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  1. Zappac

    GRID 2019 - If you had one wish...

    Definitely right there with Rastus about drifting. The whole ordeal about what made GRID such an enjoyable and repeatably great experience was the drifting aspect of the game. Although blazing through street tracks at extreme speeds with GT1 and Prototype cars was fun, and hotlapping competitive sweat inducing laps round after round with other players right there kissing your rear bumper was a pretty immense experience, you can't compare that feeling to trying to control the constant chaos of seeing the back-end of your car trying to escape from you and getting so good at it you constantly come up with more and more insane tricks to keep you (and your friends) entertained... Like going through the Long Beach drift circuit excess of 120-150kph, doing 360's, overtaking your mates and leaving them flabbergasted at the stunt you just managed to pull off, all while gently caressing the edge of that hard concrete barrier at the exit of the corner with your bumper. There are just no words to describe the enjoyment, and the freedom of drifting with your mates having a great time together creating mayhem around the circuit and laughing about how the guy leading the group apparently can't escape from you no matter how hard they keep stepping on the gas pedal!
  2. Haha, that other S15 is bearing Team BOSO colors. 
  3. To answer your question Alex I play on PC. 
  4. You pretty much filled in all the little details that I missed for me Rastus, haha. 
  5. What I'm about to review is certainly the viewpoint of a minority from the whole GRID Autosport community, that's right, it's the Drifting which falls in the Tuner category. Like many others who played GRID 1 solely or mainly for the drifting, we were looking forward for the GRID 2, anxiously awaiting a better drifting experience than what we had in GRID 1, sadly, this was not the case at all and certainly a lot of people, me included, were honestly angry about the rubbish they called "drifting" in GRID 2. It lacked ALL the basic aspects of RWD drifting that GRID 1 had, not only that, you could hardly get any angle from the cars. I played GRID 2 for 20 hours before I gave up on it, feeling utterly betrayed from my great expectations. Now like most of people, I looked at GRID Autosport very skeptically but what sparked my interest was rumors of completely revamped drifting system to make it closer to GRID 1 level. After anxiously waiting for news to arise, I got some assuring news from my clan leader of SRS13, Rastus1701E, who had early access to the GAS and he told me to keep my hopes up for drifting. Surely enough once I got my hands on the game and I went to try out drifting, I was right at home after few hours of practice and getting used to the drifting physics! The most noticeable thing right off the bat was that the drift cars sound amazing, especially my long time JDM favorite Nissan Silvia S15. Couldn't have been happier to drift that beast sideways course after course. What else is good? The very hard AI can actually put up a good fight in drifting, unlike in GRID 1 where you could literally win the AI without ANY serious effort! GRID Autosport drifting things I'm positively happy about:+ The drifting feels more lively, it is certainly a good step forward from the abomination called GRID 2+ The AI can put up a good fight making sure you don't want to get too high on your horse when drifting+ Extensive tuning capabilities+ RaceNet liveries available for anyone in the same club+ The penalizing system in general+ Spectator mode camera options Things I'm negative about:- The penalizing system, for what it is good for it is in need of some improvements too Namely, hitting a cone at the beginning of a section makes you unable to score ANY points in that section. This feature needs an overhaul where it gives a points penalties before discarding you from scoring the length of a WHOLE section. Example: you could hit 1-2 cones depending how big the section is and get points reduction penalties from that section instead, while smaller sections could have harsher point penalties enforced. Going off-track or spinning should still have the same penalties they do, as they make a lot more sense. - The restriction of having only 2 cars on track at once instead of multiple opponents like in GRID 1I understand the whole tandem ordeal for the racing setting, but it would be neat to be able to choose whether you want to do regular 1v1 tandem, or team tandem where you can have multiple cars going side by side. - Lack of chat window similar to GRID 1This was one function in the Multiplayer which made playing online so much more fun and increased the longevity and enjoyability of the online gaming. Things I'm looking forward to / hoping for in the future:~ More drift car availability for both C1 & C2 classes~ More drift tracks for both C1 & C2 classes~ Spoilers and body work tuning options~ A developer tool for making your own tracks Drift car wishlist:Toyota Chaser "JZX100" (C2)Honda S2000 (C2)Toyota 86 (C2)Nissan Skyline R34 (C1) Toyota Supra (C1) Ford Mustang '14 (C1) Overall I rate the drifting aspect coupled with the other options as muy bueno grade 9/10 for both single and multiplayer.  All in all, I really enjoy drifting in GRID Autosport, but sadly the drifting community is small as ever, making few old GRID 1 buddies the go-to choice, as I can't seem to find any Drifters online. This is my review, what is yours? 
  6. Zappac

