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  1. WallieP

    Standard Setups

    Same 😞 I do the same, but thats just stupid. I just want to race F1 cars and be sort of competitive without having to spend hours on finding a good setup.. i understand they wont give the best possible setup but just give us 5 useable setups that are lik 95% perfect instead of giving 2/2 setups in monaco
  2. WallieP

    Regulation Change (bug?)

    I readed the mail, and it said powertrain.. but i waited the 7 weeks, and then i purchased the update when i got the button"start next season".. i expected since the season is done, you would be able to purchase a update without losing it (since you never would have been able to adapt) This indeed. I think i is a big, since you can put 3000R&D points in, but you wont get a change to adapt, so why even being able to be in that situation
  3. WallieP

    Standard Setups

    Why do you get the same 5 standard setups every circuit, you would never use 10/11 wings on monza, or 2/2 wings on monaco Why dont you get 5 viable options on each different circuit? Like 1/1 1/2 2/1 2/2 2/3 wings on Monza 9/10 10/10 10/11 11/10 11/11 wings on Monaco I am not good at setups so above wing examples could be wrong, but i hope you understand what i try to say that you could narrow it down by giving 5 more defined setups for each tracks
  4. I started my season and went all in on the Power unit R&D, and at some point they announced the regulation change for next season and it also was the power unit, so i adepted all and save my R&D points. At the end of the season (so after the abu dhabi race) it said it was 1 week i still had to adapt, and i could press for next season. At that point i bought 2 updates that would take 4 weeks (so the start of next season Australia)... My season 2 start and i dont have any updates on my power unit updates, and my spent R&D points are gone. Since its updates over the winter break, shouldnt you just get the upgrade, or at least get a warning that it wont work?
  5. So annoying seeing people on twitter saying they are selected again, same like last year and the year before while i try to get in every year and get passed every single time... maybe swap up to who the invites are send instead of picking the same people every year 😡🤐