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  1. The entire top 10 some how managed to get through to Q3 on medium tyres too when I got knocked out in Q1 at China yesterday. Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull could do this but not the others.
  2. Luke1991


    Is the performance patch actually going to change the handling model though so the cars have more downforce like real life? As far as I’m aware, the patch is only going to update the pecking order. I am also getting extremely frustrated driving around a lot of tracks, the cats have much less downforce than real life.
  3. Luke1991

    Car Handling Model

    I did say in my post that I never used the ballast setting... I hated the way it made the cars feel. You could get rid of the understeer without having to use ballast. The question was about why the cars this year have so much understeer.
  4. Luke1991

    Car Handling Model

    I’m so glad the ballast has gone, I never used it last year anyway though. But on another note, what’s with the crazy understeer this year? The cars feel so slow through the corners, where in real life they’re still smashing lap records even with these new front wings. Turn 9 at Catalunya for example, in real life it’s completely flat in qualifying. In the game you have to lift a lot! Anyone found a way around this understeer yet?