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  1. Ak1504

    Doc - Multi-Input Device System for GRID on PC

    They introduced this with DR. 2.0 and changed the game logos and screens to Grid 2019 ones in the guide ^^
  2. It would be the drift mode for me because its was always a part of the series... And i loved the Grid AS drag racing dlc... Best drag mode i ever played in a game...
  3. Previous Grid Games... "This is the way"..! 😄
  4. You can say that about a ton of things that are not in GRID 2019 compared to Grid Autosport. Completely not understandable. It´s kinda they wanted to make a game that dies in 4 weeks after release lol. And on top of that they ruin the free play mode with reducing the amount of credits big time. And the community manager does not reply to this issue since weeks. Weird things are going on at "New" Codemasters. Very weird things.
  5. SLI ? Thats what i used in 1999 for my Voodoo2 cards lol... Just accept that this horse is dead now 😛
  6. I miss the Racenet Challenges from Grid 2 and Gid Autosport... Same with the Drift mode... And tons of other stuff...
  7. Finally... @ChrisGrovesMCM I hope the credits at the end of the races are also x2,x3,x4,x5 ect 😛
  8. Ak1504

    Share Your Favourite GRID Photos & Videos!

    GRID 2 - GRID Autosport - GRID 2019 Comparison | Paris Arc De Triomphe - Nissan GT-R R32
  9. Ak1504

    Racedriver: GRID remaster

    I will not vote for a GRID remaster because imo it makes no sense. The only game that should be requested imo is a proper successor to GRID Autosport aka GRID on steroids. OG GRID has way less content, features ect than GRID Autosport so it makes no sense to remaster OG GRID...
  10. Ak1504

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    Don´t know why this got posted in the Tech. Assistance area but good news: https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/45191-adjustable-race-length-in-career-coming-in-season-2/
  11. Ak1504


    Imo every racing game that tries to teach you to not drive on curbs has wrong curb physics/curb grip coefficient. They use them IRL without issues in dry conditions and you can also use them in every racing sim. Kunos actually improved their ACC tire model because of issues with curbs.