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  1. DrunkGrandpa

    The 'I purchased Autosport' Thread

    Bought GAS on steam, but didnt get  10 % discount.. Spend 16 hours in GRID 2, half of that must be AFK, or some kinda brain failure.. cars and tracks was not bad, but the handling.. its like all NFS series after porsche 2000/ HP2- content is awesome but handling- after 1 min controller bounces of the wall.. Even if cm fail again, next car game might save the day, handling is superb for now, although there will be more contact racing  :D edit: VVVV i did like 15 hours ago, must be valve's beauty sleep :)
  2. DrunkGrandpa

    Voice attack with Autosport

     Thanks Assiemodis for understanding and explaining :) . I don't know how that program works, but if you have to say a word to turn  on back view for, say, a second, its kinda slow and  inconvenient. It may be faster if it turns on from any sound and turns off then there's no sound, but still it would be faster to drive with wheel , pressing back view button (even one-handed) and keeping hydrated for longer races with the other one.. Thats why i think virtual mirror is essencial in racing games.. P.S. Can somebody confirm that DFGT wheel's  pov/ D-pad buttons will be mappable?(<-- not sure if its even a word?)
  3. DrunkGrandpa

    Autosport Black Edition

  4. DrunkGrandpa

    Autosport Black Edition

    Steam pre-order opened  with 49.99 eur price..
  5. DrunkGrandpa

    Voice attack with Autosport

    I think it would be too slow for such commands as 'look back', it would be much more fun  controlling your teammate with voice..
  6. DrunkGrandpa

    Grid Autosport Improvement thread

    Text chat, virtual mirror(s), roof cam, ability to turn off or decrease all camera wobbling