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  1. iLikeGam3s

    CM did not respond

    Yep i realize that i do not gain any performance only cosmetics. It was very confusing if i pay for the pass imo i should be able to use the same cosmetics in duels not only events. But i guess i was wrong and will not get this then.
  2. iLikeGam3s

    CM did not respond

    Ok. Thanks for taking the time to respond. So the season pass is only for the events? I can not use these cars or liveries or whatever in duels? Attached a screenshot to clarify things.
  3. iLikeGam3s

    CM did not respond

    So i asked on twitter and FB and no response from CM. If i get the season pass, would i be able to select official cars in duels or do they need to be bought separately? Is there controller support for this game? Thanks all.