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  1. I think a lot of it is to do with the well known issue of the AI being stupidly fast in high speed corners. The AI are lightening fast in sector 1 and for parts of sector 2 but I can gain half a second back in the final sector. This is getting really annoying across most tracks as the AI are so unbalanced and really kills emersion.
  2. I reported it in the support section but it appears the post got ignored.
  3. As the title says, the AI no longer get out of the way in practice or qualifying when they are on in/out laps when you are on a fast lap. This is on the latest patch that included Imola. Report Code - N/A Xbox Series X Grand Prix What troubleshooting have you tried? Tried replicating the same scenario multiple times where an AI car comes out of the pits as I’m coming down the main straight. I tried following them for the entire lap and they do not slow down and get out of the way. Unable to make a video at this time. How do you make the problem happen? In bo
  4. Spent a few hours at it tonight and narrowed it down to my anti-roll bar settings. Had them dialled in nicely for the rest of the lap but the car was just too loose for turn 8. I’ve done some tweaking and made it a bit more comfortable round that corner but still not perfect. Downside is that I’m a little slower around the rest of the lap now but I do gain a tenth or two at turn 8 so I guess it evens itself out. Managed to get down to a 1:16.5 in the Mercedes in time trial on controller with no assists.
  5. Unfortunately I’m unable to make a clip right now but sorry I forgot to mention that is happening off throttle.
  6. It’s not the exit I’m having issues with, I’ve got no issues with the throttle control. The back end is just swinging round mid-corner. Firstly I thought I was just going too fast on entry but I even tried to take it a bit slower and the back end is still so unstable, even after trying multiple different setups.
  7. I’ve always enjoyed this track on other games so was excited to see how it would be in the F1 game. For the most part it’s great, but what the hell is going on with turn 8??? Ridiculously unrealistic sudden oversteer every lap no matter what line you take or how slow you go... Losing 3 tenths a lap to the AI in one corner.
  8. Been reported many times already and apparently Codies are looking into it. God only knows if it will actually get patched though.
  9. Happened to me numerous times since launch. Numerous times when watching race highlights and once when I was mid race.
  10. Luke1991

    Patch 1.05

    All I want at this stage is a performance patch and to sort out the AI in the high speed corners so I can actually feel some kind of emersion. Yes I want the new tracks but understand that they will take some time.
  11. Luke1991

    Patch 1.05

    This patch literally fixes nothing that I care about. Guess I’ll keep waiting for the 1.06.
  12. You’re lucky, I wish I could turn it off! It’s bad on all tracks but tracks with lots of shadows like Monza are horrible. I don’t even know anything about this 3D audio?
  13. As the title says, ray tracing in replays is absolutely horrendous on Xbox Series X. Would it be possible to add in an option to turn this off as currently replays are just completely unwatchable due to the horrible frame rate and stuttering. Obviously the Series X supports ray tracing but why is it so bad on this game? I can see the potential in this but right now it just looks awful.
  14. This is happening to me too, not just front wing damage though. I’ve been told I’ve got under floor damage a few times but everything is still green on the MFD. Or sometimes I don’t get told about anything and I get into the garage and I have to wait whilst they repair the car.
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