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  1. hockeytown1926

    Handling in 2019

    Are you playing me? haha! The handling plain sucks.
  2. hockeytown1926

    The Worst Formula 1 game you played

    F1 2019 so far haha
  3. hockeytown1926

    Handling in 2019

    Why is the handling in F1 2019 so numb/dead. I bought 2019 and instantly the handling felt numb and dead and felt like the car would understeer regardless of what I did. I put in 2017 and the game felt great and the car did what I asked it too. The handling in 2019 is just garbage. Just no feel or sensation the car is doing what you ask. It also feel unrealistically heavy too me. I am playing with a controller btw. The cars just feel horrible under braking too.
  4. hockeytown1926


    The car just feels totally numb from the handling to the braking.
  5. I like the driver change concept....one thing Codies did right with this game in terms of making a difference. But drivers switching teams all the time in the season is a bit of a joke. Unless it's like the Red Bull./Toro Rosso thing as they are linked teams. Diver transfers at the seasons end and pre-season is brilliant.
  6. hockeytown1926


    The handling in this game is utter ****! And before anyone on here says it's amazing. Why has pretty every F1 driver that I've seen play the game say it's bad? And not realistic. From Raikkonen,Vettel and Norris and more.. I'm pretty sure I'd trust their opinion over anyone on here. Seeing as you know, they drive the current cars.
  7. hockeytown1926

    Track limits

    Codemasters..........having 2 tires in the track is NOT exceeding track limits! Sick of getting laps invalidated when I never left the track!
  8. hockeytown1926

    Patch Notes for 1.09 – Discussion Thread

    This game just smacks of a rushed product...........how have all these issues been missed before launch? I bet Codies barely did any testing for this game. It's a joke how companies can sell broken products and we're supposed to be fine with it. Only in the gaming industry does this **** happen.
  9. hockeytown1926


    Dear Codies, Is it possible to get a refund on this rubbish product? I bought the Anniversary version for PS4. And Shopto have said it's too late to return it. So can I have a refund off you?
  10. hockeytown1926

    F1 2019 review

    This game is total garbage....that is all
  11. hockeytown1926

    Why F1 2019 career sucks

    The whole game is hot garbage tbh. The least enjoyment I've ever had from a F1 car...
  12. hockeytown1926

    Just no connection with the car.

    This is the first F1 game that I've played where I feel no connection to the car whatsoever. Wether it's braking or handling I just don't have any feel with the car.
  13. hockeytown1926

    I literally loathe the new handling model

    I just feel like I have no connection or feel with the car. Wether it's handling or braking. it's just feels crappy.
  14. hockeytown1926

    Raikkonen plays F1 2019 with Aarava

    I'm pretty sure he'd still have a good feel and idea of how the car drives and reacts. After all he drives an F1 car. I hate this whole argument that you shouldn't be good at a racing game with a controller. Having a wheel or rig at home doesn't make you a racing driver......it's a video game and should be good to play and accessible for anyone that purchases it. The handling and braking is still s*it after the last patch.
  15. And says the steering and braking feel wrong. And the game is very bad hahaha.