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  1. Had a fun time with the Legacy in Argentina, which is an event I rarely enjoy driving. Had three small spins, and on one I managed to get stuck and had to reset, so my times will be mediocre at best. But I do enjoy driving that Legacy, it's feels so.... raw! Would need to upgrade to a pedal set that has a clutch to get the most out of it though, the turbo spoolup takes aaaaaaaages.
  2. I ran softs, they held up quite well. And I was on the edges quite a bit.
  3. I proclaim this seasons name to be... "The Legacy of Corona". Damn that Legacy is fun to drive 🙂 Had a few small spins on the way, but nothing major except on SS6 where I lost focus and went off into the underbrush and had to reverse out, and then I almost flipped the car just at the finish line.
  4. I'd prefer rotating gravel events, we have so few tarmac rallies that It'd be a shame to remove one.
  5. Some group B RWD would be incredibly fun. And scary!
  6. Dytut

    2020 FIA World Rally Championship

    Well now, Ogier at the bottom of his team without any real big issues. This'll be... interesting.
  7. Dytut

    2020 FIA World Rally Championship

    Yeah, I really think it should be moved up into the north. Granted, this winter has been extreme with the lack of cold and snow, but with the climate getting warmer it's not likely to get better in Värmland. Too bad tarmac rallying is forbidden in Sweden, we have some fantastic tarmac roads in Uppland that would've been awesome to see as a winter tarmac rally.
  8. Ragged run through Wales 😕 Had no confidence at all in the rain, sliding around like crazy. No really big moments, but didn't feel like I had any speed either. Yabby will destroy me in the Cossie league.
  9. I wouldn't worry much about us, you're usually way ahead 🙂 Hard to compete with the Cossie. As for points, I think it's pretty much down to the number of participants in an event. If it's 49 participants, 1st gets 50 points (49+1), then it gets progressively less. So more people in the event means more points to take.
  10. Greece done and dusted. Overdrove the car quite a bit at times, so a few smaller spins. Had a high speed spin on SS2 that cost me a lot, didn't hit anything but beached the car in the most silly of places.
  11. Good points OP 🙂 For me, new engine that can handle longer stages is first priority. Then tyre wear and much more hardcore damage. One feature I'd really want is to be able to work on the car between stages even if there was no service. This could be tweaked to you being able to tweak just the things your car supports, and also optionally have a time limit decided on the shape of your car (coming in with a really destroyed car would take more time to get to the next stage, so less time to tweak the car). So things that could be tweaked between stages: Tyres - Switch them around at your will. Emergency repairs - let us devote time to attempt emergency roadside repairs with a percentage chance for success. I know I would've taped down that flapping hood or just taken it off. Be wild and take out the smashed windscreen. Try to smash that twisted suspension into place with a rock. Lots of stuff 🙂 Adjust some car setting - Some old cars might not be able to adjust much, while modern cars could be a able to adjust damper clicks, adjust electronic diffs, etc.
  12. Dytut

    2020 FIA World Rally Championship

    Nope, Norway isn't in the EU. But both Norway and Sweden are in Schengen, so we have pretty much completely open borders.
  13. Decent, but not good run through Finland. Had an outright spin on stage one simply due to not being used to the setup, after that it went OK until SS4, where my Rift S suddenly lost tracking and threw my view around on the outside of the car. Pure luck that it stopped without smashing a tree, had to reset cause I didn't even know which way the car was pointing. Took a bit to regain confidence after that, so lost a tone of time. My times will get smashed, but felt OK for being me in an RWD 🙂
  14. Australia... SS1 felt nice, the rest riddled with mistakes and overdriving. Did have some real nice corners in there, feels like I'm finally starting to get RWD a bit at least.
  15. Dytut

    2020 FIA World Rally Championship

    Not surprising considering how hard Adamo is and that Loeb really was quite lackluster in Monte.