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  1. Alonso86

    F12019 - Next patch wishes

    It’s strange AI straight line speed has kind of always been a issue and OP in F1. Also I have noticed (unless I just mark webber every start) AI ALWAYS blast past me into turn 1
  2. Is this possible? Even if it’s just for career mode? Like depending on the team your driving with with what you can put on your helmet I think for people who drive the T-cam and replays it would be awesome. But I know this is a small detail. Im not sure if anyone plays MotoGP but 19 has some awesome customisation in it something like that would be sick.
  3. Alonso86

    DLC. Classic tracks.

    Yeah all these tracks have been in previous F1 games... I loved the ones they had in F1 2013 and they had a option to make the street look like old school tv filter it was AMAZING would even change the timing and the pos to the old look. With senna and Prost in the game this would be great
  4. Alonso86

    DLC. Classic tracks.

    CODEMASTERS please answer! whats the possibility of getting some Classic tracks via PAID dlc? I’m not even kidding if you added tracks as paid DLC it will sell!! I would buy the S#@T out of it. And all you gotta do is polish up some tracks you have already done !! Lol I know it’s not that simple but my point is I’m sure people will buy it if you add them. Ask the fans ! Like US. It’s kind of **** playing as the legends of the sport on 2019 branded tracks.... what tracks would everyone like to see?