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  1. Figured it out. I have to use "Normal" mode instead of "Advanced" mode. Kind of lame because you lose a lot of the buttons' functionality.
  2. Hustler427

    Micro stutters on high end PC

    I know Codies games are very sensitive to my backup service, Carbonite. It constantly scans the HDD for updated files, which takes up either CPU or HDD, can't tell because it doesn't show up on any monitors. I would show 60 frames per sec and task manager CPU usage was reasonable. But microstutters galore. Some programs are more susceptible to this, like and gmotor game and Codies rally games. AC and Pcars, not so much.
  3. Hey all, switched from a Fanatec setup to a Thrustmaster setup with with the TH8a, the works. From the input screen, Calibration Wizard is grayed out. If I go to the device profiles, I can select the TX F1 and load the direct input presets, then map everything from the pedals to all the buttons. But when I leave that screen, the Thrustmaster is not selectable as a steering input. Just Auto, Keyboard, and my gamepad. I can turn the wheel and it knows I'm turning the wheel and it picks up all my buttons and pedals, just can't pick the steering. Any idea? Thanks.