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  1. Please, give us 2o6 screen! 🙂
  2. That's one small mistake on a stage... ...but... ...one giant tragedy on a leaderboard 😞 (just ending weekly, PC/Steam, Pioykowsky, DFGT)
  3. It was probably mentioned before, but is Peugeot 206 Rally stated for next week going to be 206 WRC or some FWD version?
  4. And no turbo repair for BMW M2 is mentioned. Pitty for me as f...
  5. Physics from ingame footage looks hopeless... but it's hard to judge just from how it looks.
  6. From todays daily :) After doing them I've noticed the overlay is present, sorry 😞 Yet still maybe someone enjoys them 😉 "Knock knock I'm here" 🙂 "Becouse 4 wheels sucks 😄" "Waiting for Finland..." "...hopefully not for so long"
  7. Won't even start downloading for me 😞
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