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  1. DocStrangelove

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Agree about Monte Carlo. It's awesome. Most fun with Rally GT, obviously.
  2. DocStrangelove

    Rank your favourite locations in DiRT Rally and 2.0!

    Agreed! Loving it. I placed it on #8, now I think it goes up to #4.
  3. DocStrangelove

    Rank your favourite locations in DiRT Rally and 2.0!

    Oh I loved stratossing along that abyss with half of the road missing. My wet dream is to go there in the 911...
  4. DocStrangelove

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    May bad then, the last one I played was GT6. I still enjoy rehashing tired cliches though 😃
  5. DocStrangelove

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Why not do it like Polyphony Digital and just record a hairdryer?
  6. DocStrangelove

    Rank your favourite locations in DiRT Rally and 2.0!

    Wales Greece Argentina Australia USA New Zealand Finland Monte Carlo Poland Spain Sweden Germany
  7. DocStrangelove

    Stiff competition on the horizon...

    My hopes aren't too high, the stages still look pretty flat and generic to me, I don't believe for a second it'll be a match for Dirt Rally, but it seems interesting enough to keep an eye on it. Hope there'll be a demo this time. And if features like 15 locations*, dynamic weather and (possibly) good FFB push CM a bit harder, that's a good thing I guess. Still confused by the fact that this is the developer that used to make unspeakable games like Motorcycle Club. *I'm not saying CM should go for that sort of quantity, I'm all for quality over quantity. But in DR1 I was fine with ~120km of rally tracks because they were real-world tracks. If they make fantasy stages, I think they could at least make a few more to reduce repetition.
  8. DocStrangelove

    your favourite engine sound in game?

    It's really difficult to choose, CM are so great at this. There are many contenders for top spot, but in the end I'll pick the Metro. Honourable mention to the Ascona, its idle sound is just sexual. And this. Epic.
  9. DocStrangelove

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Team management was deeper in Dirt 4, but I think it really went overboard with sponsors and crew housing and food and moral and sleeping places and romance and piano lessons and I don't even remember what all was in there. At times, it felt more like a rally management game than a rally driving game to me. I'm glad DR2 returned to a simplified system similar to DR1's.
  10. DocStrangelove

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Pure Video Thread

    Dammit! But that's only fair, I guess 😋
  11. DocStrangelove

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Pure Video Thread

    lol sorry mate I did the same today and apparently set a new record shortly after you did... not on purpose, I swear.
  12. DocStrangelove

    Cars grip after patch?

    PC, but playing today again I think nothing's changed after all. Maybe I shouldn't have tried to judge the physics when I was drunk yesterday. Sorry. Everything seems to be fine.
  13. DocStrangelove

    Cars grip after patch?

    That's what I wanted to say too first, but then I re-tried some of the tracks where I was holding the record. One was USA/Wet/Stratos (Hancock Creek Burst) and it's definitely much easier now. I needed many attempts to get my previous record, I was sweating, heart pumping etc., needed so much energy to keep the car under control. I just broke my previous record on 3rd try, with a straight face, after 2 bottles of wine. I could just put my foot down most of the time. This is definitely not what the Stratos was like before. Similar for my Argentina/Wet/911 record (El Rodeo). I didn't beat it, but it was so much easier to keep the car under control. Again I could just put the foot down without losing control. And tiny steering corrections got me right back on track where previously I'd completely lose control. Again, after 2 bottles of wine. This is BS. edit: it was very apparent on the finishing "straights" that had been really treacherous before. One tiny wrong movement and I was dead. This time, no problem, I could go left and right however I pleased. edit 2: false alarm - my drunken mind may have played tricks on me, playing sober today it feels pretty much like it did before. Apologies.