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  1. DocStrangelove

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    It's a good point, but it depends on how much you play rally games I guess. I used not to be a rally game enthusiast, I definitely liked them but was never possessed by them. That changed with DR1, for my liking it hit the sweet spot between brutality and accessibility and I was quickly obsessed with it. It was the ultimate rally game for me and I absolutely wanted to have those stages there because only in DR1 I could enjoy them the way I always wanted to. Definitely agree about Greece though. A pretty obscure location that was super awesome which is ideal. Can't tell if I like Wales or Greece more, they're both my favourites.
  2. DocStrangelove

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    That's a lovely one and I also really like the 70s ones. However the IROC-Z rules because it's so 80s which makes everything better by default as I've established earlier. The 90s one though, blergh
  3. DocStrangelove

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    The best Camaro. Because every pore oozes "80s ftw"
  4. DocStrangelove

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Only slightly. The 80s gave us Tron. Aliens. Terminator. Star Trek Next Generation. The Simpsons. Knight Rider and Corvette C4. Honda CRX. Venom. Metallica. Slayer. NWA. Snap. Nine Inch Nails. NES. Master System. Mega Drive/Genesis. Ayrton Senna. We're in a rally game forum, aren't we? The 80s gave us motherf***ing Group B. The 80s were ****ing rad.
  5. DocStrangelove

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Nonono, the 80s were the cultural peak in the history of mankind
  6. DocStrangelove

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Yeah I love those JPS style liveries but driving around (worse, recording replays) in a "D+" livery makes me feel like a ****
  7. DocStrangelove

    The Tyre Thread

    I've given up on medium entirely. Just had a championship in Poland with the M3, with only one long stage between two services. Tyres were still "new" afterwards, and I believe it was even the 16km stage. After two stages, they're always "used", but mediums are too. The game doesn't tell you how much used they are, it doesn't even tell you if there is any difference at all between "less used" and "more used". I can't even recall what comes after "used" because I've seen that maybe 2 times in my 160 hours of play time. So imo there isn't really a choice, I find it almost entirely pointless. I actually prefer DR1's "system" where you just didn't have to bother when there's nothing to bother anyway. What I also find annoying is tyre choice in time trials. You will never ever choose medium or hard unless you want to be slow, yet the default (and recommendation) is always medium, so you have to change it everytime. I'd really appreciate if the default was changed to soft, at least in time trial mode.
  8. DocStrangelove

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    XBox 1²
  9. DocStrangelove

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    The DS is a fun super-relaxing drive, but it takes a whole weekend to finish one sprint stage. Bah.
  10. DocStrangelove

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Well I can't confirm that. Played DR1 with wheel for over 300 hours and now I play DR2 with controller exclusively, I'm not that hardcore anymore. Just can't be arsed to set up all that rubbish in front of the TV again, throwing the wheel around etc., I rarely have the energy so I enjoy a few more casual rounds with my DS4 that are less exhausting. If that makes me a little slower, then so be it. I'll rather have just some fun and be quite happy to make it to the top 2-3% in a few dailies than squeezing out the last half second where I'll never be able to compete with the aliens anyway. Actually, thanks to DR2's split leaderboards (where time trial leaderboards don't include any run ever done in any game mode) I'm still setting some (temporary) WRs where the aliens haven't yet ruined any chance of doing so. In DR1, I think #12 was the best I ever did in a single stage with my wheel. So I know I'm not the best driver in the world but apparently I'm still not that bad with controller. That's enough for me, and I enjoy my semi-casual runs and in the end enjoyment is all that really counts.
  11. DocStrangelove

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    I guess it's not that menacing if one only drives the Citroen DS
  12. DocStrangelove

    Dirt 4 vs Dirt 2.0

    I found Dirt 4's handling really weird, especially in Australia. Just couldn't get to grips with it, so in a way I found it harder than DR2 (even DR1) where cars mostly behave like I expect them to. That's a problem I have in many arcade racers though, often I don't understand how I'm supposed to drive because the handling doesn't make any sense to me. I expected to like Dirt 4 more than Dirt 1-3 because it was supposed to be more "serious", more rally-ish and I found the idea of procedurally generated stages interesting. Ended up liking it less than Dirt 1-3, which I'm not a huge fan of but at least they were good for some casual arcade fun. Dirt 4 somehow is neither fish nor flesh, I think it was a mistake trying to appeal to all audiences at the same time.
  13. Stratos. While I love it the way it is, here's a little tweak that makes it much easier to drive if you're struggling with its extreme oversteer: Differential => 40%, 40%, 80Nm.
  14. DocStrangelove


    I don't know what's going on. Sometimes I spin out/roll over every moment I even look at the banks, another I can drive over them and crash into them all the time and nothing happens. Every time though, crashing into them gives me the sound of my car hitting some massive metal something.
  15. DocStrangelove

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    edit: oops