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  1. Maybe it's the feeling that scarce resources are already spread too thin to give proper attention to what matters more to some people. We often hear/read "they're not a big-budget triple-AAA studio/publisher, so they don't have the resources to do what other game companies do" - so, it might seem to some like a waste of limited resources to pursue what might seem to some like low-return endeavors at the expense of things they care more about. They didn’t take on another entire studio just to work on updates for dirt 4 though! They took them over ages ago, and we’ve known since the beginn
  2. YES M-SPORT!  So Happy for Wilson, and the team. Incredible effort in a competitive and challenging season.  Manufacturers Title, Drivers Title, and Elfyn with the home-rally win! :D 
  3. I spent my day on the Costa Del Sweet Lamb yesterday. The sun was out and it was glorious. It's by far the best weather I've experienced on a Rally GB weekend, and I've been going near enough every single year since I was a boy. 
  4. I'm getting DiRT Rally on the go again :)  Hopefully DiRT 4 will get a good patch soon. In the meantime, I'm very much enjoying how well WRC 7 plays, and I'll no doubt enjoy adding to the monstrous amount of hours I've already spent on DR. Can't wait to get back into it!
  5. I've played more of the game now, and am liking it more and more.  I'm really loving the chase cam in the game, and it brings back very fond memories of the old Evo Studios WRC games with how loose it is, which is great. Like I said before, it's kind of like the GTA V cam. Also, a bonus about chase cam is that the cars don't actually sound bad, whereas on bonnet cam they sound horrendous.  I'll say again, the stage design is fantastic, with a lot of attention to detail. The overall visual presentation is a huge step forward. I'm impressed with the car models and lighting especially
  6. I've been having a bash at WRC 7, and I find it's a good simcade game. Anybody expecting anything more realistic is being a bit daft, given restrictions of accessibility with the brand.  I'm not taking the game seriously because of this, and due to the chase cam being excellent (like GTA V) I'm actually just having chill sessions using that. It's nice to see the cars as you drive 'em, especially when the visuals are pretty good.  Worth noting - the landscapes and stages are fantastic. Argentina in particular is great. 
  7. No worries mate! I've seen enough complete retards on local rallies to know that we may have had plenty to do with the stage cancellation :smile: You think people would learn from what happened on the opening stage of the Monte Carlo this year. 
  8. I wonder if it's possible to bypass the whole WRC thing and just go straight to M-Sport, etc. for the bog-standard factory car. Are they tied to a higher licensing body, beyond the manufacturer? 
  9. It's a difficult one. Evo Studios came the closest when representing rally with the WRC license in a fair way to include all, without making it feel too wooden, but branding and licensing has changed a lot since then.  Gaming has become huge, because back when the original WRC games were out, people were considered losers for playing games in general, so there was more flexibility for developers because the market wasn't as potentially wide. Perhaps more relevant, the importance of money in licensing and branding has changed and increased significantly, and things have become greedy, pe
  10. That car and those roads are an absolute dream. 
  11. Clicked disagree (your nothing special)  I and probably some others too want Paul back in our codriver seat.  The whole part of that comment from me was a joke (but not), but thanks for trying, sweetness. I know I'm special.  Also, clicked 'LOL' because LOL. 
  12. Apologies if this has already been mentioned, @KickUp, but I noticed some issues with the delivery of pacenotes, specifically for hairpins. When testing on several different notches towards the earliest side of the delivery speed, I find myself overshooting junctions and diving into bushes due to late calls on the more technical corners (coming off a fast section), and they seem to be out of sync with the delivery speed of the rest of the notes.  I understand that pacenotes have been done differently this year, so thought it was worth mentioning, in case anything can be tweaked. 
  13. I adore this game. Thank you so much, @KickUp & co.  This feels like a perfect step forward from DiRT Rally, and it's clear to see that you made excellent use of the project, as well as community feedback from us all, to make what is a terrific rally sim with enormous attention to detail on all levels. I can really see and hear the love that's gone into the game.  Once again, thank you. 
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