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  1. Motorsport4ever

    Grid Autosport Review

    Does anybody know what the "ADC Presteza-14" car is? Found it in the Tier 3 Touring Car list.
  2. Motorsport4ever


    Not seeing Lorenzo at Honda any time soon. Honda doesn't want him (he would challenge Marquez in the same team, they wouldn't like something like that) and I guess Lorenzo is pretty happy at Yamaha right now, so....
  3. Motorsport4ever

    GRID Autosport - The Track List

    What is the Autosport Speedway??? I googled it, but can't find anything.
  4. Motorsport4ever

    Le Mans 24 Hours 2014

    Well I remember 2011 I think it was when he crashed trying to avoid a GT car. I don't think it was his fault but I can't remember if they retired or not from it. Well I guess that crash resulted into retirement if you ask me, although it's just minor damage... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JW3NDGk6YQE
  5. Motorsport4ever

    Le Mans 24 Hours 2014

    I will try to watch 14 until 16 hours again. Who's going to win overall? Well that's a tough question. Toyota has won the last two WEC races, but we don't know how this car perfoms in a 24h race, same with Audi and Porsche. Audi lacks the top speed but has the reliability and the fuel efficiency, Porsche has the top speed but not the reliability, Toyota seem to have top speed and reliability, but aren't as fuel efficient. Going to be really interesting. And well with Rebellion, they're going to battle for the golden Ananas, zero competition for them as Lotus have withdrawn from the enrty list this year (as expected).
  6. Motorsport4ever

    Discipline Focus // Touring

    Yeah I'd like to know what on earth this is haha Even Google has no clue. Yep, tried to google it, but only some Argentine whatever pics lol. I'm actually curious if that's even a car???
  7. Motorsport4ever

    DiRT 2 lost saved game

    Just play it again :). DiRT 2 is still one of my fav games ever.
  8. Are we also going to see real life racing teams like in the first GRID?
  9. Motorsport4ever

    Standard of Racing

    If you don't like flashbacks then just don't use them or turn them off. And if there noobs again racing online then kick them out of the lobby, simple as that. Or make custom lobbies with the people you know, that they won't suck balls at the track, all the time.
  10. Favourite Touring Car of 2014: Audi S3 BTCC 2014 Favourite Touring Car of all time: Alfa Romeo 156 S2000, WTCC 2005
  11. Motorsport4ever

    Abandoned Motor racing circuits and Unused/Ex circuits

    Yep can't believe its taken nearly 15 years to be over grown like that :( Patrick Depailler was the driver who got killed on the Ostkurve in 1980. Probably due broken rear wing/steering, but the reason of the crash is still unclear. Ironically the FIA wanted to bring catch-fences to the 1980 German GP at the Hockenheimring, which would have saved Depailler's life. But Depailler's crash was before the GP and the catch fences were still convulted trackside at that point.