    Grid Autosport Review

    doing 360's eh mate, I can see where you got that from! :D
  7. Zappac

    What you want to see from GRID

    I still remember how I made this vid back when codies decided to kill the GRID multiplayer servers, it was supposed to be my last Drift video I made, but then Rastus told me about Tunngle and I came back, lol.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9tmNtwCuWbs
  8. Zappac

    What you want to see from GRID

    :D Sounds like they were having a blast like they should then, drifting is all about having fun with the car control after all.I bet if I were to give it a go for good, I'd end in similar results because I'm quite competitive when it comes to drifting. . . *cough* I don't show off at all to people *cough*  :^o
  9. Zappac

    What you want to see from GRID

    If I'm able to drift free like a bird in the sky, just like I felt about drifting in general when I got into GRID 1 I'm pretty positive me and many other old-school drifters are gonna be shoving their money at codies willingly to get the game. Drifting like this in GRID 1 was not only joyful, but definitely a pleasure to watch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MjW8rKHSTno
  10. Zappac

    What you want to see from GRID

    Now THIS is some good news for me (and deffo Rastus) to be hearing! If it has that similar feeling perfect drifting like GRID 1 has, you can also consider me being sold and sold again to the product.  
  11. Zappac

    What you want to see from GRID

    Well, I do want to drift. But I suppose you meant that as in: you want to race properly when you want to and not drift because you have to (GRID 2)
  12. Zappac

    What you want to see from GRID

    Variety is something which makes GRID such a great experience :)
  13. Zappac

    What you want to see from GRID

    Well, to me personally I just hop onto GRID to have a good time. It's not a super serious sim game, but it's not completely arcade racer either. Whatever you're seeking for in a game I suppose, to me GRID is a very fun game to drive in. Others might be looking for different racing experience than the one GRID has to offer. 
  14. Zappac

    What you want to see from GRID

    I'm only a human, mistakes do happen every now and then no matter how experienced you are... =) Throttle control is the biggest thing in drifting fo' sho' but steering also plays a big part obviously. Throttle control comes down to knowing how much you can give the car more angle and how much speed you can get (how hard and long you can step on the throttle) feathering the throttle is the most essential part of drifting that's for sure. It's much, MUCH harder to master than steering. Knowing when you can give and when you can't give throttle always determines how flashy you look and directly affects your car control. Small mistakes require fast reflexes to correct in drifting, after all you're initiating the car in a controlled slide which to maintain you must know what you're doing or else you're just gonna be a scrap metal box on the side of the track (or worse, a pancake against some concrete wall)
  15. Zappac

    What you want to see from GRID

    Want to hear the real shocker? I've drifted my whole drifting life in GRID 1 on a keyboard. Yup, no joke. I got meself a G27 steering wheel, but I got so accustomed to drifting with a keyboard in GRID 1 that I never really wanted to change away from that. And there's only a handful of people whom I know also keyboard drift because it's obviously very hard to do and gamepads like 360 controller are so much easier and smoother to use and drift with, haha. The best one I know aside myself definitely is SRTKOS27, one mad Ukrainian drifter. I can keep up with Rastus on the US drift tracks even though he uses a wheel. I got a good one with SRTKOS27 as well, in the HKS Freestyle mode!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SG0ujX29MX4&hd=1