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  1. hockeytown1926


    Dear Codies, Is it possible to get a refund on this rubbish product? I bought the Anniversary version for PS4. And Shopto have said it's too late to return it. So can I have a refund off you?
  2. hockeytown1926

    F1 2019 review

    This game is total garbage....that is all
  3. hockeytown1926

    Why F1 2019 career sucks

    The whole game is hot garbage tbh. The least enjoyment I've ever had from a F1 car...
  4. hockeytown1926

    Just no connection with the car.

    This is the first F1 game that I've played where I feel no connection to the car whatsoever. Wether it's braking or handling I just don't have any feel with the car.
  5. hockeytown1926

    I literally loathe the new handling model

    I just feel like I have no connection or feel with the car. Wether it's handling or braking. it's just feels crappy.
  6. hockeytown1926

    Raikkonen plays F1 2019 with Aarava

    I'm pretty sure he'd still have a good feel and idea of how the car drives and reacts. After all he drives an F1 car. I hate this whole argument that you shouldn't be good at a racing game with a controller. Having a wheel or rig at home doesn't make you a racing driver......it's a video game and should be good to play and accessible for anyone that purchases it. The handling and braking is still s*it after the last patch.
  7. And says the steering and braking feel wrong. And the game is very bad hahaha.
  8. hockeytown1926

    F1 2019 Handling

    God the handling in F1 2019 is horrible. Just doesn't feel natural at all. The horrible understeer is never ending. Also the braking feels really weird. Before people say get good at the game...I've always been pretty decent at F1 games. Something just doesn't right with the physics in this verison.