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  1. Dytut

    2020 FIA World Rally Championship

    So Citroen builds a bad car, blames the drivers for sucking, gets the best driver and it still sucks, so blame the driver. Yeah, nice going. Sucks to lose a marque for the championship, hope one or two new will join up for the hybrid era. Toyotas lineup with Ogier, Evans and Rovanperä will be interesting to say the least. I can see no better environment for Kalle to learn how to be a champ 🙂
  2. I got terminal damage from smashing a sign in USA the other day. Sometimes it's just not happening 😕
  3. Finland went as Finland often does. SS1-3 went OK, felt fairly confident so I wanted to push a slight bit more on SS4. Bad, bad, bad idea. Went quite OK, until I slightly touched a bank and spun. Which of course gave me a puncture aswell. *sigh* Oh well, not too much lost, let's keep it going. SS5 is night stage. My lights were apparently broken on the previous stage. FML. SS6 is a a night stage aswell. So.. yeah. If I get a top 10 finish I'd be surprised.
  4. Dytut

    2020 FIA World Rally Championship

    Yeah Mikkelsen is still a solid points scorer for any team, it depends a lot on what M-Sports aim is for the 2020 season. Was 2019 a just a sleeper season and they'll go full on for titles in 2020? If they go for manufacturers title with three drivers, I'd say Mikkelsen is a a solid option as a nr.2 or 3 driver as he will score points. If they want rally wins, I'm not so sure. He _might_ still have it in him to challenge for a drivers title, but he seems to be in the Latvala place where he can do it on one or two rallies per season but in general he'll break the car in some way if he tries to keep pace with the top trio. If M-Sport goes for development they might go with Suninen and Greensmith and let other drivers hire a car for a few rallies.
  5. Dytut

    2020 FIA World Rally Championship

    Good for Hyundai, and for their future in the WRC. They were under some heavy pressure to take at least one title this year, so good that they got it. I wonder what'll happen to Citroën now. They're out for certain after the 2021 season, but it's starting to sound like they'll leave now already. Would be a shame to see them leave early, at least four manufacturers are kind of needed for the competition on WRC. Really hope some more brands will join up for the 2022 hybrid era. Mitsubishi maybe? Kia? BMW? As for the driver market right now, it seems like Hyundai will be a power house next season. But Toyota might be a real contender even if they don't get Ogier, but it all depends on if Evans will be able to bloom and how fast Rovanperä learns to ropes of the new car. Wonder who will be their third if Ogier won't sign... Probably Meeke. Maybe Mikkelsen? M-Sport... hmmm.. Suninen will continue there I guess, but who else? Mikkelsen has had a season of ups and downs, but I guess he still might have one last season to show if he still has the potential. Breen did a good showing this season. Might be a potential driver. Paddon ought to make a rally or two, but don't think he'll get a full season seat. Might, if he gets some good sponsors. If Citroën goes off, then Lappi is also a maybe. Not sure if Malcolm would go for Lappi before Mikkelsen tbh. Probably. I do hope that Oliver Solberg gets a chance to do one or two rallies in a full spec WRC car this season, but he will probably just do WRC2.
  6. Trying out the Fiest R5 this season, seems like an easy to drive car but it doesn't feel quite as fast as the other R5s. Is it? Anyways, decently clean run of Germany. Not quite happy with the setup, tended to get understeer at times that I couldn't quite get rid of. So I'll probably get beaten by the rest of you in time, but for now I'm just ahead of @baunau :-)
  7. Dytut

    makes it sense to drift on tarmac?

    So this is a really short answer, but anyways. On gravel it makes total sense, since what you really do when sliding is using the natural braking of the sideways motion simultanesously as you use most of the engine power to push the way you want to be going. Since grip is the limiting factor this makes sense, especially as spinning the wheels often lets the tyres dig down for better grip. On tarmac you can get all the tyre grip into the surface much easier, meaning that slides actually often decrease the amount of grip you get to push the car where you want, and the braking factor in the sideways motion isn't as pronounced. Also, when sliding or spinning the wheels on tarmac you lose in total grip, and you wear down the tyres faster. In Dirt Rally 2.0 I'd say you can slide the car more on tarmac than in a real rally, since tarmac physics isn't as refined as the gravel physics. It's decent, but you can clearly see on videos that the driving style of real rally drivers are more distinct and less slidey than what we see in game.
  8. I was slow but consistent in Sweden 🙂 The Rift S is kind of iffy in Sweden to be honest. Sunny stages you hardly see anything but white, and snowy stages it just turns into a great big blur. Luckily got through but kept the speed down or else I'd spin somewhere. Great fun nonetheless, it's the place where the Focus 07 is most fun 🙂
  9. Wales... meeeeh. Was fun, but I had to move my wheel a bit when I was loading in, and at the moment it loaded to the service screen I accidentally pressed the start button. So first three stages on vanilla setup and medium tyres
  10. So after running with the Rift S with 1.9 for a while, I have two issues that I think should be resolved fairly quickly. 1. Rain effect on side windows. The side windows are barely see-through when it rains, and since you sit far back in the car it's close to impossible to see anything in the hairpins. Germany in heavy rain is like driving blind in the hairpins. This is clearly artificial, as I have never, ever, seen rain behave in that way on any kind of side window in real life. 2. Whiteout when it snows in Sweden. As the previous poster said, it's a bit over the top since it just blends into all white. This might be due to low resolution or something like HDR messing about, but it's really hard to see anything at all.
  11. I was quite surprised to be on pace for the first leg of Germany, but then came the rain. Lost some on ss4 just from not being used to run wets on dry tarmac. But then the two rain stages... Rain in vr is not nice, to say the least. It's fairly ok on the front window, but the side windows are almost impossible to see anything out of, and you really need that on hairpins in vr... I pretty much had to guess where the stones on the inside were. Add to that a random reset in a cut where it appears cm has added a reset zone. Oh well, positive that I had some pace at least 🙂
  12. I found the time to do one round ☺️ Greece was fun, but had no time to fiddle with settings so ran with the Ford 07 with default settings which was a bit hard. Vr in rift s works great now at least 🙂
  13. I have a Rift S. Used to be unplayable with the OpenVR version, is now buttery sunshine smooth with the Oculus support. Good job CM 🙂
  14. I hope I can get back into action in a few weeks time. Real life has been taxing lately.
  15. Dytut

    DiRTy Gossip

    Well _that_ car was the Quattro Sport, wasn't it? So maybe we get that back in the game, which would be fun 🙂 And something that hasn't been talked about on the forums. If they got a Toyota we'll **** bricks though.