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  1. ml66ok

    First in-game footage of the new GRID

    nice to see a reboot of the 1st racedriver grid game if thats what it is 😛
  2. ml66ok

    FINALLY, GRID 2019!

    will the points system be in single player only,i dont mind that but i wouldnt want it implemented into online racing..just keep everything as racedriver grid and it will be a sure winner
  3. is this a str8 up sequel to the great grid 1 or another autosport type racer?
  4. ml66ok

    WE WANT GRID 4! - Main Thread

    what a suprise,reading the blog it mentions for all including hc simmers which i didnt want to hear ,only ever wanted a sequel to grid racedriver with little or no meessing with car handling