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  1. The wear is the same as simulating practice sessions in 2020 and it's ridiculous. Doing the same practice programmes over the years has become repetitive and simulating/quick practice should fix that. AI spending all 3 practice sessions talk is bs. You are already handicapping yourself by getting less resource points by simulating than you could've got manually and that's enough "punishment".
  2. They focused on modes that give reason to come back to all year long first, that was my point. Game modes with scripted scenarios are 1 and dones. No replayability, waste of resources when there's so much room for improvement where that is the case. 2k has done that already, plus the game is so much easier to mod. They can afford expanding in that direction, I still think it's a waste though.
  3. Story or any kind of scripted scenarios just don't belong in sports games, simple as that. It may be fun for the first time playthrough of course but that's it. Career modes have so much more potential to create your own stories in these games. That's where the content/replayability is. Spend your resources on that. NBA 2k's Myleague is a great example. Insanely customizable, you can manage all teams, make transfers between them, rule changes, literally whatever you want. It's a sandbox. Your imagination is the story. Imagine if F1 games had that...
  4. Actually, last year with the safety car not coming out "fix", many people reported that it only started working after they restarted their careers. I didn't do that and it never got fixed for me on it's own but I did start new, driver career this time a few days ago only to check this, and already got 2 safety cars in 4 races.
  5. Can you also skip/simulate practice sessions without taking too big of a hit at anything because of this? Like I don't mind losing a few resource points, the gain on those has been op anyway but if you simulate practice sessions in 2020 the wear on your components is just ridiculous.
  6. Has anyone played around with safety car frequency option? This might be the only reason I buy this game because safety car has been broken for me in 2020 since release. It just doesn't come out. Twice in 3 seasons...
  7. Huh? I just finished Baku in season 2 which was the first time ever I saw a safety car. You are complaining about a feature that can be turned off while I'm begging it to come out more.
  8. Grand Prix 1 and F1 challenge 99-02 is what I've played the most. Shout out to Grand Prix 4 and F1 2006 as well.
  9. I'm still enjoying it but I'm only in 2nd season of MyTeam. The main issue I have is STILL the lack of safety car. I just witnessed Vettel crashing on the long straight in Hanoi losing both front wheels, only VSC. Few laps later, Hamilton parks on the run-off after that straight, nothing. I think I only had 1 full SC in season 1 but it's been a long time, I'm not even sure anymore. AI and practice programmes aren't well balanced from track to track either. Other than that I'm enjoying it.
  10. Remove: Hanoi Sochi Baku Replacement: Hockenheim Turkey Imola
  11. I disagree. Those penalties are a must. In unranked lobbies everyone is cutting corners and extending limits. That's not fun or realistic. It reduces the skill gap and it's also not fair to no assist drivers. I didn't know it affects safety rating though. Does it really? Because it doesn't really make sense. I agree about the track voting part. The penalties you get from others hitting you is what needs looking into.
  12. I play 50%. 10 rounds in, only VSCs and even those are rare.
  13. You guys are lucky. I don't even get safety cars.
  14. They wouldn't exactly track your data. It would only track if it matches the original files. In F1 challenge and I belive rFactor as well, if there was a lobby with a mod, you couldn't join it because your files didn't match obviously. Maybe something like that could be done for TT.
  15. Surely they could somehow track if game files have been modded? And if they were just don't allow people to get a lap time on the leaderboard.
  16. My experience with G29 is very bad. After few months paddle shifts stopped working properly. It registered 2 presses or no presses at all. Mostly the latter and it got worse and worse. I got it fixed since it was still under warranty but 2 weeks later same thing happened. Then I just gave up on it.
  17. I like it that it's very slow. In earlier games you could get to the top way too fast.
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