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  1. Dytut

    The Tyre Thread

    Yeah I pretty much use softs all the time. Very seldom that I manage to use them enough for wear to be a factor. One thing I really miss is temperature being a factor. If it's warm or not makes a big difference IRL, so if it's a scorching day hards should be useful as softs should just be a wobbly mess of melting rubber. But right now we don't know anything about the temps, so can't really make a decision. Also, really irritates me that we have solid absolutes as weather info, rather than just probabilites. Tyre choice should be more of a gamble when conditions are uncertain. But when we get leagues going this might be a real change-up. On endurance events it will matter much more.
  2. Dytut


    Really like how Sweden feels. Grip is about right imho, a bit more grip than gravel stages which is about where it's supposed to be. Snow banks feel good, it's not at the "touch me you die" level of DR1 but neither as forgiving as in D4.
  3. Dytut

    How Far Away Is Realistic Audio?

    You can get that sound in-game. Take a distortion pedal, jack it into your PC, then jack your headphones into it. Success! 😛 As for audio dynamics, I think there might be a point in doing more compression to mimic that a rally car feels loud pretty much all the time. But that's nitpicking.
  4. Dytut

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    All cars don't have all settings, simply because the settings are available on the real life cars. Older shocks didn't have fast/slow rebound, newer cars have them and can set the threshold between them. This is an actual improvement of the barebones setup of DR1, where the suspension is modeled more accurately in DR2.
  5. Dytut

    DR 2.0 Weekly thread

    I set off on the Mk2 weekly pretty much as soon as racenet started working. That car is gloriously fun, and I have a snowballs chance in hell of controlling it. Every stage was fun, fun, fun, lose the rear and do a 170kph roll into the countryside. Powered through the first championship with my Subie just to earn cash to buy an R5, and I got just enough to get a used Polo tonight. Went ahead and did a "learning on the job" run with it for the R5 weekly, felt kind of slow but had sections that were allright. Lost a shitton of time on the penultimate night stage, where I just lost the rear very slightly and nudged the bank on the inside with the front after 20% of the stage. Of course, every lightbulb on the front of my car gave up at the same time, so had to drive the rest of the stage in the dark... Not an easy task. Oh well, there's always next week...
  6. Dytut

    DR 2.0 Weekly thread

    Remembered we used to have a weekly thread for DR, but can't seem to find it. So let's get one going again! Brag, whine, tell of your exploits, show videos or gifs. All pertaining to this week's online challenge is welcome!
  7. Played a few hours now. Racenet issues aside, DR 2.0 is pretty much what I expected it to be. Most important for me is the handling model, and that really is greatly improved in my view. It's got the weight of the cars from D4 (which was good), combined with the predictability and liveliness of DR (something D4 sorely missed). The addition of tyre choice is nice and I can feel it making a difference. I also enjoy that the cars feel more unique than in DR and D4.
  8. Last two hours it has been flawless, so looks stable now.
  9. I did get a weird bug aswell today. When driving the DS21 I suddenly had the right front wheel appear floating around about 2 meters from the car at start, and it flashed around all over the screen when driving the stage.
  10. I managed to get on and do one daily, on the seconds daily I lost racenet again. So better, but still not good.
  11. Dytut

    Remove Always Online for the Career!

    I'm fine with it trying to file results with racenet when possible, but not even being able to do events when racenet is down is just silly.
  12. Yeah, racenet isn't working at all for career mode. LEaderboards for time attack appear to work. @ChristinaMc, time to whip the server people to get racenet working 😉
  13. Got a bug pretty much straight away. Started the game, changed display settings, went straight into career mode with the fulvia. Did the poland stages, won the rally, then went back to main menu. Took a long time, then I got a message that my career progress had been reset due to discrepancy between racenet and local data 😕 Edit; and now racenet gets reported as down.
  14. Dytut

    WRC 2019 Thread

    No news, and I doubt any new team will join before 2022 when the new regulations kick in. If WRC/FIA can manage to deliver regulations this year as promised I wouldn't be surprised to see some new teams sign up for when it (most likely) goes hybrid in the next gen. Mitsubishi would be a prime candidate, among others.