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  1. I just created a gallery with direct comparison screenshots of San Francisco GP in GRID 2019 and Autosport if someone is interested. Full gallery: https://abload.de/gallery.php?key=kLY3TgnZ
  2. Ak1504

    GRID Essentials - Latest Gameplay Showcases

    GRID 2019 | Intro Races
  3. I watched Part 1 and 2 of the gameplay series from GameRiot and noticed that the "Around the globe" Achievement pops up every Mile the player drives. Every Mile of the 40.075 so sometimes 2 times a minute a achievement progress pop up. Thats just very annoying. Achievements like this should only pop up at milestones on the way to completition. @ChrisGrovesMCM Can you please forward this to the team that this gets fixed/changed ?
  4. Ak1504

    Welcome to the new GRID

    +1 for custom lobbys that everyone can browse through and join like in GRID Autosport 🙂 A must have feature for me 🙂
  5. Ak1504

    Welcome to the new GRID

    Console games are always more pricy then pc games.
  6. Ak1504

    GRID Graphics Discussion

    This topic is very hot but: Tbh i think the main problem here is that people waited 5 years to see a successor of their favourite game series that uses the latest up to date version of Codemasters Ego engine. And it really is disappointing to see that the GRID 2019 Ego engine version lacks graphical details the predecessors Ego engine version had or are available with the latest Ego engine version as seen at the F1 games. But in the end we are talking about details but details often make immersion and fans like details and immersion 😉 And its a bit weird that a current game lacks graphical details that were already present 5-6 years ago... At least on PC i would like to be able to push the graphics settings to uberepic ^^
  7. Ak1504

    Tarmac Physics = Dirt Physics?

    True. Typical eSports guy ^^
  8. Ak1504

    Cockpit View in Grid

    In one CM racing game you can adjust the seat position in the next game not. One has a photo mode all the other ones not. Its such a PITA 😄 CM games would be so much better if there were some consistency through their games. I mean how hard can it be to understand what race game drivers want and need ?
  9. Ak1504

    Tarmac Physics = Dirt Physics?

    Bro he is not driving 50mph he is racing on the limit and breaking traction/grip angle everywhere of course you start to slide. How much depends on the driver.
  10. Ak1504

    GRID Graphics Discussion

    "Nearly every title shown isn't even using the full power available to the console, instead of maxing out the graphics they're under-utilising the hardware" Because you need a lot power for the streaming tools the concoles have.
  11. Ak1504

    GRID Essentials - The Car List

    Fake ? Nope ! http://international.tcr-series.com/index.php/entries/cars/item/ford-focus-tcr-3
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    GRID Essentials - Career Mode

    Source ?
  13. Ak1504

    Upcoming dash cam?

    Without proper FoV adjustment every cockpit cam is not very usefull. FoV adjustment should be a standard feature in every race game with cockpit views. It may be a lot work yes but do you want happy customers that pay for your ton of dlc or not ? Even Forza Horizon has now FoV adjustment for every cam in the game and they did it correct in degrees not without any unit like CM which makes using a FoV calculator for CM games complete useless.
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    Handling in Grid 1 is imprecise and floaty AF... I hope the new Grid is like Grid AS...
  15. Ak1504

    GRID Graphics Discussion

    Only the player car headlights generate shadows in Forza... Grid AS headlights don´t generate shadows from other cars but from trackside objects...
  16. Ak1504

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Share your Videos!

    DiRT Rally 2.0 | Ford Focus RS Rally 2007 @ Wales - Fferm Wynt
  17. Ak1504

    Your Favourite Grid Game So Far?

    For me Grid Autosport is the best one. Best handling, best sound, best graphics and nice amount of content + the dlc especially the drag mode are awesome 🙂
  18. Ak1504

    GRID Graphics Discussion

    I´m really interested to see how this track looks on my screen with maxed out gfx settings... Still long 2 weeks...
  19. Ak1504

    GRID Graphics Discussion

    I know about the mods for the Grid and Dirt games, i have alot saved, used them or even use them atm at my Grid 1 version but lets only talk about and compare vanilla versions of the games 🙂
  20. Ak1504

    GRID Graphics Discussion

    That's exactly how I always felt about the Grid games graphics. Looks good and has great performance.
  21. Ak1504

    GRID Graphics Discussion

    Grid 1 was compared to NFS Shift or Forza 3 very very blurry with "not so sharp" textures and way less detailed car models. I love Grid, Dirt, Forza, NFS, played them all since i started gaming in 1998 but i have the feeling you and some other people here do look through some very rose-colored glasses
  22. Ak1504

    GRID Graphics Discussion

    I´m disappointed of you guys... 12 sites of complains and nobody ever noticed that there are seem to be no dynamic shadows from the cars headlights in Grid 2019... Grid AS had dynamic shadows... @ChrisGrovesMCM I really would be interested in a Dev Blog about the Ego engine version they use for Grid, whats updated and better compared to the version from Grid AS and why are there some downgrades 🙂 Something like the 31!! pages about the grass tech from Grid AS ^^ Maybe not only about the Ego engine in Grid but about the Ego engine in general... How it evolved over the decade its used ect. That would be awesome 🙂 Rendering-Fields-of-Grass-using-DirectX11-in-GRID-Autosport.pdf
  23. Ak1504

    GRID Graphics Discussion

    Can´t wait to make comparison screens and videos 🙂 Btw: Tbh i think i´m really happy with the Grid 2019 graphics... Jimmers 3h video looked great... I mean Grid games never had the best graphics in general... Low res textures, low poly car models back in the days, even in Grid AS compared to other games like Forza... The highlight in Grid AS was the grass on PC... I still have that pdf of how they made it ^^ I´m happy that the cars have more poly´s now, textures look sharper even in the videos and i have now a great looking cockpit again 🙂 Only thing i´m disappointed about is that i still can´t get a photo mode in Dirt nor in Grid games... Not there even after 12 years -.-
  24. Ak1504

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Share your Videos!

    DiRT Rally 2.0 | BMW M2 Competition @ Greece - Fourkéta Kourva