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    "Next" DiRT game wishlist!

    Dirt wishlist:   1) An "ultimate dirt " game with all previous dirt games remastered into one super game.    2) Allow all cars on all tracks all the time and online (the best racing dirt 3 had to offer ...most will never even know) but it was awesome on many tracks thx to ACAT mod.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZS_NPVDoeSY      Why flush a diamond down the toilet for no good reason...Codies???      3)If possible:  something should be about network lag (some kind of buffer maybe?) so that racers aren't crashing each other WHEN THEY ARE NOT CRASHING EACH OTHER !!  that would be really nice.  4) Dirt 2 had an amazing amount of off-track content, so super fun, accessible only with another non-codies mod (auto-reset tool). Flushing diamonds again!! Off track open terrain driving would be awesome and is wished for. 5)Last wish: Please don't make us "earn" vehicles and upgrades. It's just a redundant chore and wastes my time (some racers are not beginners) not to mention I just paid cash for what should be top shelf racing right out of the box.  Codies makes the best racing games by far, in my opinion and i hope they just keep getting better. Good job codies!!