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  1. Luke1991

    Driver Ratings Update

    The update has basically made Verstappen an absolute monster.
  2. Luke1991

    After 1.07 patch the SAFETY CAR is gone

    I haven’t seen a safety car since release day. Got one in my first Grand Prix race but never seen one since, only the odd few VSC’s.
  3. Luke1991

    1.06 out on PC (black Merc)

    Noticed in the blog post that Hamilton’s helmet hasn’t been updated though.
  4. As the title says, how do you turn off the new flashback prompt in 1.05? I only have flashbacks on just incase back markers don’t get out of the way and I end up crashing into them and this new prompt is so annoying. Every time I go slightly off track etc it comes up.
  5. Luke1991

    Least Favourite Track

    Hanoi is literally the worst circuit ever to be designed.
  6. Luke1991


  7. Luke1991

    AI to fast in wet

    I play with no assist and had no issues against AI with traction, if anything I was getting out of corners better than them.
  8. Luke1991

    AI to fast in wet

    Opposite for me, just had a full wet race at Zandvoort in my team and managed to come 7th. I was much faster than the mid field and only slightly slower than Albon. I play on 103 difficulty so far this year.
  9. Luke1991

    Disappointed by AI mistakes

    I’ve seen cars in front of me oversteer out of corners a few times and in Bahrain Hamilton spun off completely at the flat out right hander in sector 3.
  10. Luke1991


    Feel sorry for the devs having to make all these last min changes.
  11. Luke1991

    Real 2020 calendar

    In all previous games you could make your own custom championship in Grand Prix mode. So I’m guessing you can do the same in 2020.