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  1. Imo every racing game that tries to teach you to not drive on curbs has wrong curb physics/curb grip coefficient.

    They use them IRL without issues in dry conditions and you can also use them in every racing sim. Kunos actually improved their ACC tire model because of issues with curbs.

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  2. @Miatakias_GR Yep thats what i meant and what we have to live with atm... The liverys have predefined color types for each area so the base color and different parts/stripes ect of the livery design... So of course is a white or a red or what ever color different (brighter) in basic gloss than in a metalic area as you can see on your screenshots where those metalic areas are darker... Matte finished areas should give you the brightest version of any color you choose i think... At least that how it worked in Grid AS or Forza as example...

  3. Depends on the livery if its matte, metalic or just basic glossy... I´m sure i have seen some...

    But yes as often said the livery editor from Grid AS should have been copy&pasted that you can choose for yourself what part of the livery you want basic, metalic or matte but as we know they decided to go for the 2008 reboot...

    Maybe we should start a new thread about this as feature request ?

  4. 52 minutes ago, CordedQuill42 said:

    Come on, guys! This is a moment to rejoice!

    I will rejoice when the players come back to the game and it has more than 100 players on Steam. I hope this game can be rescued. But a little rejoice that the first bad decision during development will be gone soon. 🙂

  5. 25 minutes ago, Miatakias_GR said:

    Also custom liveries colors should be fixed,  that chrome color in most of the  liveries is bad,  bring back glossy and metalic color


    Looks like you are not up to date... This issue got fixed with the first patch... Nothing was in the changelog but my reported Paint Editor issue got fixed and also all the chrome stuff was gone... After the first patch i was finally able to see my cars in the correct colors and without chrome 🙂

  6. @ChrisGrovesMCM Hm weird that this could not be reproduced...


    Fresh unedited footage with alot loads into a free play event with different GT cars and it worked only 2-3 times and and on all other ones it is not working... 

    (Its 80% loading times but i thought it would be better to leave it unedited to show the process/tries complete)


  7. 5 minutes ago, GavinMac said:

    What upsets most of us is this could of been an epic game, we were all getting excited that we would get Autosport on steroids!

    We started seeing things we liked in screenshots, new timing and best laps on hud, rain and times of day... the actual racing is good but the implementation sucks.

    I was hoping for Autosport with the new stuff we have seen but with features that other modern racers have, like in PC2 where you can save the replay of a multiplayer game so you can then go and take pictures of great overtakes and events.

    Autosport was the complete game we all want but needed modernizing and expanded features.


    Yep a new game in a series should build up on the features and content from its predecessor. If not it will end like Grid 2019 is atm...

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  8. But in the end i don´t think we can get 40 players in MP. There are basicly no players left because of the great decisions the new Codemasters made how this game should be and because of the unfinished buggy state it got released.


    And i think no one with common sense will pay 70€ for a Stadia version if you get this:

    This is just a joke how bad games look and how high the input lag is... But hey you can have 60fps that feel worse than 30fps. Unbelievable 😄






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