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  1. Welcome to all the new faces who have joined us over the past few weeks, young and old. Everyone is looking forward to the new game and starting and new season!!
  2. We have been racing on Codemasters F1 games from the start, hell, we even had leagues back on F1 Championship Edition back in the early PS3 era. Great times!! People have come, people have gone, a great many have stayed and made our community what it is. Community racing, for fun and for shared glory and respect. PSGL member Faunus recently share the following post, and i felt it worthy of sharing as it encapsulates what many members feel having joined our community. Feel free to check us out and maybe become a part of our community at www.playstationgl.com ************************************ PSGL What a place to be in. About two years ago, I was finally getting league racing, searching for some real competition to see how I stack against the worlds greats. I searched and searched for a place that could suit a rookie like me and eventually found my way to this place, PSGL. The season was already underway but I felt this was the place I had to be in. And yet, they still welcomed me with open arms, LittleRemco was first. And than later came Jacko and he put me in FP2 and F3 where I learned that I still, had A LOT to learn. People like Stumpie and WWFC all gave me tips on how to improve my driving to the man I am today, and I am still thankfull for that. A season later I was fighting for a title in F3, and won it. I couldn't believe it. The evolution I made was stunning, and another title was won the season afterwards. Along the way I made many new friends which I hold dear, and I had got so much respect for them, both personally and on the racetrack. Each race went on, and I couldn't way for the next. Then came the message, I was asked to move away from F3 by Tejuarr, one who seemed to know what was better than me than myself. I owe it to him for moving more forward, to F2. As I was finally settled, it felt like leaving home. I didn't want to leave them behind, but it didn't matter, I would still see and race them. And that's when I realised, it not one league you're in, it's the site. We are one community, one big group of racers who challenge themselfs against the best. Race hard, fight hard but with respect! And I love that about this site. Now in F2, I am happy where I am, I'm still improving! And most of all, I'm having fun. This place, this hobby, I love it, it feels like, a second home to me I dedicate this video to the site. And for the fantastic races to come in F1 2016 and boy am I looking forward to it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ACyBi5OUIQE