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  1. thegrizzled

    Upgrades for Williams/Haas/Alfa

    I have now played the second season with Alfa Romeo and the performance of the team at the beginning of the third season is like at the beginning of the first season! It's impossible to lead a team like Alfa Romeo to the top, it's not fun! It's only a "Sisyphus - work" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sisyphus
  2. thegrizzled

    Feedback and ideas for F1 2020

    I have now played some single races (50% length, 97 - 102% difficulty, cockpit view), all in Spielberg. Here a first feedback. + Graphics is really very good. Shadows are now grey and not black (F1 2018). All looks very clear and sharpe. + The driving experience is also very good. + The races are very demanding. + In wet conditions, now I have a better feeling for the car. ! Compared to F1 2018, the game is more predictable. For example, at 7 races in Spielberg is allways Bottas the strongest AI driver. In F1 2018 there was more variety. Previously Vettel, Hamilton or Bottas were alternately strong. But now every race is a little bit similar. ! Also, the AI drivers are not variable in tyre tactics. Actually they always drive stubborn their tactics. The AI always change their tyres in the same laps. I think the game is very good. But I would like to have not always the same stereotyped races.
  3. I Play only in Grand Prix Mode and 50% race lenght. Most I drive as Kimi in the Ferrari. In the race strategy option before the race you can see how many laps you can drive on option tires and prime tires. Here some dates from the Austrian GP on 50% race lenght: Race Lenght 36 laps Ferrari: options - 7 laps, prime - 11 laps Williams: options - 7 laps, prime - 10 laps Mercedes: options - 8 laps, prime - 12 laps When I drive careful with one set of tires, I can drive one more lap. Because in a 2 stop race the Ferrari needs option - prime - prime. So I can use option - option - prime, like Mercedes and Red Bull. Williams use there most a 3 stop strategy! Force India use sometimes only a 1 stop strategy, so they have a good tire wear.
  4. Do you start the game with the PS3 Controller? Start the game with the wheel. I had at the beginning with the wheel, with F1 2012 also Problems. I use the PS3 Controller only to turn on the PS3.
  5. thegrizzled

    Tires probles

    Look here - article 25.4e, page 17 :) http://www.fia.com/sites/default/files/regulation/file/1-2014%20SPORTING%20REGULATIONS%202014-02-28.pdf
  6. thegrizzled

    F1 2015 Game Ideas and Suggestions

    In the option "race director" (german "Renndirektor"), I would like to see the tire strategy of the AI Drivers. Here you see only the current tires of the AI, soft or hard. I would prefer to see for example this:   After the start - Soft   After the first pit stop - Soft Soft After the second pit stop - Soft Soft Hard      On this way you could compare the AI strategy to your own strategy. On the track map the team mate is shown colored. I would like to see also the race leader is shown colored.                              
  7. thegrizzled

    OP Traction Setups?

    I have now a setup for Sochi, where I have a good feeling for the car during acceleration. I use the Ferrari. Wings: 7/7 Brake: 50:50, medium, Standard Balance: 7/5 Suspension: height 11/1 ?! strange, but it works                    stiffness 7/5 Alignment: camber 3,2/0,5                    toe 0,12/0,41
  8. thegrizzled

    The BUG Thread

    In Spielberg are some grand stands to large. After turn 1 the last one. In turn 3 and also the Grand stand in turn 8/9.
  9. thegrizzled

    Ideas for replays of F1 2014

    That would be very helpful.
  10. Custom AI legend Rules and flags reduced 4 flashbacks
  11. thegrizzled

    Welcome Back to the Forums!

    Nice that the Forum is back :)