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  1. Haha, that other S15 is bearing Team BOSO colors. 
  2. You pretty much filled in all the little details that I missed for me Rastus, haha. 
  3. What I'm about to review is certainly the viewpoint of a minority from the whole GRID Autosport community, that's right, it's the Drifting which falls in the Tuner category. Like many others who played GRID 1 solely or mainly for the drifting, we were looking forward for the GRID 2, anxiously awaiting a better drifting experience than what we had in GRID 1, sadly, this was not the case at all and certainly a lot of people, me included, were honestly angry about the rubbish they called "drifting" in GRID 2. It lacked ALL the basic aspects of RWD drifting that GRID 1 had, not only that, you coul
  4. doing 360's eh mate, I can see where you got that from! :D
  5. I still remember how I made this vid back when codies decided to kill the GRID multiplayer servers, it was supposed to be my last Drift video I made, but then Rastus told me about Tunngle and I came back, lol.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9tmNtwCuWbs
  6. :D Sounds like they were having a blast like they should then, drifting is all about having fun with the car control after all.I bet if I were to give it a go for good, I'd end in similar results because I'm quite competitive when it comes to drifting. . . *cough* I don't show off at all to people *cough*  :^o
  7. If I'm able to drift free like a bird in the sky, just like I felt about drifting in general when I got into GRID 1 I'm pretty positive me and many other old-school drifters are gonna be shoving their money at codies willingly to get the game. Drifting like this in GRID 1 was not only joyful, but definitely a pleasure to watch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MjW8rKHSTno
  8. Now THIS is some good news for me (and deffo Rastus) to be hearing! If it has that similar feeling perfect drifting like GRID 1 has, you can also consider me being sold and sold again to the product.  
  9. Well, I do want to drift. But I suppose you meant that as in: you want to race properly when you want to and not drift because you have to (GRID 2)
  10. Variety is something which makes GRID such a great experience :)
  11. Well, to me personally I just hop onto GRID to have a good time. It's not a super serious sim game, but it's not completely arcade racer either. Whatever you're seeking for in a game I suppose, to me GRID is a very fun game to drive in. Others might be looking for different racing experience than the one GRID has to offer. 
  12. I'm only a human, mistakes do happen every now and then no matter how experienced you are... =) Throttle control is the biggest thing in drifting fo' sho' but steering also plays a big part obviously. Throttle control comes down to knowing how much you can give the car more angle and how much speed you can get (how hard and long you can step on the throttle) feathering the throttle is the most essential part of drifting that's for sure. It's much, MUCH harder to master than steering. Knowing when you can give and when you can't give throttle always determines how flashy you look and direc
  13. Want to hear the real shocker? I've drifted my whole drifting life in GRID 1 on a keyboard. Yup, no joke. I got meself a G27 steering wheel, but I got so accustomed to drifting with a keyboard in GRID 1 that I never really wanted to change away from that. And there's only a handful of people whom I know also keyboard drift because it's obviously very hard to do and gamepads like 360 controller are so much easier and smoother to use and drift with, haha. The best one I know aside myself definitely is SRTKOS27, one mad Ukrainian drifter. I can keep up with Rastus on the US drift tracks even
  14. The return of the freestyle, circuit and perhaps touge drifting. I didn't play GRID 2 for a long time mainly because for one, it's forced drifting method didn't quite work, it lacked all sort of feel it was so unnatural and forced that it made me cry to play the races. The so called "drift" events were just so damn terrible that I just had to drop playing the game I had high hopes for all together. Drifting was one of the main selling points of GRID 1 to me and I expected GRID 2 to follow within that same greatness of variety GRID 1 had to offer, but it sorta forced drifting as a core element
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