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  1. Unfortunately there is no solution except to start the game in SteamVR mode and lose performance. This problem only persists in Oculus SDK version (as far as I know). You could run in 45 / 40 fps in steamVR mode if the performance hit is too much. Not sure if Codemasters will ever fix this.
  2. I was having massive judder issues and I thought it was ASW related. However, with the performance HUD I noticed that despite the " auto" setting in Oculus debug tool. ASW never kicks in. I have to manually force it to 45fps + ASW and indeed I noticed no negative effect from ASW. It works perfect with DR2. It's really weird though that auto does not work. Perhaps something is wrong with my oculus install or something. Anyway. Everything is suprisingly clear and buttersmooth with ASW on. So I can even crank up some visuals. I love having crowds on, much more immersive. Happy it work
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