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  1. ml66ok

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    To sum up..please get to work on the online side of the game,its simply not fun as it is, in your own words pre release "we just want players to have fun".The missing elements from multiplayer are holding this otherwise great racer back big time.
  2. ml66ok

    Grid Autosport

    One of my favourite things at the moment is that when I do a multiple event race weekend I never have to go back to the main menu. It's just non stop racing, I like that, less moving between loading screens and more time spent doing what we all want to do...race cars. Is it how do the online custom lobbies work? Or its a single player description? Both. For multiplayer, If you set up a multi-event cup it'll stay in and moves from event to event without ever going back to the lobby. Worth noting that it does support late-joining, so if you join a lobby that's currently on event 3 out of 5 you'd load in and join the action at the start of event 4. with a car of your choice?
  3. ml66ok

    Grid Autosport

    can you post some footage from your races pls loore,much appreciated
  4. ml66ok

    GRID3 "a must have" features list.

    there will be slip stream ?
  5.  i would rather drive over a repair kit power up loke in gas guzzlers :-O ..only joking ..not really bothered in grid for pitstops..the races not long enough
  6. ml66ok

    Chat option in GRID Autosport!!

    @ml66ok hi man, it was a long time !! I remember some good races in GRID 1 with u!!  hi mate not long to wait and renewing old rivalries :D
  7. ml66ok

    Chat option in GRID Autosport!!

    ofc yes its a very important part of the grid experience,and without this feature is an empty room :)]
  8. ml66ok

    Flashbacks in online races Yes/No?

    im not gonna spit the dummy out over flasbacks,but not good for mp
  9. ml66ok

    Grid Autosport

    just a thought .will upgrades n tuning not make online racing an unbalanced line up of cars on the grid due to novices v experienced players for example..i know there will be custom lobbys set to all cars at stock ..not to worry im sure it will suit most racers with all the options
  10. ml66ok

    Alternate Assists OFF online lobby

    great ,ill look forward to that @-)
  11. ml66ok

    Alternate Assists OFF online lobby

    when can we see some in depth gameplay with someone using a wheel who can drive :-S im getting more curious by the day about this new handling model
  12. ml66ok

    Alternate Assists OFF online lobby

    You should be faster without assists than with them in Autosport. i very much doubt it loore,in grid without assists was alot slowe lap times,not that i took part in those races because for me the fun of grid was tearing round the track as fast as possible...assists off just dumbed it down ..it never ever felt like a sim
  13. next car game will be the place to go for a good old mash up..can buy at steam right now in beta for£20,if grid autosport fails again there is next car game
  14. ml66ok

    Grid Autosport

    After a while you'd still be able to race with the car but its performance won't be the same as new. We've got a feature going live on the blog in May where we go into detail of repairs. We will touch upon it briefly in two weeks time as we detail the mechanical damage system in the game. does that mean if you want to continue using the same car with peak performance you simply buy a new model and start upgrading again?thanks for reply
  15. ml66ok

    Grid Autosport

    can someone explain about car repairs ...for instance i have a car i race all the time in autosport ,will that car have to be disgarded at some point because of degredation..i prefered it in grid1 where u just gave it a car wash from time to time