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  1. i like all of them tbh, just wanted to see if people had to choose one what they would go for but for me its open wheel, close as i  absolutely love touring as well, mainly due to the close intense racing! 
  2. Do you have a rough time as to when this patch will be out as i want to continue again??!!
  3. That's great news Loore!!! Can't wait for This patch to come out so i can get back racing with my cars and make my way to the masters!!! Do we have a specific day at all???
  4. normally xbox gets them early with extras if anything, so i was really surprised when there wasn't one. I will still get the dlc but i have preferred season passes mainly because they are cheaper!
  5. that is a very fair point you make there, but i think that it might be easier to make those than the classics they did as they dont have to track down old sponsors, but completely agree with the point you make on the main game, and would also like to see online improved a bit as i struggled to get into the online.
  6. im sure they could get the license and then start making the additional content obviously it is the timescale that is the most important thing but it would be a welcome addition to the game!
  7. i understand where you are coming from and did have a similar sort of opinion, but i think that now they have a very good springboard to launch into the new consoles. i remember a similar sort of topic coming up when the new Gran Turismo game came out and they said that they released it on ps3 as a sendoff to the console so maybe codies were doing the same thing. (just a thought) although i am looking forward to see what codies games will be like on new gen consoles. will be nice to have a racing game on my ps4 because atm there is only nfs rivals, so i am really hoping that the new f1 is new
  8. would anybody like to see GP2 and GP3 as an addition to the game? i think it would be great as it would make people more familiar with a great series and also like they do on the motogp game it would allow new gamers to feed into the game and get used to the cars. although i have played f1 by codies since 2010 i would really like to see them try and add it into the game. i would also like to see some more classics this year as i thought that was one of the best features they could have added and it was great fun to drive classic f1 cars.
  9. so the waiting game begins again then! just have to play on my PS4 then while i wait for the patch which i hope is soon!!!
  10. looking forward to them releasing the "news" that we have all been waiting for! i just hope that they are making this on ps4/xbox one but even if not im still buying it!!! as long as they keep us informed and keep posting regular updates then i cant wait! 
  11. so by that i should just leave the save corrupted for now and not delete it?
  12. ok thanks for your help its just that i really like this game and was really progressing well and i don't want to wait that long as i think i might get withdrawal symptoms!!! if i started again do you know if my online progress would still be there (like my cars and level)???
  13. how long will this be!!!  i apologize if i sound angry but this should not happen, i pay for a game that i love and then it just randomly decides that it wants to corrupt! i have been on this game nearly every day since it has come out and have enjoyed every second and this is a massive letdown as this is the third codies game that this has affected me now! please tell me this patch is soon otherwise i am going to have a meltdown!!!
  14. i am on 360 and went to play the game today and went to load it and the save went corrupt!!! is there anything i can do to rescue it and will i have to start my online stuff all over again. this happened to me on the last grid and i was severely annoyed!!! the last time i used the game i made sure that it saved as i had just purchased a Mercedes category b touring car and applied my race livery to it, and then turned my console off. this was last night and i went to race on it this morning and this came up!!! please help as i really don't want to lose my save!
  15. Do we have to pay for the cars using in game credits or do we get them when we have available garage slots? 
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