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  1. I feel you @Snaky115. I front flipped pretty much on complete random aswell. And not the first time with the Fabia. That's one thing that pretty much never has happened to me with the Fiesta, so at least not as prevalent with that R5 chassi. But then again, I've pretty much no experience with the pug or space star R5s, so no idea how they behave.
  2. I've come to the conclusion that I really, really, *really* don't like the Fabia in gravel spec. Tarmac seems to work fine, but whatever I do the gravel spec car just randomly tries to kill me. This time I went with pretty much vanilla settings, and it worked fine until it suddenly tried to kill me. Then tried to remedy that with some settings at service, which made it try to kill me in different ways. Then tried adjust that for the last stage, and it tried to kill me in other ways. I've driven a bit with the Fiesta R5 and the Polo R5, and both of them are so much easier and less random than the Fabia for me. The Fiesta is the most kind, the Polo slightly more twitchy but can be handled. The Fabia is just completely schizo, feeling even more mellow and controlled than even the Fiesta until provoked just slightly and it suddenly just bites my head off.
  3. Thanks for taking all the bad luck on that one @Snaky115, I made it through the whole event with no major incidents! First this season! 😄
  4. SS5 is the nemesis of this round!
  5. I managed to go even worse in SS5. Not my season 😛
  6. Dytut

    Tuning tips for more realistic tarmac handling

    Well there are many ways. Toe in and more negative camber on the rear would be a first thing to try. Fiddling with the rear suspension settings can also be useful, but that's a bit tricky. A bit softer dampers usually gives more grip, but can make it unstable instead.
  7. No big mishaps in Monte, but two small spins on SS1 and SS2. Felt fine after that, but no big pace either. But it's Monte, getting to the finish is good enough 😄
  8. Yeah I think it was one of the really bad places 😕
  9. Felt quite OK in Spain, but made a really silly mistake in SS6. Lost concentration since it all felt easy, kept a bit too much speed in a corner and the car slid wide and touched the armco. Spun, and then a really slow slide off the road that I couldn't get up from so a heavy reset time when I auto reset 😕 don't have the timing UI on, so don't know exactly, but I guess about 30-40 seconds penalty.
  10. Ehm... he says keep right over jump, and you veer out to the left on the jump and don't even turn in to the next corner in time. Sorry mate, that one's on you. There are a few places where the calls are too late, and a few where the grading is a bit off, but if you think that's an example of a bad call then I think it's more down to your driving.
  11. Dytut

    Dirt Rally Leagues!

    Go fast, you'll be beating me in league A in no time 🙂
  12. Dytut

    Dirt Rally Leagues!

    Yep, but you always manage to be just a bit faster 😄
  13. I really suck at setting up the Skoda. First leg I was once again suffering from understeer, made a lot of adjustments at mid service that made it a bit better but went far too soft so was wobbly and hard to control at times. Never managed to push, but happy to have made it through.
  14. @PJTierney apologies if i missed it somewhere, but is the overall cumulative time or points per stage?
  15. Completely messed up the setup for leg 1. Wasn't completely awful in the dry on SS1 (but got a spin from it being slightly understeery anyways). But on SS2 it was pure **** in the wet. Spun three times, had awful understeer mid-to-late in the corners, kept sliding out and really hard to judge the angle of attack. Did some on-the-fly adjustments at service, and leg 2 it was much nicer to drive, luckily my tweaks were correct. One mistake on SS7 that cost me a bit, but nothing major for leg 2 and could push a little bit. Anyone doing a clean run can beat me with about a minute or so, but apparently everyone as issues here.