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  1. Mostly becouse high framerate/refresh if we talk about Dirt. Oh, and VR later on. Not to mention plenty of games which are able to be modded on PC, and/or are PC exclusives, and still to have high framerate/refresh. Everyone is talking about PC "issuses", except people who actually plays on PC almost don't have them.
  2. Abandon console and go to PC as soon as possible, that'd be my advice. Also I remember after I've bought wheel I needed some time with easier stuff than intense rally sim. In my case it was LfS. I believe on tarmack circuit combined with slower car things just go slower and more predictable so it's good way of getting used to the wheel. And all the best 😉
  3. Thoughts like this were actually the reason I've started this topic, so I'm glad I'm not the only one to have them 😉
  4. It actually depends on power/torque, not on aspiration. Compare even BMW M3 and Sierra Cosworth in game.
  5. Couldn't say it better. @gk9147 Yeeeey so we would be given a chance to pay third time for the same content!!!
  6. Then stop even argueing. Consoles are why this fog was added, no surprise you defend it. For me it's annoying, especially having in mind Finland from DR1. Great far look and great rain - both taken away from game becouse of consoles. It's not like I don't enjoy Finland at all, but it obviously looks worse than it would without this artrificial fog.
  7. Put S2000 N/A engine into R5 car, becouse it's the part that I'm most interested in 😛
  8. Oh yeah, and which console are you actually playing with awesome 30 FPS and a gamepad?
  9. It would be interesting to have just 1 or 2 S2000 cars in game, becouse of comparing them with R5. Major difference lays in engine (N/A vs turbo with similar total power) and how it would affect driving them. They are not on top of my wishlist (Xsara WRC <3), however I'd be happy to see just pair of them. What do you think?
  10. Lol, I was actually right, the fog effect is becouse sh***y consoles has to handle the game, and won't be allowed to turn off on PCs becouse "everybody has to have the same" bulls**t talking. Yet still, I'm happy rain is about to come to finland (however I predict it will be connected fog or some other effect that lowers view/draw distance even more, as rain is heavy itself). Codies, where you have lost your balls?
  11. I find it's undrivable on stock setup, however I was surprised, how much it changed with only small alignments to it's rear wheels. No offence man, was kinga laughing 🙂 (however it's true)
  12. @PRiva1978 German maneuvres in Poland will always in history sound incredibly bad and inappropriate 😛 Also funny thing, becouse Alpine was one of my strict favourites in DR1, but definitely isnt in DR2.0.
  13. Pioykowsky / steam To finnish first you first have to finnish 😉
  14. @dejkoo It's strange for me you've spent a tonne of money in you rig and you play on console instead of pc. No offense, just saying 😉 Anyway, Pioykowsky / Steam
  15. Pardon, is map like this for Greece and Finland available? 🙂