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  1. Yeah I mean DR2's new locations are never anywhere near the real life locations with those names. So if DR2 says Perth & Kinross, it's going to be anywhere in Scotland except for Perth & Kinross.
  2. I set about 10 world records in the morning, admittedly being the only one on any leaderboard helped a little. But only a little.
  3. Is it? I always wondered why they never added some rudimentary algorithm based on players' performance, community delta and whatnot. I really don't see why this would be such an issue. In the same way that I never understood why the stage randomiser they apparently also use for creating online events is just a primitive completely random one with no regard for conditions, stage succession etc.
  4. Still no Reliant Robin, travesty. There must be a Reliant Robin championship in RX
  5. You don't see the abyss so you don't brake as much
  6. It's a good point, but it depends on how much you play rally games I guess. I used not to be a rally game enthusiast, I definitely liked them but was never possessed by them. That changed with DR1, for my liking it hit the sweet spot between brutality and accessibility and I was quickly obsessed with it. It was the ultimate rally game for me and I absolutely wanted to have those stages there because only in DR1 I could enjoy them the way I always wanted to. Definitely agree about Greece though. A pretty obscure location that was super awesome which is ideal. Can't tell if I like Wales or
  7. That's a lovely one and I also really like the 70s ones. However the IROC-Z rules because it's so 80s which makes everything better by default as I've established earlier. The 90s one though, blergh
  8. The best Camaro. Because every pore oozes "80s ftw"
  9. Only slightly. The 80s gave us Tron. Aliens. Terminator. Star Trek Next Generation. The Simpsons. Knight Rider and Corvette C4. Honda CRX. Venom. Metallica. Slayer. NWA. Snap. Nine Inch Nails. NES. Master System. Mega Drive/Genesis. Ayrton Senna. We're in a rally game forum, aren't we? The 80s gave us motherf***ing Group B. The 80s were ****ing rad.
  10. Nonono, the 80s were the cultural peak in the history of mankind
  11. Yeah I love those JPS style liveries but driving around (worse, recording replays) in a "D+" livery makes me feel like a ****
  12. The DS is a fun super-relaxing drive, but it takes a whole weekend to finish one sprint stage. Bah.
  13. Well I can't confirm that. Played DR1 with wheel for over 300 hours and now I play DR2 with controller exclusively, I'm not that hardcore anymore. Just can't be arsed to set up all that rubbish in front of the TV again, throwing the wheel around etc., I rarely have the energy so I enjoy a few more casual rounds with my DS4 that are less exhausting. If that makes me a little slower, then so be it. I'll rather have just some fun and be quite happy to make it to the top 2-3% in a few dailies than squeezing out the last half second where I'll never be able to compete with the aliens anyway. A
  14. I guess it's not that menacing if one only drives the Citroen DS
  15. I use sensitivity 90, linearity 7 and deadzone 3. Deadzone on extremely high values is a common default setting in many games (at least on PC) because of the X360 controller with its low quality sticks. With an X360 controller, even a deadzone of 10 may make your game steer/move around all the time without touching a stick.
  16. I just hope you understand that my joke was about place 400 in AI challenge where you are at least #30 even if you retire right at the start.
  17. I didn't mean to offend or anything. I was being ironic because I think you confused AI challenge with community challenge, as the last place on AI challenge is 30. (edit: I'm not hardcore either, I play with PS4 controller and I don't hope to ever reach alien times)
  18. 400th on the AI challenge? Sounds like you could use a little practice
  19. Somehow I messed up tarmac more than ice 🤨
  20. I'm one of the few people who enjoy wet stages, but even I think it's excessive. Daily events feel like they're wet 60-70% of the time. I haven't actually counted so that may be my mind playing tricks on me, but it certainly feels over the top. What I enjoy much less is stages with bad sight. Two days ago I did the dailies and 3 of 4 were with bad sight, one night/wet in Group B, one Supercar RX wet with blinding sun/clouds, one H3 RWD wet in USA with the clouds blinding so much that I had to drive at half speed because I literally couldn't see further than 5 metres. Started the NZ weekly
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