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  1. No, seriously. CM has been trying so well with the simulator thing as much as people want it to be as a competitive alternative to RBR. DiRT was more about off-road racing diversity rather than rally alone..
  2. Finally, a non-simulator with less serious vibes. DiRT games have always been focused on fun and arcadish physics compared to DR and its successor which took a different approach to pave a way to making a rally simulator and of course rally fans appreciated it and welcomed it with open arms including myself. However, DiRT 5 will likely be an expanded idea of what DiRT 2 was with new cars in line as well as with technological possibilities come in handy. Some compared it to Forza Horizon which lets you go off-road with ferraris and lamborghinis. For that, I assume DiRT 5 would really inter
  3. I really hope the devs would allow an option to disable that points system popping up in the middle of the screen!
  4. For this particular case, you need a real life Fiesta R2 to rehearse with all day long.
  5. ce n'est pas une roue mais un volant.. je pense que la TMX avec les pédales t3pa pro est un très bon choix pour les joueurs PC.
  6. Lovely! The perfect fusion of the first GRID and GAS... At least interiors have cockpits.
  7. there you go *hysterical laughter* haha
  8. Welcome back guys! The UI has become so geeky!
  9. @RallyDriven  yes, I noticed them too.. They just think that rallying is WRC only, sadly.
  10. can't wait for the boxer 6 to rev in my ears with its symphony!
  11. The French recording sessions begin next week, so stay tuned! I'll try and snap some pics. ;)  Tres bon.  Trop bon, faut emmener les baguettes pour en célébrer :smile:
  12. R2 class is a lot more popular than R3. Also no such thing as BRZ R3 exists because the Toyota GT86 CS-R3 is the only car classified to R3 class from the FR-S/BRZ/GT86 lineup and we all know how the relationship between Toyota and Codemasters is. It's not just Codemasters, Toyota doesn't want to see their cars in racing games anymore. They just make an exception for Gran Turismo because Polyphony Digital is Japanese. Milestone must have an agreement with them, as the Celica GT4 and GT86 appeared in both Seb Loeb Rally Evo and Gravel. And Kunos for Assetto Corsa And SMS for Project
  13. A bar of chocolate downloadable on steam..
  14. Eh, sorry, don't want to flame VR talk any further, but that's just not an option in many regions. Because it's not that simple. I don't disagree with you by having chosen my words carefully. I mentioned "available" to describe its availability. But the VR should come after the game is being sold at least not on its alpha stage.
  15. Many complaining players couldn't help it with their VR claims to embed the feature within the game... I guess if you desire to be realistic with your life, why don't you just get a low-spec rally car and participate in one of the open events available in the region? It is idiotic the way a videogame may lose its point of being a videogame through such laments. Well the game isn't out yet to satisfy your needs, why rushing towards such claim of including the VR? There are many thoughtful ways to avoid the disappointment or the dissatisfaction. There is a commercial strategy being consid
  16. what are the possible system requirements to run DiRT Rally 2.0? Is it the same as DiRT 4 or just a little bit higher than DiRT Rally requirements? Any luck with hardware optimisation? I've run DiRT 4 several times and I've got around 25 to 30 on 720p with the visual settings to the lowest, but I really hope to see this optimised at its best...  I have no plans to upgrade my laptop due to other real life plans, but it would be great to see this running smooth for low-spec users.
  17. brought to you by Monster Energy. :lol:
  18. Wow! I am left speechless by such so diverse and anticipatory content.. This must be worth it. That GOLF GTi made my coffee session right bloody now!
  19. Wait is so long I just had breakfast 2.0. Hopefully all that breakfast won't require a bathroom number 2.0  :s Nah it would pretty much require a cup of coffee 2.0 :)
  20. with Samir's codriver full package?
  21. It might be a 2.0 package including DiRT Rally 2.0 and the complete clean remaster of Colin McRae Rally 2.0 as a bonus.. 
  22. Good news!! It is the DiRTy Gossip thread that reached a million views! We need to celebrate this!
  23. This sums up clearly that no modern rally title could beat DiRT 4 even though it received many "arcadey-sort-of-thing" criticism.. If only Codies were able to get their hands on the Porsche licence and other cars licences, they would have come up with a very innovative rally game.
  24. yes both Belgium and France are both the targeted francophonic markets so the retails are already available. From the trailer, you can notice how flawed it is and how wobbly the cars handle, therefore, the gameplay would certainly disappoint. Not recommended for rally fans, a title to get over. Comme on dit en français: à éviter! Edit: @Accro2008 Yes please, go ahead and tell us your verdict! :)
  25. Well if it is GRID Autosport, they better be changing those cockpit views..
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