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  1. The whole game is messed up in terms of stage times tbh.
  2. It kinda makes me worried what they'll do with the WRC license regarding career mode. If it's like this then it's hard pass from me. While it'll be great to have a WRC game with proper engine sounds. A career mode like DIRT's will be god awful.
  3. Shame on Codies for never fixing the cheating A.I. Having to set world record times to beat the A.I is utter stupidity. No other game has that format. I want a competitive game with great A.I but not one with BLATANT cheating to the point you can't even get close too them. As I previously stated a rally driver said the A.I times are NOT possible on harder levels. Career mode and things like that are just pointless in these games.
  4. A rally driver friend of mine (competes in UK events mostly) Played the game for the first time a few weeks ago, at my house. And he laughed his ass off at the times and speed of the A.I. Even said the times are impossible and the A.I is obviously cheating in certain parts of the game. Especially in Poland. He said the game felt great on gravel. Hated the tarmac stuff. I'm sorry but for a rally game I shouldn't need to set World Record level times to compete with the A.I.....it's ajoke.
  5. I'm not saying the game is all garbage. But the A.I blatantly cheating is a farce. I'm doing a R2 championship. Won Rally Argentina. In New England...no mistakes, neat and tidy stage 1st stage I'm 12secs off.....again didn't seem right. Second stage...1st sector (30 seconds of track roughly) I'm 10 secs down..........10 seconds!!! lol. Like ***? That's not even possible haha! The A.I is so broken it's a joke. The sounds are amazing and the gravel physics are great. But the tarmac physics especially in the wet are a tradegy. And again the A.I aren't effecting by rain on the tarm
  6. Cheating A.I and stupid career progression makes this game garbage to play. WRX is messed up. Tarmac physics are laughable.
  7. Some A.I times in this game do not make sense at all. Some stages they'd have too carry impossible speed too set the times they do. It really needs re-balancing. No matter how quick you drive they'll still beat you. I don't want easy opponents but at least opponents that make sense.
  8. I'm actually disappointed Codies got the WRC license. I like the direction Kylotonn was going and the DIRT series is VERY hit and miss for me. The phyiscs are all over the place and Codies shady business with DIRT 2.0 DLC has really soured me on them.
  9. At the same time I'm fed up of this "use one big stage and cut it up too create more stages" rubbish.I wana drive different stages in a rally, not the same sections over and over again. WRC6 managed it, then Kylotonn went the Codies route and did the one stage fits all concept. Minus the SSS stages.
  10. They need too fix the tarmac physics, they are garbage in the DIRT series. WRC 8 had WAY better tarmac physics.
  11. Rally GB should always be the finale.Wales in winter is a perfect place for rallying and you usually get large number of enteries,unlike Australia.
  12. Craig Breen loves his 5th places haha! Solid 2nd driver though.Great drive by Tanak...........who'd of thought he'd have the same amount of wins as Ogier this season? 
  13. Mikkelsen in front early on.Also regarding Meeke,seeing as he's the one that did the vast majority of testing on the car is he partly too blame for it's inconsistencies? I mean his development skills must be questioned,right?
  14. Everything looked normal too me.................terrible rookie error by Meeke.
  15. Meeke's WRC career with Citroen is DONE! I'll be surprised if he sees out the season.Just ask Duval and McRae how ruthless Citroen can be.
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