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    Monza track ugly

    Too busy paying attention to the track to notice the local Italian flora and fauna. 😉
  2. Think I've fixed it! Seems as the controller is still enabled it's default position is that. Flipped the R3 stick and it changed the view!! Very random though!!
  3. Before I submit a bug report this must have come up? Just started first practice in first race in my team and my cockpit view is to the left?! Has been fine on other modes and I've changed nothing?? Flipped to TV pod and that's fine? Play PS4 with Thrustmaster T150. Thanks all
  4. kenuf


    Now it's been announced can this track be added???
  5. Please can at least 2019 custom helmets be readded. I'm really disappointed in the options this year, the range has always been relatively poor but this year's choices are pants to say the least. If I could choose a design I like a flag style! But just more options would be appreciated. 🙏
  6. kenuf

    Disappointed in lack of custom helmets

    No I genuinely didn't, thanks for the heads up. Will have a look later 👍
  7. 1. A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here. Error code CE-34878-0. Reported via PSN. Time trial, Zandvoort, McLaren. 3rd lap in and the game crashes and steering wheel just stops. Cannot move it. 2. What version of the game you are using Shows 1.03 but I have downloaded 1.04?! 3. Game-mode? Time Trial 4. What are your replication numbers? Minimum test attempts are 4. Please also add EXACT replication steps for us to try too. 4 times. But happens on random laps, this one is 6, but it's happened on less. 5. What troubleshooting have you attempted? Please always try to attempt to fix the issue Just have to restart the PS4 to reset the wheel. 6. What peripherals are you are using (gamepad, wheel make & model etc) Thrustmaster T150 7. Any screenshots or video of the issue? If the video is long, please include a timestamp for when the issue appears. Can't do it, keeps telling me I've exceeded max size even though I haven't.
  8. kenuf

    Game crash in TT

    Me too, 3 times now in Zandvoort get around 3.5 laps in and it freezes, crashes me out and the wheel just sticks. Will upload a bug report as best I can. Have reported problem to Sony each time. Error code CE-34878-0
  9. Can a bespoke mode be setup for F1 games in the Headset Companion app please??
  10. kenuf

    F1 2020 Dedicated Setup Website

    Thanks for all you do on this, I use it every year and really appreciate it. One question that I hope you can help with, can you advise the best way to tweak a TT setup to race to help save tyre wear please?? 👍
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    Shame but understandable
  12. kenuf

    Fake sponsors as track advertising

    It'll be alcohol advertising as it's a PEGI 3 game. I work for a brewery and we're really strict on advertising in places that are targeted at under 18s (Although our Tribute logo is on Plymouth Argyles shorts in FIFA so I've just contradicted myself! 🤣) Gotta be something to do with that I'd imagine though.
  13. Just venting as I'm pretty fed up but I've spent almost an hour this evening attempting to get into an unranked lobby. Every one I've gone into either the race/quali has started or it tells me it's full. I've never experienced it this bad before though I've found this year's to be pretty rubbish to get into. Got 2020 on order just hope to god the online access is better than this. Off to play FIFA!! 🤬
  14. kenuf

    Diabolical lobby access

    Yep, absolutely. It's so frustrating, I've not come across another game that is so difficult to join an online match.
  15. What about these from Ayrton Senna Super Monaco GP2? First F1 game I had! 😂
  16. kenuf

    (PS4) Always having Poor Starts

    He has no assists on? Therefore manual starts? If he's using assisted start then you're absolutely right but I'd assume he's not.
  17. kenuf

    Nationalities in audio names

    Not being funny but FIFA have done it? Just need Crofty to spend a couple days going through the phone book. 😉
  18. kenuf

    (PS4) Always having Poor Starts

    Is there a better setup anyone uses for manual starts than I currently use? I have Thrustmaster T150 and use the R3 button as the clutch, only time I use it is start and pit release which is why I've not mapped it to the buttons on the wheel. Just seems it's all or nothing on that button but not sure how to improve it. Thanks
  19. Apologies of this is in wrong section, kind of technical but then not. Anyway feel free to move if needed! Please, please, please can a filter function be added to multiplayer unranked lobbies. I cannot be the only person who wastes so much of my time trying to find a suitable lobby. To rub salt in the wound 80% of the time when I do find one with space I go into it and it's already in qualifying or race mode so I can't join anyway, to add more salt I don't go back out into the multiplayer session list...no, back to the main menu and have to start the whole process again. It's seriously ridiculous. Please can others confirm I'm not the only one who experiences this or if I am, why?? Rant over, thanks everyone for reading! 👍
  20. kenuf

    Multiplayer Lobby Frustration

    Just to add I'm still trying and have not got into any yet...have tried around 8 and all had already started even though the session was 'In Lobby'.
  21. Something that helped me when using controller was I reconfigured controls and had the R3 stick to control throttle/brake rather than default L2/R2. I felt I could control the amount of throttle/braking I was applying more.sensitively. I use PS4 so not sure if something similar is possible on Xbox? I use a wheel now so would be pretty useless with a controller! 😂 I think I used L2 for look back and R2 for DRS?! Got rid of the look around function as I never found it useful.
  22. kenuf

    Classic Cars for 2020

    Literally any Arrows! Awful cars but lush liveries! And James Hunt's Hesketh! Agree with tracks though. Estoril, Kyalami, Imola, Magny Cours, India I could go on!
  23. Apologies if this has come up before. Very briefly could the pit release trigger point be changed to the end of the pit lane where the speed limit no longer applies rather than the end of the white line. Frustrates the heck out of me that I can't control the speed of the car when there's no longer a limit enforced and you're just catapulted at full acceleration into turn 1 on most circuits. (Monza and Austin spring to mind as nuisance ones) Cheers all! 👍
  24. kenuf

    Pit Release Trigger Point

    Do you know what, you do have a fair point there!!
  25. kenuf

    Pit Release Trigger Point

    Yep, get what you're saying but why does the assist not take over at the white line on entry? It's not consistent is it? It should either assist at beginning/end of white lines or beginning/end of where pit lane speed limits apply. It's hardly a cheat is it? If it was the option wouldn't be there?! 🤷