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  1. IMPORTANT FEEDBACK (v0.8): - MANY THANKS for fixing the falling rain effect issue using SLI => RESPECT! - mouse cursor is present from game launch to countdown, even though I use a wireless Xbox 360 controller at all times. It should not be visible once a controller is enabled, only when the mouse is being used. - tire punctures are still too common. Please have a word with the tire company! - Ford Focus: too much windscreen glare/white tint in cockpit view and makes everything look washed out, especially compared to the side windows (see picture 1).
  2. After putting tons of hours playing this game already, i'd like to add this feedback to the list: - please improve the Lancia 037 sound. It is REALLY lacking that typical buzzing whine. - tires and rims of some cars should be smaller. The tires and wheels of the Escort Mk II for example are way too big. On some cars, the large size of the tires (and sometimes also rims) make these cars look stupid and inaccurate. - improve tire flex. It was GREAT in DiRT 2. In DiRT Rally tires often clip through the ground, flat or not. - add more polygons to the feet of&nb
  3. BUG REPORT Rain effects are still bugged using an SLI setup (everything maxed out, advanced blending off). Rain effects 'flicker' and it seems to rain twice as hard using SLI. Disabling SLI removes 'flickering' and rain effects are shown properly. (Titan X SLI driver version 353.30, DiRT Rally v0.50/ Please let me know if more info is needed or if I need to post this bug report somewhere else.
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