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  1. Does anyone else have issues with massive snap oversteer at Turn 4? I take a wide entry to the right in 7th, dab the brakes, drop to 6th as I turn in and touch the left kerb keeping it a straight as poss on the exit to touch the kerb on the right but I get a snap of oversteer most times even if I’m off throttle. Unless I go straight over the kerb into the run off area I end up in the left hand tyre wall. I’ve replayed a few different AI cars and they take the exact same line, gearing and cruise through it. Rest of the lap my setup is fine but that corner is doing my head in! T150 wheel, 90% AI, only med TC assist. All suggestions welcome....pleeeaaassseee
  2. kenuf


    Good luck @Faya I hope you have found a role where the messenger is shot at a little less! 😉 Thanks for all your hard work and all the best for the future. 👍🏻
  3. kenuf

    Headset Advice

    Thanks guys! Really sound (get it?!) advice. Have to be honest if I spent over £50 on a headset I think my wife would divorce me...🤔 I don’t really play enough to warrant spending anymore than that, plus my kids sometimes get hold of them and use them with their iPad when they can’t be bothered to find their own headphones!!
  4. kenuf

    Headset Advice

    Hi all, need a bit of advice please! My Turtle Beach P12’s have given up. The mic isn’t working and I have 2 questions that I can’t seem to find the answer to on tinternet. 1. Can I use the inline usb connector that my Turtle Beaches use with ANY headset that connects via 3.5mm jack. 2. If not how do I use a headset that has a 3.5mm jack connector with my Thrustmaster T150 wheel as it doesn’t have a headphone socket like a controller. Use a PS4, and don’t really want to spend anymore than £30 on a new set. Any advice would be great please! Thanks!
  5. Just wanted to say 1.05 is a huge step forward in my opinion. Had done P1 in Bahrain on 1.04 the other day and was experiencing huge understeer both there and in my first weekend in Australia, same settings for P2 and rest of weekend in Bahrain and the difference was stark. Meant I was able to increase my difficulty level to nearer what I had in 2018. Still experienced challenging racing with AI which was great too. Only 2 drawbacks was I was held in the pits unnecessarily and safety car came out (which is a novelty!) but because Russell’s engine blew up in front of me on the final turn, I don’t think a safety car would come out for this in real life. Overall found it far more enjoyable than 1.04. Please keep the good updates coming and don’t tweak the AI anymore. Just for info I use a wheel and no assists.
  6. kenuf

    Watch the wings

    I noticed last night that I bumped into Leclerc in Australia, both front wings slightly damaged. Weird thing was though that I hit the right side of my car but the left end plate had come off my car yet the left end plate had also come off Leclercs.