to report bugs, mainly.
  22. scottishwildcat

    Another developer

    I doubt they'd want to, but I'm not sure they'd do that good a job anyway. The online racing might be an improvement, but they have little experience in designing and implementing the offline racing and career mode features that most people spend most of their time playing.
  23. They've made plenty of other non-F1 games... apart from the Dirt games, in the past few year's there's been Onrush, Micro Machines (console and mobile versions), and Toybox Turbos. Unfortunately, they've all been pretty uninspiring.
  24. Depends what platform you're on. Steam, Sony and Microsoft all have different ways to report. https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=1010-TOKN-8461 https://www.playstation.com/en-ie/get-help/help-library/my-account/parental-controls/how-to-report-in-game-behaviour-or-user-created-content/ https://enforcement.xbox.com/en-ie/home/howto#sub-topic2-0
  25. scottishwildcat

    F1 2019 possibly released at the start of next season

    Their licence is to put out a new game every year. So that is what they do.