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  1. Just one of the countless "great" game design decisions to always -50% the credits for every time you drive the same career event.

    And who had guessed it the new race lenght feature does only get you longer races but does not x2,x3,x4 or x5 the credits you get for your effort.

    Kinda they just don´t want anyone to have fun with their game.

    Funny isn´t it ? 😄

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  2. 1 hour ago, jesped said:

    The best thing Codemasters could do at this point is the same they did releasing GRID Autosport as a "sorry, we know we fuqed up"


    I wish they would wake up and notice what ***** game design decisions they have made and what a half game and bugfest they have released... The responsible people should get fired asap..! 

    And on top of that and kinda funny but they made sure to implement the ***** things from Grid AS: Reverse Race tracks

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