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  1. Well Bigmoon Studios are preparing the DAKAR 21 game so I suppose it’s safe to assume that’s them
  2. So basically i'm working on Fabio Andolfi's Fabia livery. The work is almost ready, though i have one small issue. The original Fabia R5 has michelin tyres, while Andolfi uses Pirelli's. I habe tried to modify the tyre texture myself, but making it look at least decent seem to exceed my abilities🙃. So if one you guys would be able to share the Pirelli tyres with me, that would be really great. Of course I will metion you in the credits etc. Thanks🙂
  3. Season 2 appeared in my DLC list
  4. Am I wrong, or is Poland actually only location without achievement dedicated to it?
  5. I have one, though I’m not sure if I can give it away
  6. I have read somwhere that embargo goes down by 18th February
  7. I still have hope for Ireland though. Maybe if there will be seasons beyond 2, then it will happen. There is just so many little clues pointing for this location
  8. Is Focus coming too? P.S Oh it actually does, I have missed it. Well, ta least something, though I would have prefered Xsara (I know licensing)
  9. Itd cool that there is DLC, but I just dont like the fact that one more time we get cars in 2000s class, that never really got to meet each other
  10. Is it just me or the third monitor on the final picture looks like Monte Carlo?
  11. The cameras used in real life onboards, use fisheye lens, which curves the edges of a picture. It makes the stage look more narrow than in real life. I remember there was the same problem with F1 2017 and the tires width. In TV the fisheye lens made them look thinner
  12. For me the begging of the stage looks very similar to Paprotki, that was used in 2017. Until the exit of the first village I actually thought it's Paprotki
  13. I hope it’s not. I want new stages. Not ones we have already seen.  Well, maybe they can do both. One long stage would be Hafren-Sweet Lamb (as in DiRT Rally) and the other would be new (if Wales is in I would personally like Brening)
  14. Ok so I have a theory about the 28 stages, Stephane Prevot was talking about. If @versedi is right, and the stage we saw first isn't Baranowo, it means that we can have two different long stages for DiRT Rally 2.0. I would imagine that they will also be available in reverse, so you practically have 4 stages to record pacenotes for. Why 4? Now here's a thing. Pace notes recorded for stage run in one direction, don't actually apply well for it, if its run in other direction. That's the thing I learned when I have done some pacenotes for myself, for RFactor. You couldn't just simply "mirror" the
  15. Hold on, did wrc 7 use real stages? I didn't know that Well the names were real but WRC 7 Baranowo, was nowhere near the authentic one
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