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  1. Maybe there is both an up- and downsampling process, when setting it to 46%. If you install OpenVR AdvancedSettings or check the corresponding config in SteamVR directly, you will see, that SteamVR actually uses two multipliers. One that applies 1.4x super sampling universally and the other one, that can be adjusted though the regular menu. I am not sure it is wise to mess with both of those. Probably you can find information on the internet about that.
  2. Yes, you are correct. I probably did not make myself clear before. So you need to go below 100% to achieve native res.
  3. In SteamVR you can set the res scale below 100% in order to achieve native resolution. In don't have an Oculus HMD, but I understand there is also Oculus try tool, which lets you set the resolution. Give it a try.
  4. By default SteamVR applies 1.4 super sampling, when set to 100% resolution scale. That might cause some people to think Oculus API has better performance. For those with performance issues, even though frame time are good (below 11.1ms for Hz displays) and with hardware expected to be capable of running DR2, can try the following settings on a 1080Ti/ 2070 Super or better: nVidia 436.15, forced 8x AF without AF optimization SteamVR Beta 1.7.14, rendering resolution at 2016x2240, Async reprojection off (by hitting shift+a in VR view of SteamVR)* In-game settings: 2x AA,
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