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  1. Relax, I´m just throwing it out. I think its basic to understand the management on perks as you run along carrer mode. Its interesting to make sure you have all cars fully upgraded facing online RX races and Leagues where the garage cars are active. :smiley:
  2. 4 pages and not a single word about PERKS???? come on... this is basic to get a car upgraded quickly.
  3. :-) Totally agree @gfrally , hopefully they will pick up the Ultimate team idea, in my eyes i think there still is some work to do at the championship mode to keep the game challenging ( beside the challenging and sim stages / behaviour) Really hope that they will pick this up again :( Send them around 300k € and a box of cookies. Powerful arguments are powerful
  4. xD I bet he destroyed steering and front left suspension but did not get a puncture!
  5. its kinda cooling system for disc brake
  6. So sorry for the ones still havent tried new content.... is awsome! I love both new cars. Tarmac, with the new FFB is a way far better also.
  7. Same here, got the liveries. But VIP or not, nothings gona change for me. I dont care much
  8. gas, gas, gas like crazy on this stages. If you release throlte in middle turn, your dead. This is not for cowards, if you dont gas you will be eating understeer forever. Only two modes allowed: - Rally / speed / heart attack style - Driving Miss Daisy 
  9. meh... looks unrealistic.                          
  10. Morning! I would love to extract some balance and info from you gossipers of this our c"ommunirty" So, today´s december 2nd. I cant think about whats next with Dirt Rally.  Having a look into the timeline, now we just have Winter Wonderland remaining but we all know this may be not the Dirt Rally development but Early Access. Whats next? What can we espect? technically, whats remaining to be done? whats happening after Winder wonderland?
  11. I have custom mapped "pause" button and my setting are fine each and everytime I load DR. Make sure you start Dirt Rally with wheel buttons!!! If mouse or KB is pressed on start screen, custom button mapping is lost. Its the only case just like it was on Dirt 3
  12. "-mouseMode1" parameter disables the mouse on v0.9??? I´m tired of slapping the mouse while I drive xD Vibrations from the wheel makes mouse pointer reapear... but seriously, how needs a mouse on DR? at least the way it is right now. :confused: 
  13. Undercover stormy weather demand 
  14. Dont want to start a new thread for something so trivial... but: No Ravenwest Motorsports on DR? rivals...liveries... Love the aesthetics of this fictional team. Hardest and trickiest AI I ever faced.
  15. k, but what can be done with it? liveries? cars? tracks?? No, no and no.  It was confirmed months ago that none of those would be possible. So, if none of them... whats left? :hushed: 
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