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  1. Pioy

    DiRTy Gossip

    Which rift do you have?
  2. So I understand they will be taken considered? If so then it's nice to know 😉
  3. So are my all screens 1920x1200 pointless? This is my native resolution so nothing confusing that I make such screens too 😞
  4. Love to see, considering I've uploaded photos of 206 WRC that are IMO superb 😄 Also I have some not really nice Finland screens not posted here, tomorrow I'd have to review them 😉
  5. Pioy

    WRC 8 vs DiRT Rally 2.0

    I've played both, will never agree. Hopeless FFB, my major issue. Physics at least much more feeling realistic (in DR2.0). Liked modern WRC cars, but honestly - I'm mostly interested in historic ones so... I'm generally ok that there's few rally games that are considerable as good, but for me WRC8 could not exist.
  6. My first impressions: Huge difference between surface in DR1 and DR2. IMO Finland suffered from going to this soft, flexible roads, at least if somebody had comparison to DR1 printed so hard in mind as me. From the other hand, I admit this one is more realistic, when it comes to forest roads. I also have feeling that it's more wide now. Colors are washed for me, and I'm upset there is no rain. Thank god there is wet surface condition, but we want real rain too! Cmon' Codies, look on map what part of the world is it! 🙂 So my first impression is... mixed. I need to get used, and you have some work to do too 🙂
  7. Pioy

    DiRTy Gossip

    Did you adjusted tyre wear in latest patch? I have feeling like you did a bit, but I haven't seen any notes about that.
  8. I was looking forward for discounted content from following seasons too and I feel dissapointed. I'd buy few cars for half the price.
  9. Pioy

    DiRTy Gossip

    307 CC WRC had even only 4. But 206 in description has 6 😄 Small bug. Is it reasonable to expect Xsara WRC in DR2.0? After 206 arrived, this will be my most desirable car...
  10. Pioy

    The Car Class Allocation Thread

    IMO this is exactly the point: I'm just glad to think cars characteristics and competitiveness is somewhat adequate to historical true, it's way more important for me that getting upset becouse this car is few years too old and this 3 years too young to participate in such class.
  11. Pioy

    The Car Class Allocation Thread

    Stratos - definitely no. Datsun - rather no, but only becouse I don't like it and it could force me to drive it if I wanted to be competitive in online events. Lancer IMO also no. Honestly it's even not the fastest in group A, so it will probably kill it.
  12. Pioy

    DiRTy Gossip

    No weekly event for 2000 class?! Codies, whataf...k?
  13. Pioy

    DiRTy Gossip

    IMO there should be rally class of under/about 300 HP RWD cars, like GT86, BRZ, MX5, Fiat 124, maybe some BMWs, maybe Supra... would be fun to watch and should be popular for promotion of this type of road cars.
  14. Pioykowsky / steam Thank you for this iconic lion!
  15. Ok, so I've checked integrity, re-downloaded one file and seems like it fixed my problem. Sorry for disruption 🙂 Delete this topic or leave for someone else.