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  1. In previous versions these characters were not available as 'other' drivers in career mode. So for example I was Schumacher in F1 2020, helmet, name, likeness, the lot. I guess with the drivers being in career now it would mean duplicate drivers appearing in career mode, eg, Yourself as Schumacher, then Schumacher appearing in another team as well. Looking at the first post again it looks like the three breaking point drivers will be selectable instead as avatars to drive as yourself, rather than the classic drivers.
  2. I would imagine there's going to be an option to have legends on or off in your 'my team' save. Don't forgot those with the standard version won't have these drivers available. I would also imagine these 7 drivers avatars will be available in the selection of faces when creating your driver in much the same way Prost, Senna and Schumacher have been previously. So in effect you could be any of these 7 drivers in driver career instead...
  3. It is to do with on screen graphics. It is the same during the formation lap. If you get on screen messages like Safety Car you get slowdown and a drop in FPS. It is noticeable straight away on Xbox. As soon as the messages clear it is fine.
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