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  1. It's not because of my team or sth. Game is just made this way. I've mentioned it long time ago actually, it makes me upset too. For example I couldn't fix my diff before event so had to do it mid-event... in the last weekly in germany. And it took ages to fix it.
  2. Pioy

    Is the WRC license really a loss?

    Honestly, if 20 WRC is true... then wow... ❤️
  3. Pioy

    Is the WRC license really a loss?

    For me it is a loss, because having current modern WRC cars, possibility to compare them with all the rest - would be just good for game. However this loss is not that big, since I like RWD cars at most, and 2000s ale also great for me. Honestly I've never realized that getting WRC cars license could result in limitations like mentioned above, and if so - it's absolutely not worth. I also think 2010's WRC's (1.6 litre 300 HP) are going to be in DR2.0 sooner or later, as they were in DR1. @Riggs you mention 206 WRC, but AFAIK "206 rally" mentioned in season 3 official graphics would be 206 kit car? Any confirmed info which one is it going to be? And last but not least - I think car base in DR2.0 is already pretty solid, but it's not when it comes to rallies. More new rallies is much more important for me than more new cars.
  4. Honestly, rather no. In fact I like DR2 physics (weight balance was in fact thing that kept me with 2.0 over DR1). After patch I also like FFB. And after buying Greece and Finland I'd definitely like content. The only thing I really miss is pikes peak, but I'm afraid it's totally not going to DR2.0 😞
  5. @TheRealPhil That's why I'm just going to buy what is interesting for me and when it will be discounted. However I'm extremely curious what about future seasons, becouse they have to contain non-recycled content (despite I will probably love Finland and like Greece).
  6. And it means absolutely nothing to devs right now, be screwed for money again or go the f... out... I'm also old deluxe owner (after release but yet still) and I have the same and it is how they want it to be.
  7. @TheRealPhil @nashathedog I see both of you are kinda dissapointed Greece and Finland were not included in 1st deluxe pack... however when I had written somewhere on the forum that most players assumed they will be included there, I was criticised and told I require too much... The point is, I understand that game such like DR2.0 has to be kinda expensive (expensive to produce due to licenses and actual cost of modelling real stages but rather small audience), however I still find it's pricing policy not user-friendly.
  8. I'd be happy if I could buy just season 3 for half price of season 3&4 pack. Unfortunately I couldn't, so I'll probably buy just the content I'm interested in.
  9. Pioy

    DiRTy Gossip about WRC8

    Physics from ingame footage looks hopeless... but it's hard to judge just from how it looks.
  10. Pioy

    DiRT Rally 2.0: Share your Screenshots!

    "The Porsche and the dust" (steam)
  11. Something's wrong with dust smoke in replays - if you go forward and backwards looking for best shot sometimes it's not present and sometimes it's more of it than should be. Could be useful for screenshots so actually not a big deal, but decided to post it anyway. I'm wondering why you decided to lights blinking when car is just a bit damaged. I'm not talking about crashing, but they turn off and on when for example engine is a bit worn. Not realistic for me and I don't get the idea.
  12. Today, after a long time, game crashed for me again. Of course it has to be during monthly, how else... +30 mins added to my time, went down from ~15% do 50. Honestly I have no mood to finish the whole monthly despite just a few stages left. This sucks soooo much for me.
  13. Pioy

    Feeling a bit disenchanted...

    @CM_Ads @Riggs Maybe I have dofferent look becouse I live in significantly poorer country compared to USA, UK, DE, but I disagree a bit. IMO launch price of Deluxe version was hell a lot of money, and standard version was done in way major goal was to convince players to buy deluxe upgrade even after. Launch content was IMO poor, thing I couldnt' forgive at most was 2-litre WRC removed from the game. I also think most players have assumed they will be given all DR1 rallies in deluxe upgrade packs. Now, to have two of them, we have to pay again. And I think discounts of DR2 are the proof I am a bit right. It's not that common for game to be 50% discounted so early. Sales were poor, discount was done for more people to buy the game, maybe even Greece and Finland was removed from season 2 after launch to get players desperate for this rallies to pay extra again. I don't know if it's true, it's just my thinking. But I see some signs. I'm happy with current state of game, but it's for me a bit like stretching the line.
  14. Pioy

    Feeling a bit disenchanted...

    Yes, DR2.0 had a pretty hard start, with tonne of bugs, glitches etc., etc., etc. Yes, DR2.0 is in good state now IMO, I'm satisfied with improved FFB, major bugs are gone for me. Yes, DR2.0 is going to make players throw as much money as possible. First, becouse I believe both parts were expensive in production. Second becouse DR1 was rather cheap after all (first in early access, then in discounts). Third, becouse it is yet still meant for hardcore rally fans and it's going to brutally use their ability to spend that money. I think proper time to buy DR2.0 was when it first time was 50% discounted (I'm interested in steam). It was in really good state then, and also in much more adequate price IMO. Maybe buying DLC after some time is also a good idea? Finland is the last one, so why not to wait anyway? 😄
  15. Pioy

    Season 3 information?

    Big hate from me if there's no Finland in season 3...