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  1. DocStrangelove

    RAIN in UK

    It's unrealistic that there are any dry conditions in Wales
  2. Reckless driving got me there in the first place, so I don't think it should be penalised
  3. DocStrangelove

    Greece Rally – Available Now in DiRT Rally 2.0

    I set about 10 world records in the morning, admittedly being the only one on any leaderboard helped a little. But only a little.
  4. DocStrangelove

    BMW for entering events

    It wasn't clear to me either. It just says "After you set a valid time".
  5. DocStrangelove

    Greece Rally – Available Now in DiRT Rally 2.0

    It's got rain now
  6. DocStrangelove

    Is the WRC license really a loss?

    If I had the choice between watching Group B or present-day WRC... not a difficult choice really
  7. DocStrangelove

    How's the Tire running distance?

    Yeah I think that was just what I was trying to say. At the point when softs lose so much grip that they're like mediums, mediums are beginning to fade as well, becoming even worse than the softs at that point. Only after 4 stages or so they're beginning to have similar grip, which pretty much renders mediums completely useless--you've gained many seconds by using softs in the first few stages, getting a few back in stage 4-5 with mediums isn't going to change that. I know what you mean, I guess even 4-5 stages are better with soft than medium. It's only in stage 5-6 that softs become so bad that medium might have been a better choice. So, true, softs are best even after more than 3 stages. As for getting used to them, well I actually like time trialling in the wet, so I have no trouble adapting to medium/dry. But even though I like driving in adverse conditions, I'm always faster with soft/dry. As for Germany, I don't like that anyway so I avoid it 😋
  8. DocStrangelove

    Only 2 track conditions?

    No, time trial only gives you 2 options at most, and none of them is at night.
  9. DocStrangelove

    How's the Tire running distance?

    It's a bit odd, because from my experience it seems to be mostly gradual (after 10km softs are still very good but imo slightly worse than new), but there also seems to be a certain point of a relatively sudden loss of grip--from my testing, about 20km with soft, 30km with medium and 40km with hard. There doesn't seem to be a lower limit where they stop getting worse, at least from my testing. I did a custom event without changing tyres, and after 8 stages with soft it was literally like driving on soap and they still kept getting worse. Hard kept up fairly well even after such a distance. What I'm feeling best with is: up to 3 stages to next service -> soft, up to 6 stages -> medium, over 6 -> hard. Which basically means, always use soft, as more than 3 stages between services only happens if you deliberately do that in custom events. Even when soft tyres become worse on the 3rd stage, they still have as much grip as mediums have new, so even mediums are a complete waste of time imo. As for rain tyres, I also had this situation in Spain where there are two stages until the next service, with the first being dry and the next wet, so I chose rain tyres. But even though the first one was a sprint stage, the tyres were completely destroyed after that, making the following wet stage like driving on ice anyway. So grip was sub-par on the first stage and terrible on the second--with soft tyres, grip would have been great on the first stage and terrible on the second, so overall it'd have been the better choice. My conclusion: if in Germany or Spain the next stage is wet, use rain tyres, in any other case use soft. (this doesn't apply to Monte of course where you should always use winter tyres except for the very unlikely case that there are only ice-free sprint stages between services--the only case where soft is an option in that location). Never use medium or hard.
  10. DocStrangelove

    Is the WRC license really a loss?

    I'm actually glad it doesn't have the licence. It would force them to shift attention to current WRC cars at the cost of all the other classes. And since R5 is my least favourite non-FWD class in DR2, that'd be even worse for me personally. They'd probably also be more limited in choice of locations.
  11. DocStrangelove

    Montee Driving tips?

    Monte's ice needs more delicate throttle control than any other place. What I do sometimes for practice is go there with soft tyres. With no pressure, no beating times, just trying to get smoothly around the corners without clipping/crashing into anything (but still doing it sideways!). This may sound over the top, but once you've learned to control the car in the most adverse conditions you'll have a much easier time doing it with winter tyres. Generally I improve most by choosing the worst conditions, like on other stages practising in the wet with RWD and hard tyres. Once I go back to regular conditions, I'm often astonished by how my driving has improved. Much more so than by trying again and again in good conditions.
  12. DocStrangelove

    Is this suposed to happen?

    It's Subaru's latest cost-cutting efforts
  13. DocStrangelove

    Favourite/Least favourite rallies?

    Nice setting but lol that soundtrack 🤢 almost forgot about it because obviously I turned it off. "My rides"... 😉
  14. DocStrangelove

    Favourite/Least favourite rallies?

    It constantly changes, here's my current ranking: Wales - By far the best. And second most beautiful setting after Sweden. Monte Carlo - Moved up quite a bit, I just love the ice and the tarmac sections are also much more fun than Germany and Spain. Sweden - I used to hate it, but after figuring out better controller settings I'm loving it now (I further increased linearity to 9--really helps). Also the most beautiful setting. Argentina - Went down a bit because with time the camera issue gets ever more annoying and I just want to drive Wales instead. Australia - don't know much to say about it really. It's fun and can be pretty terrifying. Kinda similar to Wales, but not as good. USA - In principle I like it, but lighting conditions are annoying. There are 10 different conditions available, and one of them has good visibility. Did the current Group A weekly yesterday and all stages had bad visibility. Eurgh. New Zealand - It's fine, but... I don't know, I don't find it very exciting. Poland - also went down further because this ultra high speed terror is a bit much for me. Also I seem to struggle most with the pace notes here. Spain - I don't like tarmac, but once in a while it's ok. Germany - I don't like tarmac, and I don't like how you have to memorise the stages if you want even the faintest idea of when to brake. Greece will be competing for #1, imo that was one of the two best locations in DR1, with Wales just barely taking the edge. Really looking forward to that.