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  1. This time its not EA, its with "Codemasters" themselves. Theyve always been ****, ever since their first F1 game theres been the same bugs year after year, the same busted multiplayer, the same AI issues, the same developer laziness. They call it F1 2021 but you cannot actually play the 2021 season, because tracks are missing and several have the wrong layout. But, anyone complaining has already bought the game, they have your money, so frankly they no longer care. Bash out a few **** patches to make it look like they try, then do the six weeks of work to change the colours of the cars and nam
  2. It's so hard to get clean laps because of how arbitrary and draconian the kerb penalties are. You can have a clean race and maybe gain 4-5%, but a few measly running 2 wheels over a kerb and you lose 20%
  3. Okay, thanks. It's all moot now because I have a D Safety rating now from kerb warnings and being crashed into, so apparently I don't get matched with anyone online and can't access the game I paid for.
  4. I am losing up to 2 sec a lap on some tracks because if you go on the kerbs, you get a warning, which drops your Safety rating. How are the other online racers managing to go so fast without touching these kerbs? I see their lines in some of the replays and if I did what they did, I'd get penalized out the wazoo. An example is turn 6 in Austria, if you come out on the optimum (and real life) line, you have two wheels on the kerbs, but apparently that warrants a warning, and on the following left/right bit if you have two wheels on the kerbs, its another warning. These drivers cant j
  5. Yeah this has been a bug since the very first "Codemasters" F1 game and theyve never made an effort to fix it.
  6. If it's not happening to just me then I guess its fine then and ill have to deal.
  7. This is how my tyre wear looks towards the end of a stint. Is there anything I can do to alleviate or fix it? Driving slower doesn't seem to help, and the AI seems to have less wear at the same stage and just blows you away otherwise. Is it a setup thing or are there any settings I can change to help?
  8. Well just in case, Crowd to Low seems to make it only appear at higher speeds, I had to turn Particles Off to make the effect stop altogether.
  9. Well I went through and turned off everything one at a time to see what it was, turns out it was Crowd quality? With it set to Low the effect doesn't happen anymore. Bizarre, but thank you.
  10. That'd be fine if the devs could make it work, but they never do. The AI is either overpowered or inept in the wet and they've refused to fix that for years. It's also a video game.
  11. Could be just me, but this game seems to have some sort of blur effect applied when you're going top speeds. Is it some sort of "you are going very fast" bonus effect to keep zoomers' attention? It applies to the AI cars too.
  12. They probably expected this. Codemasters was contractually obliged to make 2014, so they quickly changed 2013 to 2014 drivers and tracks, minimally messed around with the physics, and released it when they were told. All their real effort is going towards the next-gen 2015 which will be released earlier in the season and will be updated to reflect trends in the real pecking order. They always knew this one was going to be shit, let's face it, Codemasters F1 games have always been shit, but with 2015 they have one last chance to get it right.
  13. 2014 is just 2013 with a slightly different coat of paint, just wait for 2015 and judge them on that.
  14. Wait for 2015. Codemasters was contractually obliged to make 2014, they had 10% of their team slightly update 2013, while 90% of their effort and resources went into making 2015 for next gen.
  15. They aren't allowed to have a proper damage model, they said they had an amazing damage model lined up for one of the games, 2011 or something, but the FIA vetoed it.
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