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  1. kenuf

    Classic Cars for 2020

    Literally any Arrows! Awful cars but lush liveries! And James Hunt's Hesketh! Agree with tracks though. Estoril, Kyalami, Imola, Magny Cours, India I could go on!
  2. kenuf

    Pit Release Trigger Point

    Do you know what, you do have a fair point there!!
  3. kenuf

    Pit Release Trigger Point

    Yep, get what you're saying but why does the assist not take over at the white line on entry? It's not consistent is it? It should either assist at beginning/end of white lines or beginning/end of where pit lane speed limits apply. It's hardly a cheat is it? If it was the option wouldn't be there?! 🤷
  4. Really good feedback @BarryBL Thanks
  5. Apologies if this has come up before. Very briefly could the pit release trigger point be changed to the end of the pit lane where the speed limit no longer applies rather than the end of the white line. Frustrates the heck out of me that I can't control the speed of the car when there's no longer a limit enforced and you're just catapulted at full acceleration into turn 1 on most circuits. (Monza and Austin spring to mind as nuisance ones) Cheers all! 👍
  6. kenuf

    Nead help,thanks...

    @GioProductions thanks for that. Never thought about measuring it against the hook! 🙄 Always trying to line up the velcro.underneath! Doh! Cheers for the advice
  7. kenuf

    Nead help,thanks...

    How low do you have your seat? I've got mine pretty much as low as the velcro will allow without collapsing but still feel like my arms are cramped and my knees get in the way of my wrists when turning in full lock? Any ideas welcome please? I'm only 5'8" too! Cheers
  8. kenuf

    Perez overpowered

    Yep, had it this evening in Season 2 Career. He’s moved to Haas, in Bahrain I’d just come out of the pits 3 seconds or so in front of him in 7th so I floored it for a lap, got fastest lap of the race at that point and the following lap he’s overtaking me under DRS on main straight!! Unbelievable Jeff.
  9. kenuf


    Hi @krake61 Just wanted to point you in the direction of https://www.f1carsetup.com/index.php?/forum/407-f1-2019-setups/ Not sure I’ve copied the link quite right but you can find it if you go to the setups section and look for @Soupy1985 posts. This site is a godsend!! I use a wheel now but a great persons setups to use for pad is Styx50. His are really great. My PS4 is in the lounge too but I use a Playseat Challenge, it’s foldable and goes behind the sofa to keep the wife happy! Out of sight out of mind!! Keep persevering and practicing, and not being funny but who cares what level you play or what assists you use? As long as you enjoy the time you play that’s all that matters!! Good luck!
  10. Hi all, just got a PS4 Gold Wireless Headset for my birthday (39! 😱) Anyway I’d really appreciate any advice on best settings some of you guys use for F1 2019 please. I’ve downloaded the Headset App, is there a particular preset on there that is good in your experience? Thanks
  11. And I use a wheel...don’t tar me with the pad brush! 😜
  12. Sorry! Turn 8 on this map! Bloody Wikipedia! If I went turn 6 full throttle I’d be facing the way I’ve just come! 😂
  13. Turn 6 I’m guessing? Only one I can think of at full throttle but entry speed is pretty tame coming off 5, at least it is for me! 🙄
  14. kenuf

    New Developer Liaison

    Good luck @BarryBL on your new post! Hopefully you’ll be able to have more leverage on those around and above you than your predecessors. Although a lot of the posts on the forum are of an angry nature the points most make are very relevant. It is so frustrating to see the same issues constantly raised and seemingly nothing is done. It’ be great to see some transparency in terms of things that can or can’t be done. If Codemasters can’t update or add something then fine but please say and give reason so players can understand why such decisions have been made. Look forward to seeing your posts and impact!
  15. kenuf

    F1 game research, your voice matters!

    Erm...thanks for speaking on mine and all the others on this forums behalf. Although I and many others that you’ve spoken for agree with much of what your rant is about do you not think that constructive feedback would be more beneficial? Which is what this form is for. Why would Codemasters take any notice of such a childish way of putting your view across. There are niggles that irritate the hell out of me, but do you know what, it may come as a surprise to you that I actually enjoy the short down time I get to play this game and will continue to buy it every year because of that. I suggest you grow up a little and get into the real world that nothing is ever perfect and you need to adapt and overcome. Namaste... 🙏🏻 😘