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  1. Spain was ok.. Except for ss2. Started with touching the inside on the first left, flew straight into je valley. Don't have hud on, but I guess a 30 second penalty. Then I tried to push to regain time.... Went off twice more, and some really bad driving. All other stages was ok, but not super fast. Did it all on wets, except for ss7 where I didn't make use of the softs grip at all.
  2. I got to the finish. That's pretty much the only good part about my round in Scotland 😛
  3. I'm going for the Fiat. Don't want to fight the car another season, so even if it's slower I'm going to enjoy the Fiat a lot more 🙂
  4. Australia as safari 🤯
  5. As for the next season, I choose "Shifted year"!
  6. Grats @UnderclassGDfan! Fun fight throughout the season 😄 Now for the next season, I will choose a car that I actually enjoy. The Subie '08 was simply horrible to drive, definitely my least favourite car of the game.
  7. Final race of the season done! Finally managed to get a working setup, and the car wasn't too unpredictable! Managed a clean run that felt decently fast, and with very few moments. Biggest moment was on SS7 where I overshot a bit due to the worn tyres and lost a few seconds.
  8. Wow, made a completely **** setup apparently. First leg was completely undriveable, no idea what I was thinking. Changed half the car setup on a whim at mid service and it was OK after that. But I lost about a minute from sheer setup incompetence in the first leg.
  9. Let's settle this in the snow! Monte and Sweden left 😄
  10. Ah yes. Scotland. Went with a slightly tweaked Finland setup since that felt decent. Had a small off on SS2, but was generally hampered by severe understeer again. Did some suspension changes at service, which I hope would make the front more responsive. And ooooooh yes, it did! It was awesome to drive! 😄 But I was so in the mindset of understeer that I turned in too hard and bumped a stone on the inside. Killed the engine and punctured. Limped through SS5 and 6, max speed was about 50. Repaired the engine but nothing else for SS6, so was extremely down on power there since the turbo was pretty much dead. Oh well, c'est la vie.
  11. Did my run. Was overall clean, no real moments. Was close to the limit sometimes but without overshooting it. Think I did as good as I could in the Impreza '08, the suspension in that car is simply not meant for Finland. Horrible experience.
  12. I don't often make setups before rallies, but this time I had to take a little time and see if I could sort out the Imprezas suspension before Finland... and it's almost impossible. Suffice to say, this is not a car I will return to. Worst of the 2000cc class.
  13. Finally starting to get somewhat to terms with the Scooby '08. Did the first leg with a decent but not great setup, but did some small adjustments for leg 2 and managed to get it dialed in to grip like hell on the front. Some small adjustments for SS7 where it just felt quite good for the first time on gravel! Shame I lost focus in the first left 1 on SS1 and punctured 😛
  14. Dytut

    Codemasters secure WRC licence from 2023

    Current plans for 22 is to have the exact same engine as now.
  15. It's not understeering all the time, just when trying to get power down into the corners. Seemed to have solved the worst of it by fiddling with the rear damper extension settings.