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  1. I noticed something when i looked at this retweet from Paul --> https://twitter.com/RedBullGames/status/698491827469557760
    I cant find the location were the rallycross minis are at, does anyone else see were that is or is it maybe a new rallycross map?
    (one of the images under the link in that tweet)

  2. griev0r said:
    I'm VIP! *dance dance* I think we don't need any more VIPs now.
    But I spent countless hours making a slow motion video that was posted in a road book!  I want VIP!  Btw, how do you check lol.

    136 likes no dislikes I helped!  haha

    Btw I plan on doing another video once Sweden is released.  Undecided it if should be all slow motion again or a mix, thinking of making it a community effort.  Maybe a mix of my clips and clips from the CM forum members.  Have to pick a song to get started, then I'll probably make a thread for it where you can send me your videos.  Soon..

    Nice, it sort of reminds me of this clip.

  3. I guess you hear what you wanna hear ;)
    But more as in more modern sounds more likely, with the Hyundai and the polo for 2010.
    I would personaly liked some of the"older" classes to get additions with atleast a saab 96 v4 in the "sweden update" but the silence and lack of saabs form other recent games dont make me hold my breath.

  4. sqdstr said:
     He also said he didnt wanna tell us which carS come with winter wonderland so I guess we'll get more than one
    In the dirt show at the 22:05 mark, he said that there will be more modern cars in winter wonderland then modern masters pack...
    Or did i dream that?
    (Cant watch it again were i am atm)

  5. I havent seen anybody talking about this before and as it is gossip for now as nothing is confimed, but I was going thru the car folder and in the folder called generics I saw a folder called trailblazer.
    Does this mean we will be getting this aswell?????
    If so that must be with the modern cars dlc otherwise I wouldn't know when.  :)

    path is:   dirt rally-> cars->generics

    I think this has been mentioned before that there are maps and things not used in DirtRally since it were "based" on Dirt3

    @Darhour they have confirmed on twitter that that the new sound will come with finland update

  6. Darhour said:
    Early 2000 WRC cars were so much cooler than today's garbage. This'll be fun!
    The notoriously luckiest "Sire" Ogier is pretty satisfied with the garbage he is "winning" titles with... What a joke! Seriously, what kind of cars are those when electronics dominated the field? Rallying today still misses that keen competition that put all the drivers into action with all they got without relying on the cars' electronic assists. 

    I remember McRae dominating Australian stages which are narrow and tricky with a manual gearbox and a clutch.

    Aside from this, I'm asking CM for the possibility of  HD remaking the classic rally games in the near future. That would be fun of course.
    About the electronic assists:
    From "article 255a (2015) - specific regulations for wrc (page 5)" states that: "Any electronic driving aid system is prohibited (ABS/ASR/EPS...)"

  7. I'd prefer them to let Raceroom use it first, but the more the merrier.

    Anyway, anyone care to interpret this, on the subject of the two cars in the Finland pack:

    KickUp said:
    New cars will be in their own class and set up with v2. 
    My guess would be the year 2000 class with a mitsubishi as one of the cars, why? lots of zeros in "2000" + that mitsubishi made the ww2 zero fighter.

  8. About Finland: they did mention that pacenotes were extra important, the stages were a bit longer to make up the higher speeds and that they added more foliage to make it differ more from wales.
    Does that sound right?