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  1. Issue: French codriver is very late in Scotland (setting is Earliest for the calls). As an example start Annbank Station. First hairpin is called after you should brake, so you crash. You continue valiantly, go straight ahead, small jump before a right 3 then hairpin. But the right 3 is called after you hit the jump at full speed, and your car is not fitted with airbrakes, so unfortunately you crash again. This time the trees take away 2 of your precious tires, so you quit. This is happening with the calls set to Earliest, I cannot even think how late they are in Normal setting! The problem is that the calls are reused from other rallyes so the length doesn't fit with the actual stage. The codriver is taking too long for some minor stuff and doesn't have time to read the actual important ones. For example: call 6 turns in a row when in fact you just drive flat out and almost straight. IRL you would simply not call those and focus on the important turns and braking zones instead... This makes Scotland totally undrivable at a decent pace. You need to know it by heart, but how to train and learn it when you keep crashing because of the late calls? Method of Reproduction: 1. Start any stage in Scotland with a fast car (Group A or higher) 2. Keep crashing into stuff because you get the call after the braking zone, sometimes once you are already in the turn Platform: PC/Steam Version: up-to-date 16.06.2020