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  1. Finally the drs beep sound increase!!!! 😆😶
  2. Try to repeat the finished program with driving very very slow. The time does not matter, but it will be completed. It's not really logical but it works ..... 😕
  3. Just an idea -> Try to switch the Wheel to PC mode and then back to Xbox Mode
  4. Passiert das nur in F1? Weil in den ganzen Logs taucht auch mal FarmingSimulator2019Game.exe auf. Mein erster Gedanke bei plötzlich neustartenden Computern ist die Temperatur. Vielleicht kannst du das mal mit den Programmen CPUtemp und GPUtemp kontrollieren. Einfach nur, um das ausschließen zu können 🙂
  5. Any idea for a workaround if i usually use Fanatec 300° SENS ? 🤔 I tried to disconnect / connect but it didn't help 😞
  6. Same issue here for xbox series x. ClubSport Wheel Base V2.5 + ClubSport Steering Wheel Formula V2.5X. @Verqlan Thank you for the workaround, for now I just set the Base to something around 600°. I will try the disconnect solution later. But we definetly need a fix for that .....
  7. "Here we are again the fifth time in Melbourne" 😛 Sounds quite interesting but I can imagine there is something like a requirement to use the "official" (without Corona) calender for licensing reasons in Career mode. I'm not sure, just my first thought.
  8. Just wait and see 🙂 We could speculate the whole day. At the end nobody should be disappointed, but look forward to the next awesome game 😇
  9. Thanks for the update. Take the time you need 👍
  10. Good Morning All 🙂

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