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  1. b) I know, I just realised it's a bit weird for me.
  2. Daily standings error came today: after finishing leaderboard is shown from the top and it's impossible to find myself (by option in menu, if I scroll down I see myself present on the list). BTW Funny thing: you can go shakedown before event. If you crash, you repair car on your own money. Now it even remainst dirty. However, km's done on shakedown doesnt count to car mileage. And for upgrade mileage. Logick AF.
  3. Pioy

    Thank you for listening to us, Codies :)

    Yeah, thank you for game that crashes mid-event and makes you dnf on stage. Thank you for old bugs returning somehow. Thank you soooo much.
  4. Game just crashed during cuurent gr. A monthly, monte carlo stage 2. Had DNF on stage, relaunched game instantly (had to reconnect wheel as it went maximum to right) and.. had something similar to old no grip bug. Honestly f..k it, this are moments I regreat every penny and minute spent on this.
  5. Standings table in online events still nor fixed for me: I see people below me, but not directly above. When I go up it changes view and loads times, but not people directly above me. I believe it's known issue so no screen or sth needed (I already posted it). I've never had soundcut bug, but after 1.5 music stops playing sometime in service area and then after I start stage or practice run, sound is ok.
  6. I am getting flat literally every time I drive with peugeot 205t15. I have feeling that it's just enough to touch anything to blow tire. Only with this car. Is it just me, is it intentional or is it bug?
  7. No rewards for me either. However I'm not 100% sure if I wasn't given the cash. But no reward screen etc for me. Thought it's becouse I had PC failure during daily on friday which could cause this bug, but I see I'm not the only one to report this.
  8. Pioy

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Won't even start downloading for me 😞
  9. @Riggs would you mind noticing my bugs from page 10 of this thread into your list? Question for codies, is there any particular reason, access to standings is so incredibly limited? Why can't we check this mid event, even from service area? Something that was perfect in DR1 is ruined in DR2 becouse I don't know what. I compete in monthly with my friend and we're not able to check our times stage by stage. Really poor thing.
  10. Absolutely dissapointment for me. Finland is a must have. I'm pretty sure they will include it in season 3... which means I'd have to pay extra despite already paying extra by buying deluxe edition. Yes yest, I like Wales at all, but Finland just should be there. I'm convinved they absolutely know it and made it intentional, so anybody would buy season 3...
  11. Considering you told us there's a major upgrade from DR1 so stage is not that hard and undeformable, I consider it as a bug Also, 1.4 update when you changed something in leaderboard to repair "go to top" issue bring new bug for me: Happens absolutely every time since update.
  12. The worst thing for me is, that rain in DR1 was so much better, so it's step backward from predecessor... Go to top in leaderboard still doesn't work unless you enter it from carrer main menu. I'm wondering, are they absolute masters or cheaters? https://drive.google.com/open?id=1EarHLy2yjejbWf9cKq4imoqlmATaQMw8 https://drive.google.com/open?id=1HNl3lyuCLANFHKSyXVsPdLAabEq-N972
  13. Is there going to be any patch/update this week, or nothing until Subaru and Focus?
  14. Poor translation in Polish still present. Wanted to write it down here, but... For God sake, Codies, do your fc...n' job or just hire someone who speaks Polish, IDK. I'm also wondering, how height difference on certain stages works. For example, there is stage in Argentina 2.84 km long with over 600 meters difference, which gives over 20% camber average. It's insane! And also I dont' feel it ingame if it's sooo sooo much. So maybe it's total difference between lowest and highest point on the map? But there's a stage in USA which is ZERO, but it's definitely not that flat. I've also noticed, that this parameter differs between the same Monte Carlo stages in DR1 and DR2. I'd be also nice to bring us back +/- sign, to know if stage is generally uphill or downhill. I see no reason it was removed, IMO it was good, did someone complained about it?
  15. Same in Polish. Used cars are translated into "w użyciu" which stands for "is beeing used" (at this moment by sb or sth) instead of "używany". Similar issue with tires which are used but not worn yet. I don't even know what "w trakcie używania" stands for in english, I'd to switch game to english to check, but this term means completely nothing, actually, in this context.