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  1. laurens98

    AI differences too big?

    I drive career mode in the Haas (which has literally no grip, stability or good brakes without assists). When I tried to put the AI to 105 at Bahrain, I ended up in last place in qualifying. Yes, even behind both the Williams cars. Same in China. When I turned the AI down to 100 for Baku, I got pole position very easily. How can a change of 5 levels make such a difference?
  2. laurens98

    DiRT Rally Championship

    So, after the first round I'm not happy to tell that I (Laurens1998, Laurens1998 Racing Team) have to retire due to a lack of time (school) :( . So with this my team of one will come to an end.. I wish the rest of you the best of all and good luck everybody! And thanks to you, justbiglee, for organising this championship! Maybe I am able to do a livestream (if its on xbox 360), but yeah, again school will hold me off from doing that...
  3. laurens98

    DiRT Rally Championship Round 1 - Forest Rally

    Name: Laurens1998Team name: Laurens1998 Racing TeamStage 1 Time: 2:32.992 Stage 2 Time: 2:34.735 Stage 3 Time: 2:43.981
  4. laurens98

    DiRT Rally Championship

    Team name: Laurens1998 Racing TeamTeam logo (now I have one :) ) : Member(s): for now only me, Laurens1998Platform: Xbox 360Livestreams: Sounds really fun! I live in the Netherlands so its only 9 pm here. But maybe not always available every wednesday, but when i can, i want to join! P.s. If somebody wants to join my team, you are always welcome to join! Just send a message.