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  1. Pioy

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Won't even start downloading for me 😞
  2. @Riggs would you mind noticing my bugs from page 10 of this thread into your list? Question for codies, is there any particular reason, access to standings is so incredibly limited? Why can't we check this mid event, even from service area? Something that was perfect in DR1 is ruined in DR2 becouse I don't know what. I compete in monthly with my friend and we're not able to check our times stage by stage. Really poor thing.
  3. Absolutely dissapointment for me. Finland is a must have. I'm pretty sure they will include it in season 3... which means I'd have to pay extra despite already paying extra by buying deluxe edition. Yes yest, I like Wales at all, but Finland just should be there. I'm convinved they absolutely know it and made it intentional, so anybody would buy season 3...
  4. Considering you told us there's a major upgrade from DR1 so stage is not that hard and undeformable, I consider it as a bug Also, 1.4 update when you changed something in leaderboard to repair "go to top" issue bring new bug for me: Happens absolutely every time since update.
  5. The worst thing for me is, that rain in DR1 was so much better, so it's step backward from predecessor... Go to top in leaderboard still doesn't work unless you enter it from carrer main menu. I'm wondering, are they absolute masters or cheaters? https://drive.google.com/open?id=1EarHLy2yjejbWf9cKq4imoqlmATaQMw8 https://drive.google.com/open?id=1HNl3lyuCLANFHKSyXVsPdLAabEq-N972
  6. Is there going to be any patch/update this week, or nothing until Subaru and Focus?
  7. Poor translation in Polish still present. Wanted to write it down here, but... For God sake, Codies, do your fc...n' job or just hire someone who speaks Polish, IDK. I'm also wondering, how height difference on certain stages works. For example, there is stage in Argentina 2.84 km long with over 600 meters difference, which gives over 20% camber average. It's insane! And also I dont' feel it ingame if it's sooo sooo much. So maybe it's total difference between lowest and highest point on the map? But there's a stage in USA which is ZERO, but it's definitely not that flat. I've also noticed, that this parameter differs between the same Monte Carlo stages in DR1 and DR2. I'd be also nice to bring us back +/- sign, to know if stage is generally uphill or downhill. I see no reason it was removed, IMO it was good, did someone complained about it?
  8. Same in Polish. Used cars are translated into "w użyciu" which stands for "is beeing used" (at this moment by sb or sth) instead of "używany". Similar issue with tires which are used but not worn yet. I don't even know what "w trakcie używania" stands for in english, I'd to switch game to english to check, but this term means completely nothing, actually, in this context.
  9. Pioy

    Still to many night stages DR 2.0

    I don't like night at all. I think it's even worse put together with blury and poor visibility graphics/lightning in game. The second thing. Look at current world rally championship. How many of it is done during night? Also, night stages favors memorizing the stages. Really, really bad for me too.
  10. This place in Argentina: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QWn2nlaIkn3haxlw5sdbvjhJLevnoft3/view?usp=sharing Honestly, I could go back on the road on my own, so IMO it's overdone to have terminal damage there. Yes, yes, I know I'm noob if I felt off, but yet still.
  11. Yeah, happened once with un-damaged car. Also didn't happened with escort after some light crashes. I intentionally have written "in 1st 5 seconds'. It's enough to notice that bug is present, and not enough to screw your run and use it then. Or idk, just if they do something like auto-restart just to fix this. I actually never checked if restart fixes the bug, becouse it only happened to me in online events, but as people say it does work, then better do some solution based on this, than keeping people not able to run events 😉
  12. Grip bug just happened to me again: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Bq1nWqrwHW6WJ8BZxLbZZHmp6wXoF7Uz Until now, it never happened while doing carrer in Escort, but ruined me 3 weeklys already. All the weeklys were with AWD cars, idk if it's connected. Honestly do something codies, becouse I rather regreat buying this thing now. And if you're not able to fix this, make some workaround, idk, allow restarting online event stages within first 5 seconds or something. I think it should be also possible to fix you car between events even if some part has "not damaged" status yet, but is already worn. It will prevent heavy repairs mid event, when it wears more and more and finally becomes worn mid event.
  13. I guess 1st one is intentional to save server utilization. The 2nd one must be fixed, verry annoying for me. Was there a patch to fix "no grip" bug? I've spent yesterday evening playing solo carrer and I didn't had it just once. I also see game now reports as V1.2.1, but I don't know how it was before.
  14. I feel pretty dissapointed that this is known issue and not fixed yet... I just had to retire from Monte Weekly becouse of it. As for now I had it every time I started 2nd OS in online event... Really dissapointed :(