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  1. New replacement T300 with sparco rim has arrived! I'm back in the fight!
  2. Ordered a new T300 with sparco wheel today. Not what I wanted to do, but if I get the old one running again I can always sell it to recover a bit of the cost. Hope to be back in action in a few days.
  3. Did leg 1 of NZ, went OK except overpushing a few times so had at least one off per stage. Then thought I'd make use of the sun today, went out climbing, came home, decided to vacuum since I dragged a lot of dirt inside. When I vacuumed around the wheel I got a sudden flash from static electricity, and then it wouldn't work.... So I'll try to order a new PSU for it, but will probably not be able to drive for a little while.
  4. But touching the ditches is the little death that leads to the big one....
  5. Yeah, after some testing on endurance events softs work better than mediums even for 12xlong stage events. My Finland was weird but decent. Almost got a good setup, but not quite. Couldn't find what caused it, but some impacts just bottomed out the car. So had to go cautious. On the flip side, just had one small overshoot on SS6 costing me about 10s as any major trouble for the whole run, so panned out OK in the end.
  6. Finally found the sweet spot for the RS200, where it was predictable and allowed me to push a bit. SS1-2 in australia were fun and decently fast, then on SS3 I was so pleased that I tried to push a weeeee bit too much and cut a corner... smashed something and punctured. Oh well, at least it was a pure driver error this time 🙂
  7. Yeah, you kept on. I wasn't comfortable at all in the RS200. Also max unluck with two rather small touches messing up my engine on leg 1, and on leg 2 a really small shunt gave me a rear left puncture. No matter, couldn't keep pace with you anyway. Just having a really hard time finding a balance between controllability and grip with the RS200, seems like I just change the way it wants to kill me however I set it up 😛 So deceptive, it just feels really good to drive then it snaps around.
  8. Worst run ever in Sotland. Had a too loose setup for leg 1, so had no control at speed. Hit some stuff on the side at speed, lots of rolls and a puncture on SS2. Adjusted the setup for leg 2, and it felt quite good. But that meant I was faster, and the RS200 is temperamental at best. Messed up the front in some places, so spun and wrecked the engine. Meh. On a good note, finally felt like the general setup idea started to work for me, so hope to use it as a base setup for the rest of the season.
  9. **** setup for the first leg, did some on the fly changes for second leg. Still not good, but faster than before. Had a little fight with @Janneman60 until SS7, where I managed to puncture somehow.
  10. *sigh* Had a decent setup, but a bit top heavy and somewhat jittery at speed. So couldn't push hard... tried on SS4, rolled on a quick section after a light hit just flipped the car over. Went back to a slower approach for SS5-6, then tried some setup changes for SS7 again... and rolled. Meeeeeeeh.
  11. "I remember enjoying driving the RS200", I thought. Whooops... Didn't help that I muddled the setup and went out on the wrong tyres for the first leg 😄 Think I had four spins on one stage...
  12. I'd love the restricted GrB 4WD!
  13. So my choice... then I'll exclude Poland!
  14. I did the first two stages, then I was so disgusted with the Fabia that I just left it. Once again it just random kills me.
  15. Dytut

    2020 FIA World Rally Championship

    Ss9 turkey, wheeling death.