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  1. hockeytown1926

    Codies surprise in next patch

    Codies say they have a surprise in the next patch. (due October time) What do you think it could be? Let's speculate 😛 *edit I saw it is the new Fiesta R5 so this can be closed. Sorry 😛
  2. hockeytown1926

    A.I times when raining.

    Sorry my point is A.I difficulty seems too be all over the place in this game.
  3. hockeytown1926

    A.I times when raining.

    I'm in the Elite chmapionship stage in my career. First 2 rallies won decently. Upgraded my Impreza '08 too engine mapping 5. And now I can't touch the A.I lol. In Scotland their times are impossible (especially in the wet) One stage I was 5 secs off in the first sector which was a few corners and there was no way I could've gone quicker (well not 5 secs quicker anyway). Are the A.I not effected by rain on gravel? I noticed they seemed insanely quick in Wales on wet gravel too.
  4. hockeytown1926

    DIRT 2.0

    Sorry but this game is ****..so glad I got it for free on PSN. The physics are ****. The A.I just plain cheats. The tarmac stages are utter trash compared too WRC 8. The handling is sluggish. The DLC garbage they pulled is a sad reflection on todays gaming. I gotta say I'm dissappointed Codies got the WRC license. At least Kylotonn are trying too innovate their games.
  5. hockeytown1926

    A.I impossible times.

    Some A.I times in this game do not make sense at all. Some stages they'd have too carry impossible speed too set the times they do. It really needs re-balancing. No matter how quick you drive they'll still beat you. I don't want easy opponents but at least opponents that make sense.
  6. hockeytown1926

    Codemasters secures World Rally Championship license from 2023

    I'm actually disappointed Codies got the WRC license. I like the direction Kylotonn was going and the DIRT series is VERY hit and miss for me. The phyiscs are all over the place and Codies shady business with DIRT 2.0 DLC has really soured me on them.
  7. hockeytown1926

    Tarmac physics and lack thereof.

    The tarmac physics in the DIRT series are an absolute joke. The cars feel way too floaty and sliddy. The tires just don't bite into the road. Gravel and snow has more grip than tarmac.....how does that make sense? WRC8 had way better tarmac physics.
  8. hockeytown1926

    Codemasters secures World Rally Championship license from 2023

    At the same time I'm fed up of this "use one big stage and cut it up too create more stages" rubbish.I wana drive different stages in a rally, not the same sections over and over again. WRC6 managed it, then Kylotonn went the Codies route and did the one stage fits all concept. Minus the SSS stages.
  9. hockeytown1926

    Codemasters secures World Rally Championship license from 2023

    They need too fix the tarmac physics, they are garbage in the DIRT series. WRC 8 had WAY better tarmac physics.
  10. hockeytown1926

    F1 2021 ideas

    Here's my 2021 idea.....let someone else have the F1 Gaming license...
  11. hockeytown1926

    Playing online is a joke...

    God this game is a joke online...full of morons and muppets. And the penalty system is a farce. Someone intentionally smashes into you....you get the penalty for getting in the way of a d*ckhead.
  12. hockeytown1926

    My thoughts on this game

    2017 the handling was good and cars felt good too drive. They suck in 2019...
  13. hockeytown1926

    My thoughts on this game

    Make a decent game where the cars don't handle like trucks and I will refrain...
  14. hockeytown1926

    My thoughts on this game

    F1 2019 is ****!!! The handling, braking, physics are all utter garbage.
  15. hockeytown1926

    Handling in 2019

    Are you playing me? haha! The handling plain sucks.