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    What you want to see from GRID

    have to agree with the last 2 posts ,all along we said dont change any features from grid1 and all will be well..i feel there will be many complications with tuning/upgrades/dont see why flashbacks would be even considered in mp..so let the race begin and all will be revealed :[
  2. ml66ok

    Grid Autosport

    reading all the posts here about text chat and being a grid veteran im astounded you will miss this important feature out yet again...great for community fun as well as organising in game setting or whatever...pls include it and btw spectate from lobby too is a massive + for the whole online experience
  3. cant wait to fire this game up for the 1st time...looks absolutely thrilling :)
  4. gt1 seems to be missing from autosport...that was my favourite discipline in the first grid
  5. ml66ok

    Flashbacks in online races Yes/No?

    no flashbacks for me,ruins the any immersive racing experience for me