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  1. Yep i can confirm that. Was about to report the same ^^
  2. Tested a couple more cars and it was happening for all of them every second or third time loading a race event.
  3. Hi @ChrisGrovesMCM, it happens always. I tried couple cars and a lot different liverys with different finishes in the 54h i played the game.
  4. Ak1504

    Cars do not drive straight using buttons

    Grid always felt a bit floaty... Thats the one thing they nailed in the reboot 😄
  5. Ak1504

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    I hope the drift mode comes as a dlc... Was always a big part of the Grid games and i loved it in Grid AS 🙂 A bit weird that it is not in a "reboot" of the series...
  6. Ak1504

    Cockpit view

    This is already requested a couple times... Hopefully will be adressed in a future patch...
  7. Ak1504

    GRID 2019 Won't Start (Win7 64)

    DX12 is listed in the min. and recom. system specs... Everywhere and of course also on the Steam Store page of the game.
  8. Ak1504

    Share Your Favourite GRID Photos & Videos!

    Race Driver GRID vs. GRID Autosport vs. GRID 2019 Comparison | San Francisco - Plymouth Cuda AAR
  9. Ak1504

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    ^^ I wish the car setup menu had all the options Grid Autosprt has... 2019 has no differential, downforce, suspensions option for front and rear so tbh we can´t really change the cars balance/ turn in/out behavior in 2019 with so much missing and only be able to have it stiffer or softer overall and the steps in between min/max are also very limited with 2 compared to 10 in Grid AS...
  10. Ak1504

    Cars do not drive straight using buttons

    Oh ok i must have overlooked that ^^
  11. Ak1504

    Cars do not drive straight using buttons

    I already did it at release day ^^ But i´m on pc... Go to the control options and make sure the correct device is chosen and set as primary device... On the right side at the input bars you can already see if the steering position is at 0 when you don´t touch the stick... Click on it and choose "edit device" Then mark the left or right steering button option and you can already see the current applied deadzone on the right side for the chosen button... The again click on the button to edit his settings... And now you can change the Deadzone and Saturation for it... (You have to do it for right and left steering separatly)
  12. Ak1504

    Cars do not drive straight using buttons

    Just click on the left and right buttons in the controller menu and choose edit or something then you can define the deadzone for each direction separate.
  13. Ak1504

    Watered down damage.

    Just laughable compared to OG GRID .
  14. Ak1504

    GRID2019 Photo Thread [+VIDEOS]

    I wish we had the option to decide what camera we would like to have in the replay. Track/On car ect, like in Dirt Rally 2, Dirt 4. Atm its just bad that the camera switches all the time and tbh the track cameras arent the best. Just take a look at track cameras in racing simulations there are top notch like in TV race broadcasts. And i still miss a photo mode. It´s just a pita to get a good shot for a thumbnail pic -.- GRID 2019 | Ford Falcon FG-X Supercar @ Sydney Motorsports Park
  15. Ak1504

    Cars do not drive straight using buttons

    Sounds like 0 Deadzone... Just add more and it should be fine i think...
  16. Thats no excuse for me... Oh we did not know how good the other games are / what features and modes they have because we are new and did not take a look ? lol
  17. Just copy and paste the Grid AS Multiplayer Mode... Thats the one thing i will never understand why games are made that are worse in some things then the previous game... I mean who thinks thats a good idea that will sell ? I can´t get it in my head... If i would make a new game in a well known franchise i would build up on the features the previous game had to make the successor even better... Is that so hard ?
  18. Ak1504

    GRID Essentials - Career Mode

    Career mode in previous Grid games was way more advanced... As basically everything in the game... I would be happy if we just can get an option to adjust race length... To be able to have longer races for more credits of course...
  19. Ak1504

    Are cars meant to look trashed before the race?

    Looks like a bug... Another one... Man this game has more bugs than all the previous games together... -.-
  20. I don´t need to in the race sims i drive 😉
  21. Ak1504

    GRID2019 Photo Thread [+VIDEOS]

    GRID 2019 | Plymouth Cuda AAR Modified @ San Francisco
  22. Don´t hold your breath... Tbh i have little hope... And to be very honest i think if Paul Coleman would still be chief game designer i bet the latest GRID game would be fkn awesome I loved all the games that were made under his direction Thinking about how good GRID Autosport was and how much of a downgrade GRID 2019 is makes me sad
  23. Yep you are right. I forgot about that. The AI is not affected by the teflon curbs..!
  24. Imo it was not a good idea to do a "reboot"... It would have been way better to do a successor to Grid Autosport... A game that builds up on all the details and features that Grid AS had that were improved/upgraded since OG Grid... Grid 2019 is such an huge downgrade in every regard compared to Grid Autosport...