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    Cars do not drive straight using buttons

    Just click on the left and right buttons in the controller menu and choose edit or something then you can define the deadzone for each direction separate.
  2. Ak1504

    Watered down damage.

    Just laughable compared to OG GRID .
  3. Ak1504

    GRID2019 Photo Thread [+VIDEOS]

    I wish we had the option to decide what camera we would like to have in the replay. Track/On car ect, like in Dirt Rally 2, Dirt 4. Atm its just bad that the camera switches all the time and tbh the track cameras arent the best. Just take a look at track cameras in racing simulations there are top notch like in TV race broadcasts. And i still miss a photo mode. It´s just a pita to get a good shot for a thumbnail pic -.- GRID 2019 | Ford Falcon FG-X Supercar @ Sydney Motorsports Park
  4. Ak1504

    Cars do not drive straight using buttons

    Sounds like 0 Deadzone... Just add more and it should be fine i think...
  5. Thats no excuse for me... Oh we did not know how good the other games are / what features and modes they have because we are new and did not take a look ? lol
  6. Just copy and paste the Grid AS Multiplayer Mode... Thats the one thing i will never understand why games are made that are worse in some things then the previous game... I mean who thinks thats a good idea that will sell ? I can´t get it in my head... If i would make a new game in a well known franchise i would build up on the features the previous game had to make the successor even better... Is that so hard ?
  7. Ak1504

    GRID Essentials - Career Mode

    Career mode in previous Grid games was way more advanced... As basically everything in the game... I would be happy if we just can get an option to adjust race length... To be able to have longer races for more credits of course...
  8. Ak1504

    Are cars meant to look trashed before the race?

    Looks like a bug... Another one... Man this game has more bugs than all the previous games together... -.-
  9. I don´t need to in the race sims i drive 😉
  10. Ak1504

    GRID2019 Photo Thread [+VIDEOS]

    GRID 2019 | Plymouth Cuda AAR Modified @ San Francisco
  11. Don´t hold your breath... Tbh i have little hope... And to be very honest i think if Paul Coleman would still be chief game designer i bet the latest GRID game would be fkn awesome I loved all the games that were made under his direction Thinking about how good GRID Autosport was and how much of a downgrade GRID 2019 is makes me sad
  12. Yep you are right. I forgot about that. The AI is not affected by the teflon curbs..!
  13. Imo it was not a good idea to do a "reboot"... It would have been way better to do a successor to Grid Autosport... A game that builds up on all the details and features that Grid AS had that were improved/upgraded since OG Grid... Grid 2019 is such an huge downgrade in every regard compared to Grid Autosport...
  14. Ak1504

    GRID2019 Photo Thread [+VIDEOS]

    GRID 2019 | Jedi F1000 @ Havana... Hard AI/No assists...
  15. Sure but not everyone likes this shaky cam... But would be nice to have it as option...
  16. It has to be vanilla vs. vanilla... Otherwise it would not be fair...
  17. It happened a couple times when i choosed to do the 1 lap qualifier that my car and some of the AI cars were not straight positioned in the starting grid... See the video:
  18. Ak1504

    GRID2019 Photo Thread [+VIDEOS]

    GRID 2019 | All Time of Day Weather Options @ San Francisco
  19. The game can look good especially in the night and rain... I also like that the spectators change clothing and stuff 🙂 GRID 2019 | All Time of Day Weather Options @ San Francisco
  20. GRID 2019 ToD/Weather Options 9 in total to choose from so 8 more than only boring default day ^^ in every other GRID game... Thats an improvement right here lady´s and gentleman... 😄 Gallery: https://abload.de/gallery.php?key=kRCkouX3 Rain, night look very great with those thousands of lights around the track... Also that one i like very much:
  21. Yes of course booth games at same resolution and maxed settings... Tbh i would not waste my time on making something up to make one game look bad... As said long before release i really want to see the games in direct comparison because i´m interested and i have fun doing it ((and because i had to wait fkn 5 years to get finally a new GRID game in a fresh engine version 😄 )) and Only this way of direct comparison you can clearly discover the details... One detail is that the clouds in GRID 2019 are not moving anymore like they did in GRID 2 and Autosport... Another one is that the "famous AA bridge" in the far distance at San Francisco, thats there since OG 2007 GRID, got moving traffic/different vehicles added in GRID Autosport and that detail is still there in GRID 2019 😄
  22. You are right, as you can clearly see on the pictures the Fov of the games and each view is different, and for GRID AS not adjustable at all. So its pretty hard to find a compromise for every location i choose for a picture to make them booth look as similar as possible from a position point of view. I mostly use objects and buildings to match on the outer sides left and right ect. 🙂 Speaking of view/camera FoV: If someone knows how to set the views to the same FoV in both games please let me know. I remember that there were some Camera Mods available on typical sites like RD for Codemasters racing games and that the Codemasters way of doing camera files was very weird/overly complicated and a pita compared to other games if i remember right 😄 This time: Barcelona - Memorial Run Full gallery: https://abload.de/gallery.php?key=j57GYyTe Btw: - The lighting in GRID AS on this track looks so much better than the "cold blue`isch weird and too bright" from GRID AS San Francisco. - One i think really big feature of the new game is that the tracks have a set of time of day and weather options to chose from instead of "the one and only" setting in GRID Autosport. I noticed that GRID 2019 pics are always so blurry on the outer sides so it looks like chromatic aberration is applied. I should try to play with the gfx menu... Until now i had everything maxed out...
  23. Ak1504

    GRID2019 Photo Thread [+VIDEOS]

    Full throttle/no assists 😄