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  1. To bump this important topic, we need/ want this: The absolute best option would be a slider to control how much the cam is locked to the car. Probably the slider in the menu is already doing that, but not enough and not for all cams.
  2. B1rdy

    Creating custom championships

    This is really great! But how come, there needs to be a thread to make somebody aware of this? It takes literally only one test to spot the shortcomings OP and Buckywilder pointed out.
  3. Maybe there is both an up- and downsampling process, when setting it to 46%. If you install OpenVR AdvancedSettings or check the corresponding config in SteamVR directly, you will see, that SteamVR actually uses two multipliers. One that applies 1.4x super sampling universally and the other one, that can be adjusted though the regular menu. I am not sure it is wise to mess with both of those. Probably you can find information on the internet about that.
  4. Yes, you are correct. I probably did not make myself clear before. So you need to go below 100% to achieve native res.
  5. B1rdy

    Your thoughts on the pricing for Season 3 + 4

    I am pretty sure the roadmap for this year's DLCs was already set before the release of the main game. So I imagine they could have just added "Season 3 and 4 not included" or similar.
  6. In SteamVR you can set the res scale below 100% in order to achieve native resolution. In don't have an Oculus HMD, but I understand there is also Oculus try tool, which lets you set the resolution. Give it a try.
  7. By default SteamVR applies 1.4 super sampling, when set to 100% resolution scale. That might cause some people to think Oculus API has better performance. For those with performance issues, even though frame time are good (below 11.1ms for Hz displays) and with hardware expected to be capable of running DR2, can try the following settings on a 1080Ti/ 2070 Super or better: nVidia 436.15, forced 8x AF without AF optimization SteamVR Beta 1.7.14, rendering resolution at 2016x2240, Async reprojection off (by hitting shift+a in VR view of SteamVR)* In-game settings: 2x AA, AF off Select medium profile, change the following: reflections: low Textures: ultra AO: low Crowd: off Cloth:low mirrors: off Chromatic aberration and light streaks: Replay Lense dust: off *This is a crucial setting, that was causing stuttering even though frame times were below 9ms, because reprojection constantly created synthesized frames without any actual need. Usually it will show you on screen if async reprojection is disabled, but it seems to be bugged in current SteamVR beta. However it should still show the current status in the lower left of SteamVR settings. Do not disable async reprojection (and enable always-on reprojection in this way), if your computer is not capable of delivering the necessary Fps corresponding to your HMD's refresh rate. With this setting it is most important to leave your GPU some headroom (like 85%, don't load it to 100%) or you might see occasional stuttering. Disclaimer: I have not tested these setting in all locations. Australia at night and Poland ran at about 9ms frame time. If I run into performance issues, I will probably disable AO or set ground cover to low.
  8. I find it so bad, it is unbearable for me for more than a few seconds in a non-moving car. That is what is making me wonder, how on earth this was either not recognized during implementation (or at least testing) or why this has been accepted by management? Same goes for very hard read menus, a clear step back from DR 1. How can you have an obvious thing working in a prior release and then, seemingly consciously, change it for the obvious worse in the next release AND release it to the public?
  9. B1rdy

    Your thoughts on the pricing for Season 3 + 4

    I bet some people would not have bought the Deluxe Edition, if they new from the start it will not contain the complete game. I can also understand they feel cheated, because the text did not explicitly say there will be season 3 and 4 or did it back then? Did you have to read between the lines?
  10. B1rdy

    Your thoughts on the pricing for Season 3 + 4

    Compared to the base price of the game, which I find about 10€ to expensive, the DLCs are too expensive. Even not considering the stages are 'only' remasters from DR1, all Seasons are too expensive. So 40€ for the base game and 25-30€ at max for the DLC. And this is only for if the game wasn't always-on with regards to the campaign/ championship. So personally I would not dump 90€ into an online-only single player game (for me!). @the guys, who are fine with the pricing and indicating they would pay more, here is an advice: Never apply for work in purchasing.
  11. Same here with Index and latest firmware and SteamVR (non beta). Even at 120Fps with HMD at 120Hz and in general independent on the frame rate. The issue is especially noticeable when being stationary with the vehicle. It feels like the tracking rate is at half the frame rate or similar. It is less noticeable when the car is moving. 6800K OC 1080Ti OC 32GB RAM Windows 10 1607