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  1. It is to do with on screen graphics. It is the same during the formation lap. If you get on screen messages like Safety Car you get slowdown and a drop in FPS. It is noticeable straight away on Xbox. As soon as the messages clear it is fine.
  2. The pad triggers are not on/off buttons. Apply power gently, it's perfectly fine once you learn how.
  3. Sadler

    AI are retiring far too often

    Your sample size is two races... I usually suffer 2-4 AI DNF per race. It's been like that for years in the game and it's no different in F1 2019. No need to change anything.
  4. Sadler


    Awful. Points are already poorly implemented. Historical comparison was ruined in 2003 when they changed the system. If you award points to all you devalue the system.