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  1. Oh yes please, I'd LOVE to be able to tackle Monte with that beauty. Not to mention it's too big to fit into the gaps between the walls on Monte, so a very safe pick as well 😄
  2. Judging by his name, I'd assume coding something related to racing? xD
  3. If you click on the heart icon to the right, you can react with "haha", "sad", "thanks" and "confused". I personally vote for everyone to use confused on tbtstt posts xD
  4. Welp, time to farm all those reactions again. That was said to be revealed on 12th, so definitely not that. And yes, I know, reason and logic is not welcome here 😛
  5. That was for the PC version. The very first version (and best IMO) is the PAL version of the game for PSX, which had that dark blue. All the other versions came after it and just make it look more like someone puked at the colour palette more and more xD For quick reference: - PSX PAL - blue - PSX NTSC - purple - PC - green
  6. Definitely tire temperatures. 100%. First lap is basically the tires warming up, which is why every single time you go into the Joker on Lydden on the start you'll be sliding all over the place, 2nd lap, nice and smooth. Whether that is implemented in rally is a completely different story though. I don't feel much difference in Spain, if any at all. But I can easily tell on every RX circuit with every RX car that the tires definitely warm up. They got the data from Cooper Tires after all, so it stands to reason that the simulation of those should be much more advanced, so naturally tire tempe
  7. If I recall correctly, they were better than DiRT 2 at the beginning, which has the highest Metacritic score of all DiRT titles and had around 93% on Steam as well. Unfortunately you can't check that anymore since it's been removed from the store. But one thing is for sure. DiRT Rally was the best reviewed game (from the moment it was published) that Codemasters have made in a long time. I personally think that if DiRT 4 had the stages from DiRT Rally (along what is now) then a lot of the negative reviews would be positive ones.
  8. Nah, there was no bump there, it was a crest. Just that at that point I didn't hear him saying "keep right over crest" and I didn't keep right... next run, was going even faster, kept to the right and no problems. Some calls though are completely stupid, as I had a stage where he was calling only 6s and I was going so fast that when he got to the "Acute" corner I was already hammering the brakes as hard as possible because I noticed there's no more road :D The worst offender though is Wales. There a 3 can be a 5 or a 2, a 1 can be a hairpin or a 3, 2 can be... a square and it just goes on and
  9. Just had a... Déjà vu in DiRT 4, which pointed out to me that regardless of how many things have changed, be it about physics, stages or even co-pilot... there are still some thing that never change xD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjLgVMjGekg
  10. You are, I on the other hand every single time I see that Focus '01 just... can't seem to shake that feeling like it looks like a completely different car altogether. Barely noticeable difference, for most completely not noticeable but for me changes the car completely. Depends on each person. I personally don't get why the cars have any inaccuracies altogether. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to notice that the headlights/bumper/grill/etc. is wrong... but it does take time to fix it.
  11. The whole front of the Focus '01 is slightly... skewed. In other words inaccuracies in the 3D models and their textures. There are a lot of similar issues in DR as well and probably older DiRT titles as well, along with other games, just that... most don't notice them and fixing them would often require extra resources spent and what not. Expenses for things only few people notice and are bothered with are things that the accountants don't care. On that note, I remember that NFS Hot Pursuit 2010 had quite inaccurate rear of the Porsche Carrera GT.
  12. Why have you marked this post as off topic @BigSur ? you seem a bit of a douche tbh.  It was off topic though, as much as I love RallyDriven's antics  Is there such a thing as off-topic on this thread? xD
  13. Why do you think the most famous of Colin McRae quotes is "If in doubt, flat out?" xD :D
  14. They need to listen to the co-pilot more :D
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