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  1. SnelleEddie

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    IMPORTANT FEEDBACK (v0.8): - MANY THANKS for fixing the falling rain effect issue using SLI => RESPECT! - mouse cursor is present from game launch to countdown, even though I use a wireless Xbox 360 controller at all times. It should not be visible once a controller is enabled, only when the mouse is being used. - tire punctures are still too common. Please have a word with the tire company! - Ford Focus: too much windscreen glare/white tint in cockpit view and makes everything look washed out, especially compared to the side windows (see picture 1). - Ford Focus: digital speedometer looks like it is of a lower resolution quality and is somewhat blurry (see picture 1). - Ford Focus: rev indicator light has a very bright glare depending on viewing angle (see picture 1). The red glow of this light also looks like it is somewhat out of place instead of centered when revs are high.  - 2001 Subaru: FOV in cockpit view needs attention. It is too close to the steering wheel (see picture 1). The FOV slider in the preferences menu is great but applies to all cars, therefore in some cars the camera is either too close or too far away from the steering wheel. - 2001 Subaru: heavily aliased shadows on the digital speedometer (see picture 2) - barely any rain drops on the windshield when driving at medium/high speeds on stages with rain. Perhaps I got too spoiled with the rain drops in Forza Motorsport 6, but this could definitely be improved and I am sure that you guys have the expertise to do so! PICTURE 1: http://abload.de/img/focus2nkqw.jpg PICTURE 2: http://abload.de/img/subaruxwj4l.jpg SPECS: i7-5960X, TITAN X SLI, 32GB, Windows 7 Pro x64 (all stock, no overclocks) SETTINGS: Ultra preset, 8x MSAA, 1920x1080, 60FPS (no mods or graphics tweaks)
  2. SnelleEddie

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    After putting tons of hours playing this game already, i'd like to add this feedback to the list: - please improve the Lancia 037 sound. It is REALLY lacking that typical buzzing whine. - tires and rims of some cars should be smaller. The tires and wheels of the Escort Mk II for example are way too big. On some cars, the large size of the tires (and sometimes also rims) make these cars look stupid and inaccurate. - improve tire flex. It was GREAT in DiRT 2. In DiRT Rally tires often clip through the ground, flat or not. - add more polygons to the feet of the driver and its co-driver. They look bad and pointy. - add significantly more raindrops to the windshield during rain when using cockpit view. There are almost no raindrops falling on the windshield, especially once you start driving. - increase mudflap animation at high speeds and heavy wheelspin and prevent dust and stones from penetrating it. - car and livery selection in 3D. PLEASE GET RID OF THOSE 2D PICTURES AND ALLOW NEW/MODDED LIVERIES/SKINS TO SHOW UP AT THE CAR SELECTION MENU ON THE ACTUAL 3D MODEL OF THE CAR. - co-driver does NOT always have to say/know what tire went flat. Once a tire goes flat, even after a crash, it is literally the first thing he says, sometimes even before I can continue driving. Give him a break and eventually let him ask me: "Are you okay?" like in the WRC games on PS2 back in the day. - the two rev indicator lights (or whatever they are called) on top of the Peugeot 306 Maxi dashboard are reflecting a bright white light depending on driving angle and position of the sun (occurs in Germany and if i remember correctly in other countries as well) - increase rattle sounds/stones hitting the underside of the car in Greece (using cockpit view). It is PERFECT in Wales and really adds to the immersion! - the noise you hear in cockpit view when driving on wet tarmac stages should be present throughout the whole stage, not just at certain spots or sections. - let us skip the intro screens when launching the game. It takes longer for me to get into the main menu than to load a long stage! - remove the "resume/discard event?" message when starting a new custom event when there is still an event in progress. Just load the custom events menu and allow people to press a button to resume their last event if they want to. - try to reduce the amount of buttons we have to push before we can finally drive our car after launching the game and going through all the menus. Less is more.
  3. SnelleEddie

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    BUG REPORT Rain effects are still bugged using an SLI setup (everything maxed out, advanced blending off). Rain effects 'flicker' and it seems to rain twice as hard using SLI. Disabling SLI removes 'flickering' and rain effects are shown properly. (Titan X SLI driver version 353.30, DiRT Rally v0.50/ Please let me know if more info is needed or if I need to post this bug report somewhere else.