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  1. I'm going on what EA put in the patch notes, clearly states leader boards were reset because of performance updates on the cars (which makes sense).
  2. No, leader boards were reset because the teams performance was altered. https://www.ea.com/en-gb/games/f1/f1-2021/news/f1-2021-patch-110-notes
  3. Time Trial leaderboards were reset because of new updates on the pace of the various cars (performance patch), not the new handling. So there shouldn't be anymore resets. https://www.ea.com/en-gb/games/f1/f1-2021/news/f1-2021-patch-110-notes
  4. It's popping up to show tyre wear. Part of the MFD fix in the patch. Personally I wouldn't consider tyre wear damage and I must admit it is annoying.
  5. It pops up when a tyre reaches 20% wear, 40%, 60% and so on. Part of the fix showing wear on the MFD. A little annoying, I'd rather it pop up for actual damage. I wouldn't consider tyre wear damage.
  6. Same for me, getting annoying now. On PS5 btw.
  7. Thanks for this, noticed the same the other week when my damage settings altered without my knowledge.
  8. Sadler

    Driver changes

    One of the avatars is actually WIll Power believe it or not (well a direct resemblance!)
  9. Sadler

    Driver changes

    Doing driver career. I have created Will Power (Driving for HAAS) No mid season changes. End of season 1: Alonso retired (I replaced him at Alpine) Raikkonen retired (M Schumacher replaced him at Alfa Romeo) Both Haas seats filled with Mazepin and Zhou. Pretty realistic and happy.
  10. The original post were engines that were quite old (so presumably older parts that were wearing but able to drive through). My two failures (just had another at Suzuka) were on new engines.
  11. Just to update, the above has happened twice, however I've just had a DNF in Singapore, warning from engineer, then MFD with red engine icon, then failure and DNF so it is working. I guess the above post maybe a glitch?
  12. Expert setting is at the very start when you first install the game and load up for the first time, it defaults to standard so you may not have it on. Expert setting gives you additional settings to alter hence the reason you may not see it.
  13. There's a setting at the very start which asks if your F2 performance affects the team choice in F1, it defaults to OFF so make sure you switch it on.
  14. Make sure you are using 'expert' settings.
  15. F1 97 included Jerez and Estoril as at the time of release in September as it wasn't clear which track would be used for the season final (Estoril needed some safety work). So back in 1997 they included additional circuits to cover all bases.
  16. A detailed description of the issue. In driver career mode car failures do not work for the human player. (I have them fully switched on in the menu). You get the radio message to say there's an issue. Then message saying it's your engine. After that nothing happens, the car carries on fine, however the radio button no longer works and you can't speak to Jeff (I presume at this point the car should have retired). I've played my team with the same settings and human failures do work fine in that mode so it must be an issue in driver career mode. Platform? PS5
  17. A safety car could come out and let you use lean mix... You need to complete the race strategy programme, it helps with fuel calculation. Also start the race with a little in hand rather than under fuelling like previous games...
  18. The game only recommends those tyres, you can use any set in any session. You will lose the two most worn sets in each session. Nothing stopping you using two sets of softs in FP1. If it is wet simply do one lap on a couple of softs (slowly), the game will take those instead.
  19. Front wing, rear wing, diffuser, engine, drs, gearbox and tyre damage icons are working. However sidepods and plank are not...
  20. I had the same. One of my engine components reached 50% around the time Jeff mentioned I had an issue. I previously played in F2 and had two engine failures (DNF). So far no DNFs in my F1 career (Driver). I wonder if DNF's are only working in my team mode and in driver career this bug is happening instead. I'll update if I have a DNF in driver career.
  21. Simulation for damage and standard for rate.
  22. The game suggests using medium and hard for FP1, however you are free to use 2 sets of softs if you prefer. In reality the game simply removes the two most worn sets at the end of each FP session.
  23. I've just done practice on PS5 (Spanish GP). Twice during practice when I returned to the pits it said underbody damage and gave me the 3 minute timer for repairs. I presume it is either plank wear or damage from kerbs. However the MFD screen was all green...
  24. Full Championship is in the game. Select Grand Prix mode, select either F1 or F2 and if you tab across on the next screen the full Championship option is there for both F1 and F2.
  25. It's the final audio setting (I think it's called sound effects through controller). It's ON by default. Things like start lights, DRS beep etc come through your wireless controller. Turn it OFF and the DRS beep appears through your tv audio (just like previous F1 games). I presume it's a bug and needs fixing through the controller audio. I've got this setting set to OFF for the time being whilst it's being sorted. Beep works fine when coming through your tv.
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