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    Share Your Favourite GRID Photos & Videos!

    GRID 2 - GRID Autosport - GRID 2019 Comparison | Red Bull Ring - BMW M3
  2. I noticed that the amount of credits in free play mode events got reduced by alot after patch 1.1 So custom events are completely not worth the effort and so the mode is pretty much useless atm. I compared full grid events in career and free play mode with identical settings: Time attack: Race:
  3. As seen in some early access footage i can confim that the cockpit views are completely unusable in night and rain conditions because you can´t see anything. I remember Project Cars having an separat Exposure setting for onboard views. Not sure if that would work in GRID but something has to be done to fix this asap if it´s not already adressed in the day one patch. Brightness in the cockpits is messed up at daytime too. And all that with default brightness setting... Lowering or raising does not fix the issue and also messes up all other camera views...
  4. @CMTGK can you pls give us a update on this issue ? I would like to be able to use the cockpit and hood cameras at every race not only the ones when the sun is shining lol Short reminder that this is unplayable since release: Compared to the 3rd person cam:
  5. Of course there are no plans... Only that F1 game is worthy enough for CM to have a photo mode... And no, beeing able to rotate the camera is not a photo mode. More like a bad joke lol
  6. Saving replays... Or a photo mode... I wait since 2008 to get those features...
  7. Ak1504

    Multiplayer Features and Game Issues

    @GavinMac Why do you have a "No" for Drift mode in Grid Autosport ? It is availabe for singleplayer and multiplayer when choosing Tuner Class and C1, C2 Drift 😉
  8. Ak1504

    Share Your Favourite GRID Photos & Videos!

    GRID 2019 | Time Attack | Porsche 911 Carrera RSR 3.0 @ Zhejiang Circuit GP
  9. Ak1504

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    Funny thing but let´s put this on the loooooooong list of things that where already in the previous games and that are missing in Grid 2019 🤣
  10. It´s on my list for friday. I will take some comp. screens and if nothing changes i will open a thread with that issue.
  11. Its a miracle that they got the handling right lol
  12. Ak1504

    Incorrect distance driven being showed

    @KreuZenNL fix your screenshot lol 😄
  13. So every race you did 2nd time is basicly -50% credits... So its around 0,5% of the career mode credits you get in free play mode atm 😄
  14. Not ? It should be... "Added the ability to remove scratches and dirt when changing liveries or changing vehicles" Then pls report it as bug... 🙂
  15. Ak1504

    Welcome to the new GRID

    Welcome to the new GRID
  16. I´m working on the next comparison video... Red Bull Ring... Footage is recorded only need to find time to fiddle it together ^^
  17. Yea german... Or in numbers: 10 vs 2
  18. Ak1504

    CM you Joking on me ?

    Just one of the countless "great" game design decisions to always -50% the credits for every time you drive the same career event. And who had guessed it the new race lenght feature does only get you longer races but does not x2,x3,x4 or x5 the credits you get for your effort. Kinda they just don´t want anyone to have fun with their game. Funny isn´t it ? 😄
  19. I wish they would wake up and notice what ***** game design decisions they have made and what a half game and bugfest they have released... The responsible people should get fired asap..! And on top of that and kinda funny but they made sure to implement the ***** things from Grid AS: Reverse Race tracks
  20. Sry but if you look up to the date when this thread was made, when that "intentional change" happend it says October 30th 2019 so of course i complain because the game has an ruined game mode since 4 month... Same with the not usable cockpit cam since 4 month... In case you missed it please take a look here:
  21. I say NO to this. I paid for this and I want to decide how to play the game. And i want to use the freeplay mode to create my own events and get a fair amount of credits for them.
  22. @tourist Thx 🙂 Wow 892 Credits... Must be fun to save up for an 750000 Credits car 😄 Also weird that you get -50% Credits if you drive a career event a second time and so on... Kinda also feels more like a punishment as an reasonable game design decision lol